Tucker Carlson on how selective enforcement is the main tool of the tyrant

This is an exceptional Tucker video. For those that want the advanced tutorial, and the greater understanding that its not so much selective enforcement as it is dialectic negation, a well formulated Marxist tactic to take down the west, please read this Stephen Coughlin/Rich Higgens document, Re-remembering the misremembered left. And for those with a larger apetite, there is a newer one we haven’t started yet either, Insurrection and Violence.


Tucker Carlson with Tony Bobulinski

Iv’e been following Tucker on Twitter for a long time now and have never seen a single tweet from him without searching for his timeline. Funny that.

Tucker Carlson on the effectiveness of wearing masks for Covid 19

While this site has not taken a solid position on wearing masks, it has always taken the position that governments should not and even do not have the power to mandate mask wearing or even the shut downs, which we view as ultra-vires in both Canada and the United State as well as Great Britain. In Canada, the emergency act is still subject to the charters of rights and freedoms. So closing Churches for example, is still not something governments can legally do.

In this Tucker segment we see some of the dangers, and just some of them, of forcing populations to adopt things like this on a near whim.