CBC, Trudeau, Jagmeet Sing all lie about the London accident, probably to take away all freedom of speech

The London truck accident that killed members of a Muslim family, and the enemy propaganda and politicians that invented a hate crime to pass a bill.

Read the RAIR article above. Then check out the source page here. Note how they go from the part everyone will read, a drooling Nazi loon, to what actually happened near the bottom. A nice guy with no hatred for anyone had steering issues and a middle eastern friend who vouches for him said he had no issues with muslims, or any group at all.

Trudeau put on his best Hijab Hoax sanctimonious outrage as did NDP leader Jagmeet Sing. Neither of them waited to find out what happened though. They both immediately imputed all they needed, most likely to push through bill C-10 which gives the Canadian government control over pretty much all publishing, social media and otherwise, where people might say things the Trudopians do not approve of.

Like the Hijab hoax of 2018, all these politicians immediately jumped to a foregone conclusion that this was racism and hatred of muslims for their own political gain. Never let a crisis go to waste, and better if you can invent the crisis (cough cough hijab hoax) so you can control it. The media was worse. The same media that ignores mass killings of Jews and Christians by muslims for jihad, jumped the gun on this one. Curious though, how when acts of jihad happen, they perambulate from mental illness to religious extremist to anything but what it actually is. Islamic Jihad. And it takes days before they even start guessing at the motives when its crystal clear that its jihad.

In the CBC article linked above, they write about this attack by the Islamic State, as if it was just a guy who hit a fence with a car. Check it out. But for this man who had a defective steering mechanism and had no problem with any group, they imputed every aspect of the event to force an anti-white, anti-homseschool and anti-Christian narrative. No matter how much they had to make up to do it.


Tucker Carlson for March 9, 2021

He pretty much nails it in his monologue about the ex-Royal Couple, even up to and including why none of us should care, except for their use of the new tactic of the powerful elites to paint themselves as victims in order to have unlimited power with no obligations or criticism.

After watching the segment a couple of thoughts occurred to me. First, that Meagan Markle is so high up on Maslowe’s hierarchy of needs she must have a nose bleed. And second, what a missed opportunity for Mark Steyn! He could have launched into a tirade about how they didn’t give him exactly what he wanted when he dined at The Palace, and the sauce wasn’t done right and how he was a victim of culinary abuse at the Queen’s hands! He missed his chance to jump on the victim train when it passed him at 2 miles an hour.

Lastly, apparently the left leaning popular TV host in the UK, Piers Morgan, was apparently FIRED for defending the Queen and the royals against the insane complaints by the borderline personality disorder seeming, Meagan Markle.

What we all have to remember, that people who identify as part of SOME groups, should be taken seriously when they FEEL a thing meant a thing, even when there is zero evidence that it did, and lots and lots of evidence that it does not.

Piers Morgan adds this:

It would carry a lot more weight if he had not attacked, interrupted and otherwise piled on to Tommy Robinson the way he did. It almost feels like he doesn’t really believe in freedom of speech beyond his own.

Still, his firing for defending the symbol of established British and UK culture and history is very telling. Meagan went on Oprah to wage an attack of dialectic negation against the entire Anglosphere and anyone who opposed her will be cancelled.

CBC dials down its anti-Canadian rhetoric when it sees people actually caught on to it.

Earlier on April 29, 2020

But after recioeveing a few hundred comments and tweets, maybe a little more than a few hundred calling the CBC out for the Voice of the COMINTERN that it is even if not by that term, they rewrote their title this way:

Those Canadians are Trudeau, his cabinet if they want to keep their jobs, the CBC if they want to keep their jobs, and the Commissar at the Chinese embassy on Sussex.

Bilyana Martinovski interview on Swedish police harassment

Earlier this week, we posted a news item about the arrest of Dr. Bilyana Martinovski by Swedish police for unknown reasons and that it was not a pleasant or routine arrest for parking tickets or a bureaucratic error, but smacked of Soviet or Stasi style, thought crimes, and ideological persecution.

On October 18th, we did an interview with Prof. Martinovski about what happened to her.

As the interview was longer than usual, and because D.tube does not play large or long files well, we decided to edit it in parts.


All newer content will be below this post.

This is important. Sweden is becoming an authoritarian communist state, or rather, has become one undeniably. The authorities from this report, and other ideological arrests we know of, such as the jailing of Dan Park for a piece of politically correct art, but directed against state repression of thought a few years ago, show that Sweden is past the point of similes or analogies to totalitarian communist states.

Sweden is there now. It is only a matter of degree, not of structure, that differentiates it from the Soviet Union or Stasi run East Germany.

Direct link to part I

Direct link to part II

Direct link to part III

Direct link to part IV

Direct link to part V

At this point we had to stop the interview as there was fear the equipment could crash and we would lose it all. The last 17 minutes of this interview is in a separate clip to be added shortly.

Direct link to part VI the last segment of this interview

Thank you for watching. We feel this is an important interview that reveals the state of a formerly Western democratic nation. Swedes should rise up at this point and fight for their freedoms. Because even Norway at this point, has said it will not take in Swedes once they collapse their nation which they are doing now. And any nation that does bring Swedes in is asking to have this happen to them. Should Swedes desire individual rights and Freedoms, history offers them several blueprints.

Speech by ex-Conservative candidate at the PPC meet this weekend in Gatineau

Both the Liberals AND the Conservative parties are penetrated by leftists and Islamic interests.

Please watch this speech by Benjamin Dichter, former PC candidate , now a PPC supporter.

Direct link:


partial video of the same fellow from another camera on YT


“Non-crime, hate incident that we have to investigate”

H/T MissPiggy

Story here:

I figured I would get mine in before all you guys do. And PLEASE DO!

There once was a cop from North Humberside

Arrested a docker who made tranny cry.

It wasn’t a crime but the cops had the time

Something George Orwell called thinking crime

Former Premiere of Ontario and far left wing radical extremist calls the Yellow Vests “Nazis”

How do you get a debate in a nation where the media is all bought off and tightly controlled by the left?

Rae cannot tell the difference between a peaceful people’s revolution against genuine anti-French oppressive government and the freaking Nazis.

It is a great shame upon powerful and influential people to use the Nazi comparison where it is a ludicrous exaggeration, It diminishes who the Nazis were, and creates more anger towards those for whom the comparison is directed.

Even I expected more from Bob Rae.

CBC lie by omission 2: No motive for ‘Canadian’ arrested in the Netherlands

Here is the CBC version of events, which amount to we know nothing except it was a “Canadian” who somehow for no known motive, did a bomb scare at a Dutch airport. I guess it was Canada’s long history of mutual war with the Netherlands, which is so famously talked about in the History books.

Canucks attacking Dutch icons screaming, “Vive le Sirop d’érable!”

I wonder if anyone else besides the 1.1 Carl Sagans a year the CBC costs the Canadian taxpayer in order to do stenography for Trudeau.

Allahu Akhbar at Schiphol Airport

The Dutch are ringing in the new year at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam with a bomb threat and cries of “Allahu Akhbar!”

Notice that suspected alleged perp is a “Canadian”.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from De Telegraaf:

Bomb-threatener overpowered

Schiphol departure hall temporarily evacuated due to bomb threat

Monday evening a man made bomb threat in Departure Hall 3 at Schiphol [Airport].The Marechaussee [military police] temporarily evacuated the hall and its immediate environs as a precaution, according to the Marechaussee. The suspect was taken away, witnesses report.

The entire situation lasted about a half an hour. According to the Marechaussee, the situation is under control [and] the suspect overpowered. According to a Marechaussee spokesperson, no force was used in the arrest as far as is known. The departure hall has been re-opened. The arrested suspect is a 51-year-old Canadian. No explosives were found. He is being held for further investigation.

According to bystanders the man is alleged to have shouted “Allahu Akhbar!” and screamed that he had a bomb.


The demise of London is so fast and effective, it is probably deliberate.

The number of deadly crimes is certainly going up. And to add a layer of what my be concerning to that already concerning statistic, is the reason for deadly force by the criminal population.

This story, from the Daily Mail, shows a group of drug dealers are so brazen in London that they beat a man to death for merely asking them not to sell in front of his home.

Not that long ago, drug dealers would be frightened to be caught in front of a home, if they did it at all somewhere so open, and would flee before the police arrived, possibly thanking the man for not calling them.

But now…

Another victim of Bloodbath Britain: Father-of-two, 46, is beaten to death by ‘drug dealers after telling them to stop selling outside his home’ – as figures reveal UK murder rate is rocketing

A father-of-two was beaten to death after telling drug dealers to stop selling outside his home as statistics today reveal the murder rate has skyrocketed by 14 per cent in Wild West Britain.


Bus driver Ian Tomlin, 46, is the 113th victim of murder in the capital after being brutally battered at the block of flats in Battersea, south London where he lived.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, shortly after his assailants fled following the attack yesterday afternoon.

Shocked witnesses said there was ‘blood everywhere’ and claimed ex-boxer Ian may also have been stabbed in the neck.

It comes as Office for National Statistics report shows the murder rate in the UK has soared by 14 per cent from 630 last year to 719 this year.


And other violent crimes such as those involving a knife have also risen to 39,332 offences, the highest since 2011.

For those who wish to go through the Reader’s Links posts on this site, you will find a story about a Murder in Airstrip One at least one per day. Usually more.

But the above story only indicates the level of increased barbarity and violence by criminals in parts of the UK, as well as what qualifies for that level of barbarity. Which is increasingly lower. The willingness to use lethal force applied in a neolithic fashion for something as trivial as the above example.

But what about this makes me think the deterioration of the nation-state formerly known as England, is deliberate?

Well… there is the fact that the muslim mayor was a guest speaker at the Fabian society. That alone should be enough to a reasonable person assuming his talk was sympathetic.

But then there is this headline in today’s news:

Officers wasting time investigating wolf whistles under drive to target hate crime, police leader warns

The drive to target hate crime is forcing police officers to spend valuable time investigating wolf-whistles, bad manners and impolite comments, a police leader has warned.


Sergeant Richard Cooke, the recently elected chairman of the West Midlands Police Federation, said forces were expected to record and follow up reports of hate crime, even when no criminal offence had taken place.

Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Cooke warns police officers would be dispatched to offer words of advice to people, but this meant they had less time to focus on “genuine crimes” such as burglary and violence.


Mr Cooke said he did not believe this was what the public expected of its police service. While applauding the principle behind protecting those at risk of hurtful abuse, officers have expressed their frustration at being drawn into what they see as social rather than criminal issues.


Mr Cooke, who represents 6,500 rank and file officers in the country’s second largest police force, said: “I fear a dangerous precedent could be set, where our scant resources are skewed further and further away from the genuine crisis in public safety taking place on our urban homes and streets.

Again, for those who follow this site, you have seen multiple instances of various UK police forces applying measurable fractions of their resources and application of their state-monopoly on use of force to absurd and Orwellian purposes.  

I think the best example of the direction of policy so far, is this one:

UK police asks citizens to report ‘non-crime hate incidents’ that ‘feel like crimes’

SOUTH YORKSHIRE, England September 10, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A tweet from the police force of South Yorkshire (SYP) is raising new concerns about the logic of “hate crimes” being used to crack down on free speech.


On September 9, the South Yorkshire Police’s official Twitter account called on residents to “report non-crime hate incidents, which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing,” in “addition to” reporting actual crimes. “Hate will not be tolerated in South Yorkshire. Report it and put a stop to it.”

So, a man is beaten to death and another stabbed because he asked criminals to find a new address for their enterprise. But why are they so brazen that they felt they could do this and get away with it?

I guess because they knew they didn’t say anything bad to their victim at the time.

For those unfamiliar with the Fabian Society, now is a good time to become so.

The early Suffragettes where part of the Fabian Society, supporting what Karen Straungh said to me in an interview last winter.




About that commie land acknowledgement now ubiquitous at Canadian institutions


Lindsay gets a couple of things wrong though. The Amer-Indians were catastrophically non-friendly to the environment. All neolithic ways of life are. They hunted species to extinction because they never developed animal husbandry or refrigeration. Look up the sacred Indian hunting grounds, “Head smashed in”.

Also because the land acknowledgement to a tribe is, well bullish*t. They hunted each other at genocidal levels.

The good people of Chemnitz confront the lying press

Here is the Wiki on the reporter:

A small sample:

Hayali has extensive tattoos on her right arm and back; these were first seen at the presentation of the Deutscher Fernsehpreis on 9 October 2010 in Cologne; on television they had always been covered.[8][9]


Hayali is lesbian;[8] in 2008 she announced that since 2007 she had been in a relationship with Mareike Arning, the vocalist of the punk-pop band Uschi’s Orchester.[10] The couple separated in 2011.[11] She is a supporter of the anti-right-wing-extremist group Gesicht Zeigen! (de) (Show Your Face!)[12] and is an ambassador of the anti-racism initiative Respekt! Kein Platz für Rassismus (de) (Respect! No place for racism).[13]


In February 2016, the State Court of Hamburg issued a preliminary injunction forbidding a Facebook user from making offensive hate comments on Hayali’s Facebook page and setting a fine of up to 250,000 euros for any violations of the injunction.[14]

Please watch and SPREAD