Tucker Carlson for July 19, 2021

Tucker deals with the Democrats who left Texas by private jet pretending to be heroes of democracy, wearing no masks, being fully vaxxed and 4 of them allegedly getting Covid, (Probably it was a matter of which lie does less harm, wearing no masks is OK for the vaxxed Vs. ‘getting covid’ because we broke with the narrative … or something.)

Tucker also deals with how many people who have had the clot-shot are going to hospital for Covid.

Direct link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/GTvWUQoNoVHj/

I’d like to add an afterthought to the story about the Markles. 

As I see it, the British Royals are an institution that adds stability and solidity to the British polity. Much like the Senate and GG is supposed to be, and often is, in Canada, the Royals enjoy vast wealth and influence and celebrity strictly in order to add continuity to British cultural heritage and values.

Because to a hammer, everything is a nail, I cannot help but wonder if Harry is essentially a communist tool for the destruction of that institution. A lot of what is described humorously in that segment on Tucker, is a pretty perfect fit for the kind of dialectic destruction of Western everything we see in all spheres. And there is no question that the destruction of British Royalty has to be a high priority for the COMINTERN.

What looks like hypocrisy on the surface is actually a continuum with destruction of a target as the end game.

Understanding that with the left, the point is never the point but the revolution is ALWAYS the point, at least allows us to wade through what appears to be murky shallow hypocrisy to see the real purpose. Examples are endless. ANTIFA is mostly white males from middle class backgrounds agitating for diversity. Gay groups support Islam and Islamic immigration even though they are fully aware that homosexuality is a death sentence in islamic polities.

Communist groups pretending to be Jewish agitate against Israel in the name of “Palestinian rights” which they care not one whit for. What they want, is the destruction of an ethno-nation state which is successful as a prelude to the destruction of all nation states.

I truly hope someone with a microphone as big as Tuckers, eventually drops the Mark Steyn humorous cynicism, or at least punctuates it with some more important views on why these people are doing what they are doing. Because this explanation actually makes sense. His gets a laugh.


Tucker Carlson for June 28, 2021

In last night’s Tucker, he explains how Marxists are using language and taxonomy to negate any decent part of the US with the usual tortured reasoning of “racism” to force change for the worse. Communism’s central dogma.

Thank you MarcusZ1967

Given the NSA attack on this show, the importance of watching tucker is exponentially higher. We all should prepare for a series of out of context, illegally recorded calls and portions of emails designed to make us not like Tucker and his team.

Remember how one remark in a gym locker room by President Trump 10 years before he went into politics caused people who agreed with every one of his policies and actions if questioned without attaching those policies to Trump, hated Donald with spitting and hissing rage. This tactic works. They are about to do it to Tucker, and using the excessive and unconstitutional power of the State surveillance system.

Tucker Carlson looks at the UFO report

It isnt often I disagree with Tucker Carlson. In fact this may be the first time. But IMHO the report says exactly what most government reports say.

“We don’t know what this thing you really want to know about, is exactly. So we need more money, and more authority. And then maybe we can find out.”

As for the advanced technology:

Two cats sitting on a porch. One cat says to the other, “Sometimes when my monkey sits down in the comfy chair a mysterious red dot appears on the wall. It acts like it knows Im there, and when I go to pounce on it, it vanishes at impossible speeds across the floor, the ceiling, sometimes EVEN THROUGH MY WATER DISH without slowing down a bit! It even vanishes and reappears sometimes! NOTHING can move that fast, and more amazingly, it reacts to my movements!

Tucker Carlson takes ‘Critical Race Theory’ head on

The one thing that Tucker doesn’t touch on, and no one else seems to either, is that “Critical Race Theory” is a subset of Marxist Critical Theory and in fact was designed as a tool of dialectic destruction of the target society. Somehow, that seems to escape everyone. Critical theory was never meant to be ‘true’. It was meant to be effective as a tactic. This show was broadcast June 24, 2021.

Thank you MarcusZ1967.