CBC and the enforcement of Marxism over rule of law

First and chief among words that white people are not allowed to say, is the one that starts with a letter between M and O.

If you do say that word, even in a private conversation, your explanation for why you think that word might be OK to say will not be listened to. Context means nothing. No amount of contrition will be enough. This is not about anything excpept the wielding of totalitarian power in the interests of a Marxist world view.

The fact that on the recording in this video, the teacher awkwardly attempts to make an explanation means nothing. It was not listened to. She was guilty for saying that word.

No explanation can suffice. No legal protection of rights can interfere with the Marxist mob/media justice the CBC will bring to your door as fast as they can. Just as fast in fact, as they will hide news that contradicts that replacement for rights and law.

Wendy Messley may have paid a price for uttering that chief among words only “people of colour” can say, and in any context they want. But of course we don’t really know if she will. We don’t know how long her suspension is, or if its with pay. For all we know she is doing a month at Club Med in the Mediterranean somewhere. But we are supposed to believe that she is in serious trouble for saying the between M and O word, even though it was to try and make someone else look really, really bad.

Context doesn’t matter. Truth, does not matter. There is a new order, and it will be obeyed.

We are the cavalry. If we expect to fix this, we will have to get more involved.


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15 Replies to “CBC and the enforcement of Marxism over rule of law”

  1. It makes me want to say “nigger”. And not move to Ontario.

    Was that the intention? I suppose not. But it’s the effect, nonetheless. And I suppose you can multiply that effect by a number close to the number of people who have seen it.

  2. Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird……..

    I have a word…….

    It begins with the letter “D”

    It ends with the letter “N”

    There are a total of 11 letters in the word

    And it will solve, permanently, little problems like this…….

    Anybody care to hazard a guess as to what word it is?????

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  3. At last! We have finally caught up to Pakistan where you can’t defend yourself against blasphemy charges because the words that you uttered were so terrible that they cannot be repeated in court so no one has any idea of what you actually said – but they do know that you are guilty and that you deserve to die for it, especially if you offend the court by trying to defend yourself.

    What really gets me is when the thinking processes of these younger idiots are revealed and you can see that they have no grasp of logic – they only think they do… For instance, since Canada is not a racist country nobody needs to be so hypersensitive about the “N-word” or about racism at all because it’s not really a thing here but some people are too dumb to even think of that. Dumb-dee-dumb-dumb… Honestly, I don’t think I have ever heard a Canadian call a black person the N-word. Not even once. Chill…

    But then isn’t that the purpose of creating a “moral equivalency” between everything? It’s impossible to come to a decision when everything is everything and nothing is “better” or “worse” than anything else. And haven’t the professors been teaching the teachers that awake, intelligent people always see things as moral equivalencies…? Aren’t you considered kind of a dumb farmer if you think that our society is better than their society or that one thing is true and the other is not?

  4. Wisely, Vlad, you have eliminated the dastardly letter completely from your explaination. This is a quantum negation! Not only have you avoided the cowardly “N-word” work around, but you have seen the future. There can no longer be any daylight between this horrible letter and racism. N must must be executed.

    Imagine our world without N. O more romatic ights with your lover. O more peaut butter ad jelly sadwiches. Yes. A sadwich. How appropriate.

    But then the very worst word will become igger, so “I” will be executed next, and so on. What a world. No future now, er, ow.

    The Left is so literate they’re now down to exterminating language one letter at a time, literally.

    We must save the remaining twenty-five.

    • Language dumbed to silence. All culturally-appropriated words removed. All offensive words banned. The alphabet, just enough to feed (halal) and smack (haram).

      Famine is next.

        • We used to make fun of old folks who read the Jewish newspaper, Only Good News. Just weddings, brit milah, Nobel Prize winners in the community, etc.

          They were Holocaust survivors. They’d maxed-out on not-so-good current events. They all had a packed suitcase under the bed and their savings in gold. Their kids learned fiddle, not piano.

          And they were devoted to finding the funny side of everything. From Borsht Belt to Disney Cartoons. Lightbulb-, pollack, jew-vs.-jew, lawyer- jokes. Every day, just like vitamins, they managed to get a LOL.

          I picked up the habit.

  5. Oh, you mean that two-syllable n-word that you NEVER want to call a black person?

    The marxists have certainly got the n-words all excited this riot season. I wonder when the shooting is going to start.

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