MUST SEE: Tucker details what “equity” actually means and takes it on

Please consider adding Tucker’s entire segment on “equity” to the previous post about the Frankfurt School

Tucker loses the plot at 8:20 though. While his predictions may be true, but they won’t be, he seems to not get that “equity” is a prime tool for a communist revolution and has nothing to do with race whatsoever. Once the system has been brought down, it will all be ideological equity put in play. In fact it is now. A black conservative will still be called a “White Supremacist” in order to keep them away from influence, and a white communist will be allowed to break laws and use the “N” word so long as he works for the revolution.

Globe & Mail article warns of Canada’s plans to regulate ALL content online and broadcast

Give this Globe & Mail article a read. Its very good, even if the paper’s left-wing foundation shows in the last few paragraphs. The main point, that there is something very sinister about taking over the regulation of all online content or making the companies do it. And with of course, the usual Marxist guidelines using weasel words like “hate-speech” and a half dozen other euphemisms for counter-revolutionary. Which is what this is really about.

This seems like a good place to repeat Tucker Carlson’s breakdown of Trudeau and his totalitarian measures under the feckless idiot facade he shows…

and also a good time to post Nazi propaganda minister’s premise about the nature of the socialist/fascist state:

MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson notices Canada’s totalitarianism far far before nearly all Canadians

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Below, the CBC clip telling us not to believe our own damn lying eyes about Internment camps, buit believe Trudeau who wouldn’t know the truth if it him in the face like a goose on a roller coaster.

Go to the video at Youtube and read the comments. Canadians are not as stupid or sleepy as CBC and Trudeau think they are.

Also at around 3:20 they superimpose a photo of Donald Trump over a question on quarantine facilities by I think Michelle Rempel The original clip is below. Start at 8:30

This is the clip edited out. Actually whoever grabbed this crom CPAC also did a strange edit in this one as well. Sorry, I can’t do anything about that. But this appears to be the clip Tucker used that was blotted out for some reason with an unflattering photo of The Donald.

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For those wondering about Trudeau’s transparency, might find this sign recently placed on the Governor General’s compound, where Trudeau now lives, revealing:

Tucker Carson for March 11, 2021

Tucker Carlson deals with the trial of the officer who was attempting to save George Floyd by calling the ambulance and holding him still as a result of Floyd’s self-administered MASSIVE overdose of a synthetic opiate, probably from China. Both issues Donald Trump was working on fixing. Instead, his death, which was in reality most likely an accidental suicide by overdose, three times the lethal amount of memory serves, was transformed alchemically into a racist attack against all black people by police of various nationalities and ethnicities, but who had all been alchemically transformed into White Americans who murdered a black man for no reason other than his spot on the pantone chart.

There is also a segment on how the NYT DOXXES reporters they do not agree with. exposing their children to serious danger by violent left wing violent extremists, but gets hysterical if a reporter disagrees with the contents of one of their editorialist’s tweets.

Tucker Carlson for March 9, 2021

He pretty much nails it in his monologue about the ex-Royal Couple, even up to and including why none of us should care, except for their use of the new tactic of the powerful elites to paint themselves as victims in order to have unlimited power with no obligations or criticism.

After watching the segment a couple of thoughts occurred to me. First, that Meagan Markle is so high up on Maslowe’s hierarchy of needs she must have a nose bleed. And second, what a missed opportunity for Mark Steyn! He could have launched into a tirade about how they didn’t give him exactly what he wanted when he dined at The Palace, and the sauce wasn’t done right and how he was a victim of culinary abuse at the Queen’s hands! He missed his chance to jump on the victim train when it passed him at 2 miles an hour.

Lastly, apparently the left leaning popular TV host in the UK, Piers Morgan, was apparently FIRED for defending the Queen and the royals against the insane complaints by the borderline personality disorder seeming, Meagan Markle.

What we all have to remember, that people who identify as part of SOME groups, should be taken seriously when they FEEL a thing meant a thing, even when there is zero evidence that it did, and lots and lots of evidence that it does not.

Piers Morgan adds this:

It would carry a lot more weight if he had not attacked, interrupted and otherwise piled on to Tommy Robinson the way he did. It almost feels like he doesn’t really believe in freedom of speech beyond his own.

Still, his firing for defending the symbol of established British and UK culture and history is very telling. Meagan went on Oprah to wage an attack of dialectic negation against the entire Anglosphere and anyone who opposed her will be cancelled.

Tucker Carlson on Friday March 5: Guardsmen at DC will enjoy many new and special medals for defending democracy from imaginary enemies

(The other day someone with whom I was discussing the state of democracy in America suggested that in fact, the media was not the propaganda wing of the Democrat party, but the Democrat party is a subsidiary of the globalist media. Listening to this clip of Tucker one can see how that might be the case.

Still, Stephen Coughlin’s view rings more accurately and has greater predictive value where the media is enemy propaganda, and the Democrats are the actors for the COMINTERN. It also fits history as one might read in books like Witness by Whitaker Chambers, or Diana West’s work.