Bill Whittle on President Trump’s statement about Jewish people and the Democrat party

Bill Whittle points out that this is just another, albeit excellent, example of how the media presents the exact opposite of the truth if that is what is needed to push the narrative. The narrative, will always be obeyed.

For a thorough and deep understanding of what Bill Whittle is talking about, please consider committing 10 minutes a day to reading this explanation by Stephen Coughlin on how the left operates.

Bill Whittle analysis of the DSA meet in Georgia

One of my all time favourite analysts of events is Bill Whittle, and here he and associates discuss the same clips on the DSA meet that everyone else is passing around.

However one cannot help but suspect they all missed the point of these clips within the context of the meeting.

The first rule of selling drugs is do not use your own stash. Or any stash for that matter. Addicts generally never make money selling. That is all we are seeing here. Socialists who buy in to the reasoning which is actually meant to be a tactic to defeat us. This doesn’t mean the DSA is not dangerous. It most certainly is and one of these days we will be releasing a video showing their roots and influence.

But these videos, and so far all the commentary we have seen on it, all miss the point. Yes, some of these wankers, and all movements have a lot of those, buy in to their own rhetorical devices that were meant to hurt the rest of us. Its hard to tell all your true believers that these are just tactics and don’t really believe them, so you get some of those. But you may notice at the end of Linda Sarsour’s speech at the same meeting all the people who did “jazz hands” and all the other nonsense, rose up and clapped and hooted. They knew what was real and what mattered.

At around 5:50 to the end, Scott Ott and Steve Green, gets it right when he talks about how the Communist overlords will handle these kinds of people once they have real power. That is the bit that matters and that everyone, especially these useful idiots interrupting the meeting, need to know.

H/T Oz-Rita