“Filthy Jew” screamed at Gen Ident by BLM in France, police only concerned with Gen Ident protest

Here are the corrections and details as provided by Oz-Rita with much thanks concerning the incident in France yesterday.

From Generation Identitaire via Oz-Rita, a communique for the event depicted below:

Justice for the victims of Anti-White Racism

This Saturday, June 13, Génération Identitaire invited itself to the demonstration of Assa Traoré, Place de la République in Paris, to denounce the explosion of anti-white racism.

The young Identity Generation displayed a large banner on the facade of a building with the message: “Justice for the victims of anti-white racism – #WhiteLivesMatter”.

The death of George Floyd in the United States led to an unprecedented wave of violence on the fringes of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In France, the “Justice for Adama” committee, named after the delinquent Adama Traoré, who died in 2016 during an arrest, is taking advantage of this phenomenon to accuse the police and, through them, our country and its institutions, of racism.

The committee goes so far as to demand that all “gendarmes and police officers put one knee to the ground with their fists raised. ” (sic)

Génération Identitaire denounces the astonishing submission of the government, which refuses to prosecute the organizers of the demonstrations for Traoré, despite the demonstrations being prohibited and the announced excesses.

Génération Identitaire demands from Christophe Castaner, (Interior Minister in the Macron Government and increasingly unpopular among the French Police) the immediate abandonment of all persecution against his own police officers, such as the presumption of racism and the suppression of the stranglehold lock.

Génération Identitaire demands justice for the victims of true racism, the one that hurts, rapes and kills: anti-white racism, the one that affects French people of European descent, the historical people of our country.

Finally, Génération Identitaire warns all enemies of France: we will never get down on one knee!

The inhabitants of the floor below the banner of the GI (generation identitaire)…took to scissors and cut up the banner from below. They (the destroyers) got loudly applauded by the mob of protesters.

Oz-Rita explains:

I have meanwhile also seen MSM reports (including here on State Media SBS in Australia), who totally misreportet and called the Generation Identitaire “extreme right” etc. The usual attacks and slanders.

French police have had two demonstrations already against the same minister, Christophe Castaner, that Gen Ident spoke against, where the police threw their handcuffs on the floor.

There is also video of that.

Thank you for this effort Oz-Rta

The chants of “Filthy Jew” by the Muslim aligned, ANTIFA/BLM protestors can be heard in this video

Martin Sellner explains how the Austrian high court determined his innocence and the state was guilty

This is a singularly important video.

Martin Sellner, the most visible leader of Generation Identitaire has been persecuted AND prosecuted by the Austrian state for many months now, including, but limited to, the confiscation of his property and his wife’s property.

A high court in Austria determined that the state persecution of Martin Sellner was out of bias, and was in fact illegal.

This is a very important determination and must be known by all of us so that we have a precedent to point to, when we, or someone we know, also become targets of political persecution by leftist components of the deep state.

Please do share this one. It is an important victory not just for Martin, but for rule of law.

Special thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and also to everyone who helped us find this video.

Who and what are Generation Identitaire? In their own words

Here is a RAIR Foundation article on the sentencing of Generation Identitaire members for symbolically showing how the law could be enforced at the French borders.

For those who do not know who Gen Ident are, and would like to understand them a bit better, I have been restoring some of the videos we have done of them over the years. Here are just a few so far, from 2017 to 2018.

Direct link:


Direct link:


Direct link:


We have quite a few more going back several years. I will try and restore them as I find them over the week.

Generation Ident in France get SIX MONTHS PRISON no suspension and huge fine for symbolically upholding the law

Direct link:


French Identitarians to be Fined and Jailed for Opposing Illegal Immigration

The pro-European and anti-immigration movement Generation Identity (GI) has achieved a worldwide notoriety through its often spectacular actions, whether by occupying EU and government buildings or manning their own ship to halt migrant smugglers in the Mediterranean. Such actions are not without risk however.


In spring 2018, French GI activists – frustrated by the French government’s inability or unwillingness to get the migrant crisis under control and prevent illegal immigration into their country – decided to take matters into their own hands with symbolic but effective nonviolent action.

GI blocked the Col de l’Échelle, an Alpine mountain pass near the border with Italy, through which migrant crossings were known to occur. The activists deployed banners, fences, and even helicopters to prevent the migrants from entering France.


