Tucker Carlson’s June 23 show. And yes, its worth it

Tonight’s Tucker is as good as he has been for the past week. But it starts slower than usual. Stick with it. By 10 minutes in, he is in the thick of it.

Tucker must be supported.

Looking for a link to replace this stellar show from June 23. For the moment, here is one dated June 22 which is also exceptional.

This link should be good for a while. Below is the 23rd.


Perhaps Tucker Carlson’s best editorial yet

Unafraid and accurate. Of course, in order to be accurate you have to be unafraid as truth is already illegal. Not yet in statute, but in effect. Should you speak the truth  you will suffer consequences much worse than a fine or even a short stretch in jail. You will be publicly humiliated, fired and destroyed and in danger from leftist thugs forever. Your business will be dismantled and you will be de-platformed.

Nonetheless, Tucker Carlson serves truth in an all you can eat buffet in this segment. So much so many people will want to sell their livers for pate.

In this, Tucker explains how this is what we all know it is. A communist revolution. And it must be taken a lot more seriously than it is.

Tucker Carlson knocks it out of the park for the third straight day

Once again Tucker Carlson frames the last month’s events coherently and in plain speak. In this segment he deals with the new ‘country’ and how fast they developed borders and their own version of ICE.

Meanwhile, in the People’s Republic of Chaz: