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16 Replies to “About those four “Germans” that were arrested for raping an 18 YO in Mallorca Spain…”

  1. #FakeNews Look at all those “German” names. I also noted the girls are all nordic blonds. These men are the cockroaches of the human race, all fed on the inherent evil in Islam. Germany, wake the hell up and start talking about the elephant in the room. When you fail to do so, you spit on your own people, their heritage, their safety, their future.

  2. I demand the death penalty for all that rape !!! Kill the cockroaches, it is the only way to put an end to these less than human rapists !! When it is seen that you will die if you rape, then they will stop !!

    • Terror, abduction, imprisonment, violence, rape?

      Socialists enjoy this display of inferiority from males to need to force-sex. While muslims protect themselves behind four other members of their own Sharia patrols And LGBTQ+ welcoming a new birth into the fold as it’s the only way they can reproduce. This zero presence of “be a man” men among them.

      Therefore, I would see a death sentence – from a jury – as just a little too kind.

      These convicted fe-men need hanging by their balls and struck like pinatas until they die. For their hatred of women should not remain as a casual crime perpetrated by those who think they can do whatever they want with her body: Feminists, Put Her In A Burka, or Drag Queens. Replacing her identity with their superior ones. Removing the feminine that loves the masculine. Towards women who can spot a fake man – leave no witnesses.

      Take this from the masculine who loves the feminine. The mothers of this world.

      • To a large extent it is the Invaders telling the Europeans that they are no longer in control, the Europeans can no longer protect their women and children, they are the playthings of the invaders any time they want them. This is a very old tactic of the Barbarian conquers and there is no sign the barbarians are going to change. Any change will have to be made by the native Europeans.

      • These convicted fe-men need hanging by their balls and struck like pinatas until they die.

        I beg to differ. I think they need hanging, too … but with their balls struck like piñatas until pigs fly. Broomsticks with nails optional.

  3. My how the Aryan race has changed over the years… At least they were not described as “Asian” this time… The Chinese need a break.

  4. Try and find out anything about the trial of Habibullah Ahmadi, the 21 year old who beat Sara Anne Widholm 75 while she was walking in a park in Windsor, Ontario and good luck with that. Shame on all our politicians.

  5. Here’s another German story, a little OT but massively on topic for every person on the planet:


    A massive, out-of-control bank wants to fix its problems with an $84b overhaul, while it has $43 trillion shadow-banking exposure? Black swan, anyone? –Talk about imminent financial contagions bringing down the whole shootin’ match unless proactive steps are taken. Do you really think your money is safe in any bank if they become insolvent? Your pension?

    • In the game of chess there exists a pitfall—a trap or blind, if you will—which I consider to be the height of cunning. Thereby hangs a tale:

      Currently obstructed by the fielding of one’s own stalking horse, is an otherwise perfect line of fire. Mayhaps it is directed from the castle’s crenelations, or deeper inside the chapel. Or even originating from within the queen’s own chambers—it matters not so long as the shot is true.

      In an unexpected move, that craftily picketed dragoon sallies forth from his keep’s forecourt to assail the enemy king in a remote defile. That royal member needs beat a hasty retreat which permits neither messenger nor reveille to warn his queen and household. (Not even a phone call the day after!) [sob]

      Instead, this beleaguered monarch must dodge the horseman’s lance even as his queen gets the shaft.

      Although it has little to do with the similarly named courtroom procedure, a skilled prosecutor nevertheless can turn a defender into mincemeat by making good use of discovery. From wiki wacky wookie:

      Discovered attack

      In chess, a discovered attack is an attack revealed when one piece moves out of the way of another. Discovered attacks can be extremely powerful, as the piece moved can make a threat independently of the piece it reveals. Like many chess tactics, they succeed because the opponent is unable to meet two threats at once. While typically the consequence of a discovered attack is the gain of material, they do not have to do this to be effective; the tactic can be used merely to gain a tempo. If the discovered attack is a check, it is called a discovered check.

      Military flanking maneuvers achieve many of these same aims, but the brevity and concision of simultaneously obtaining two goals—both of which wreak distinctly unpalatable havoc upon the object of your disaffection—is simply too delicious for words.

      And that’s how chess stories write themselves.

      • The point being that any potential failure of Deutsche Bank could end up playing out like a discovered attack in chess—where dislodging one relatively innocuous piece brings down the whole rotten shithouse.

        Now, imagine if DB holdings just happened to be the biggest solar energy futures player in Germany’s wife-beater relationship with Communist China. Then, let’s say that badman Trump gives Xi a big tariff noogie that spells no ka-ching for Beijing.

        What happens if Merkel’s free death camp plans don’t buy Germany enough wiggle room with her squinty poolboys? Jackboots or silk slippers, it’s one still one helluva Long March from Ürümqi to Berlin and Mini-Mao™ damn well knows that if Orange Man stuffs a sock in Tehran’s pie hole, there won’t be any Persian grease to lube all those squeaky Mainland wheels.

        What happens if German bankers say: “Tough titty, Forbidden City”? Do brats and bean curd pair up that well? Does anyone dare slam Witbier and baijiu bombs?!?

        After all, everybody knows what happens after eating Chinese–German food: Half an hour later, you’re hungry … for power!

  6. Shhhhh, we are not supposed to talk about this. Probably falls under m-103 and we will be accused of being Islamophobic.

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