One activist explained that the goal was “to show the public authorities that, with a bit of will and fairly modest means, it is possible to regain control of our borders and prevent the illegals from entering our country.” The action succeeded in receiving substantial media coverage and putting pressure on the French government to fulfill its responsibilities. […]

(I have followed Gen Ident since they were a few guys and gals doing syncopated clapping at the site of the mega mosque at Tours. I have never heard them say they are anti immigrant. They are however, anti-invasion and anti illegal, and mass immigration and they are for the preservation of French and European culture and systems. We all should be Gen Ident)


Martin Sellner updates us on his situation

Martin’s home was raided by police and his name has been viciously slandered internationally by major news organizations because the Christchurch mosque attacker donated some money to his organization, Generation Identitaire, over a year ago.

Imagine if the media treated the Clintons like that. The Clinton Foundation contributions alone would put the Clintons behind bars till their great great grandchildren where collecting social security. And that would be just for the ones that were already criminals. In Martin’s case, the contribution came a year before the person had committed any misdeeds.

Austria leaps to Rule of Law, finds Gen Ident, NOT GUILTY

Gen Ident video for the UK

I have heard people we like claim that Gen Ident is racist or otherwise “far right wing”. I have seen no evidence of that and quite the opposite in fact, at least tactically from these great young Europeans.

But a word about that…

When people first started to notice what was taking place with islam and leftism in the west, and suggested legislative and simple fixes to stop the problem completely with no bloodshed or serious repercussions, they were shouted down and sometimes destroyed by the government-media complex. People I know personally in the UK went from having a job and a life to being unemployable because it became known that they had objections to the abandonment of rule of law, and the replacement with the hybrid, cultural-Marxism and sharia we see everywhere to varying degrees now.

When this happens, surely as a law of physics, (classical physics not the sort of imagine any particle you need then find it physics that makes no intuitive sense physics) you will get more and more extreme people and groups trying to solve a more and more extreme threat to their culture and safety.

At some point, we better support one. As the perfect is the enemy of the good, so is not getting on that escalator soon enough. This goes as much for secular left leaning jewish people as for a silent (hopefully) majority of people who are hoping someone else just fixes this problem while they continue to reap the rewards of classical civilization.

If for example, Jews fail to support a patriot group for being insufficiently philo-semitic, then next option will be worse, and worse until its no option at all. The classic dilemma. Get gored by the left horn of the bull, being Islam, or the right horn, being the leftist zeitgeist rapidly growing in influence, and who view Jewish identity as a major threat to the new and perfect man they think they can create if they just erase all contact with the past of cultural identity groups.

Gen Ident is a group we have been tracking here at Vlad T. since it first started in France, where a really clever protest against a mega-mosque in the symbolic city of Tours, where Charles Martell defeated a muslim invasion in the 10th century only to have that defeat reversed by the Soros, Obama, Merkel, EU and UN (Trudeau) cartel now.

They climbed the building, sang a song, did some unusually clever syncopated clapping, and when the police showed up and told them to leave and go home, they reacted by immediately leaving, and going home.

For their honesty, they were treated by the media, and stunningly, by STRATFOR, who up to 2008 when Obama was elected, was a truly excellent and objective source of news, as “far right wing violent extremists” while referring to Muslim terrorists who had murdered large numbers of people on that same day as “militants”.

For this reason, some small amount of understanding can be allowed to those who shun every reasonable attempt to deal with this problem rationally and peacefully. But the time for that kind of latitude is long since over.

Find a group that has the best chance of success at thwarting what is taking place, and who’s values are as close to classical liberalism as you can and support it with whatever resources you feel you can. Time, money, skills, any other resources you may have.

And be prepared for people to call you a racist.

We saw the government-media complex destroy the EDL, PEGIDA and many other groups that stood a chance of turning things around. we cannot let that happen again or as we wrote here at Vlad in 2008, real Nazis will march the streets and people will cheer for them.

Post-hoc correction: 

ManoftheWest, very thoughtfully corrected the date for Charles, The Hammer, Martell’s defence of Europe.

And I quote:

“Hi, Vlad
I loved the Generation Identity England and Ireland video. Just a point of information; Charles Martel (The Hammer) defeated the Muslim invaders at Tours in 732 AD, the eighth century. This was exactly one hundred years after Mohammed is said to have died (632 AD)…..if he ever existed at all, that is….”

Thank you ManoftheWest. I should have checked the date but I was on a roll and then had to run out.





Germany: Protests Over New Mosque Construction Sites

The local press independently reports two, apparently unconnected, instances of resistance against current Mosque construction projects, both in the state of Bavaria, south Germany.

Photo: Silvio Wyszengrad

Someone in Augsburg spray-painted the facade of an Ahmadiyya mosque construction site with the words:

“Anyone building Churches in Turkey
Germans wake up“,

and in Regensburg, unknown people have erected 26 crosses, displaying the names of terror victims, on the construction grounds for a planned Turkish Ditib Mosque:

Screenshot Bayerischer Rundfunk

Augsburger Allgemeine report on the spray-painted mosque that

“Raziq Ahmad Tariq, member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jemaat, finds the message behind the graffiti terrible. “It is sad that there is such thinking in Germany.“ (…) Tariq finds it problematic that people have a wrong impression of Islam. The community wants to provide educational work. He says there are afternoon coffee parties planned. On these occasions, they want to introduce themselves to the people of Augsburg. “We want people to get to know us.“

Tariq, when you will hold these coffee parties to give the good people of Augsburg the right impression of Islam, do mention the barbaric “honor“ killings that Ahmadiyya have commited in Germany, will you?

At least Augsburger Allgemeine have the integrity to mention that despite propagating an allegedly peaceful, “true“ Islam; “the inner rules are said to be strict, headscarf is mandatory, and gender segregation is strict.“

Meanwhile, in Regensburg, Bayerischer Rundfunk report that the mosque association Ditib (Erdogan’s extension in Germany) lamented that the construction site “looked like a graveyard“, and called it an “attack on the peaceful coexistence of Christians and Muslims“, and demanded a stronger presence of the security authorities to be “better protected from abuse like that in the future“.

So a peaceful, creative protest is an attack, and us kafir being killed in terror attacks and suffering daily abuse is “peaceful coexistence“.

Update: The Identitäre Bewegung Bayern, the Identitarian Movement Bavaria, today (Feb. 14) announced that the crosses were their initiative. While acknowledging that Ditib are not directly responsible for terrorism, the Identitären criticize that Ditib in general is an extension of Erdogan, and that Ditib Regensburg in particular featured the radical convert and Salafist Pierre Vogel, and other radical Salafists, as guest speakers.


Berlin: Police Remove Identitarians’ Memorial for Christmas Market Jihad

Berlin – Police are removing a memorial by the Identitarian Movement, Identitäre Bewegung, for the victims of the Berlin Christmas Market jihad attack, which killed 12 and wounded 70, a year ago to the day. After the removal, unknown people improvised a second “illegal” memorial (last photo).

l. to r.: “No victim will be forgotten.” “To the victims of Islamist terror.” “Paris, Brussels, Manchester, Berlin, Nice, Barcelona.”

“Victim of multiculti”

Second, improvised memorial, after the first one was removed.


Gen Ident in Berlin today

Although the muslims against terror event was a wash with real leftists disguised as fake muslims, the Germans against terror and Islamification was a little better attended. Gen Ident:

Many members of the SS (Soros Soldiers, AKA ANTIFA) were there to counter a legal march by Gen Ident, with illegal tactics for which many were arrested.


German Generation Identitaire does a warning song to the traitor political class

These guys are great. Both in France and in Austria and Germany. Gen ident does artistic and creative non-destructive protests in a spectacular way and for this they are castigated and maligned by the MSM and even tools of US foreign policy like STRATFOR.


Translated from Politically Incorrect

By Nash Montana with much thanks!

Varieté Identitaire: A Greeting to the Intelligence Service

The identitäre Group Kontrakultur Halle has done it again: After their “AfD Song” which rose to 400,000 views on YouTube, Melanie Halle and her pianist Till have decided to continue the project.

Under the name Varieté Identitaire they will henceforward publish political chansons referencing the events in our daily political life.

This charming video was prepared in the style of the golden ’20s. The content isn’t just cheap agitprop, but homemade music with an original written text. Both artists are activists in the Identity Movement in Halle.

With the new song “à jamais idealiste — a greeting to the intelligence service”, we get a musical reckoning with the intelligence service, which rightfully should be asked why peaceful patriots are under surveillance while Islamic terrorists can roam uncontrolled through our country or, even plan their attacks under the eyes of the Constitution Protection Service.


PI took this text from the Facebook page “One percent for our country”, EINPROZENT.DE “One percent is enough to change Germany”.