The 11 year attempt by CSIS to warn Canada about China

Yesterday a multi-hour Parliamentary committee was webcast by C-SPAN on China in essense. How to view it, whether or not it was a threat. A familiar face appeared in the people invited to testify, Richard Fadden, former head of Canada’s spy agency, CSIS. He made the news in 2010 when he went public with the threat that China and various middle eastern governments are to Canada through subversion and infiltration, specifically in terms of controlling Canadian elected reps who it appears they actually groomed since college.

I managed to record a LOT of the session from yesterday and added a few key minutes of it to some of the older clips of Mr. Fadden warning Canada in Parliament in 2010.

I added the clip of Trudeau for obvious reasons.

CBC, Trudeau, Jagmeet Sing all lie about the London accident, probably to take away all freedom of speech

The London truck accident that killed members of a Muslim family, and the enemy propaganda and politicians that invented a hate crime to pass a bill.

Read the RAIR article above. Then check out the source page here. Note how they go from the part everyone will read, a drooling Nazi loon, to what actually happened near the bottom. A nice guy with no hatred for anyone had steering issues and a middle eastern friend who vouches for him said he had no issues with muslims, or any group at all.

Trudeau put on his best Hijab Hoax sanctimonious outrage as did NDP leader Jagmeet Sing. Neither of them waited to find out what happened though. They both immediately imputed all they needed, most likely to push through bill C-10 which gives the Canadian government control over pretty much all publishing, social media and otherwise, where people might say things the Trudopians do not approve of.

Like the Hijab hoax of 2018, all these politicians immediately jumped to a foregone conclusion that this was racism and hatred of muslims for their own political gain. Never let a crisis go to waste, and better if you can invent the crisis (cough cough hijab hoax) so you can control it. The media was worse. The same media that ignores mass killings of Jews and Christians by muslims for jihad, jumped the gun on this one. Curious though, how when acts of jihad happen, they perambulate from mental illness to religious extremist to anything but what it actually is. Islamic Jihad. And it takes days before they even start guessing at the motives when its crystal clear that its jihad.

In the CBC article linked above, they write about this attack by the Islamic State, as if it was just a guy who hit a fence with a car. Check it out. But for this man who had a defective steering mechanism and had no problem with any group, they imputed every aspect of the event to force an anti-white, anti-homseschool and anti-Christian narrative. No matter how much they had to make up to do it.


Yes, Google lied to congress. They DO interfere with search results for topics of concern to the Left

I took licence with the title, because I am sure its true. They admit to issues concerning guns and abortion.

The Daily Mail:


More Breitbart: (HUGE teams engaged in manual interventions)

Gohmert on Google’ fake testimony.

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CIA can see through Signal and other privacy apps, and they hacked your phone, and they lost control of those tools

Wikileaks dump summary at REDDIT

From the Washington Examiner:

Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden said on Tuesday that the WikiLeaks dump of what it claims to be more than 8,700 documents from the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence “looks authentic” and “is genuinely a big deal.”

WikiLeaks announced that its “Vault7” publication shines a light on the CIA’s secret hacking program with targets around the world, using malware that can bypass encryption protection in a wide range of devices, including Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows and even Samsung TVs, which are turned into covert microphones.

Since the document dump, WikiLeaks account has shared several pieces of information via its official Twitter account, including this one: “WikiLeaks #Vault7 confirms CIA can effectively bypass Signal + Telegram + WhatsApp + Confide encryption.”

Copy paste this link into a browser:

It doesn’t seem to open in Safari but it does for the moment, in Chrome. Ironic as Google is the CIA is the US state Department. Same people, different desks. But for the moment, the link works in Google Chrome.

Hungarian geopolitical analyst, Laszlo Foldi, simplifies the migrant invasion

Its quite a breath of fresh air to listen to someone cut through the layers and layers of intellectual white noise created by the Marxists in order to confound any attempt to rationally discuss the migrant invasion, its causes and consequences.

Here is a previous Laszlo video from October at The Rebel in  a previously translated video, but this one is quite elegant in its simplicity. Not that it isn’t subtle. It does require focus. But he answers the interviewers questions with a calm clarity that is refreshing.

Muslim Brotherhood operative caught within German intel

An original translation by Ava Lon with much thanks

From this German news site:


Islamist sneaked up into Constitutional Protection [(politics, law) protection of the constitution: the totality of all efforts (such as domestic espionage and the banning of political parties deemed hostile to it) undertaken to protect the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany and the basic societal order which that constitution establishes]

Were the spies themselves spied on? According to SPIEGEL information, an Islamic mole was flown in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

By Martin Knobbe, Jörg Schindler and Fidelius Schmid

Tuesday, 29.11.2016 18:41

According to the Federal Office of Public Prosecution (BfV), the Constitutional Protection “succeeded in exposing a supposed Islamist among his employees”. The 51-year-old German is being detained, the public prosecutor in Düsseldorf informed the SPIEGEL.

The man has now filed a partial confession. According to him, his goal was to infiltrate the Federal Office and gather information for an explosive strike on the main building in the Cologne district of Chorweiler. He is therefore being investigated because of the suspicion of the preparation of a serious state-endangering attack.

In addition, the accused has allegedly made on the internet, Islamism friendly comments under a false name and allegedly revealed some service secrets. He had tried to pass on “sensitive information about the BfV, which could lead to a threat to the office,” affirms the Constitution Protection.

The man, a bank clerk and a father, had not been stopped by the Constitutional Protection until April 2016 in order to observe the Islamic scene in Germany. According to the authorities, he was “inconspicuous in the application process, during training and during his mission”.

At the same time, however, he obviously meticulously organized his secrecy. In his possession the investigators found storage media with corresponding information, for example, on assignments and deployments. This he revealed on the Internet under different alias accounts to a chat partner, as the public prosecutor Düsseldorf informed the SPIEL.

In the chat he allegedly introduced himself as a BfV-employee and have offered to invite like-minded people to the Federal Office, in order to be able to attack the “unbelievers”. This would allegedly “certainly please Allah.” What he did not know: his chat partner was himself a member of the Constitutional Protection. There are so far no indications that he contacted other like-minded people.

According to SPIEGEL information even the family of the accused knew nothing of his conversion to Islam, which allegedly happened in 2014 by telephone. His oath of allegiance has allegedly been made in the presence of the Salafist preacher and applicant Mohamed Mahmoud, a big wig from Berlin, who is now fighting for the “Islamic State” in Syria.

The threat of internal security through islamist activities has increasingly become the focus of Constitutional Protection in recent years. The Salafist scene is currently regarded as the most dynamically growing group of extremists in Germany. Lastly, the BfV counted some 9200 followers of this ultra-conservative current.

Former MAC MAC president Wael Haddara was senior advisor to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and member of the Egyptian delegation at the United Nations

This just in from Point De Bascule. 

I don’t ask this often so please consider this request.

Read this article carefully over at Point De Bascule, and forward it or a summary of it, to everyone you can think of, especially in media or who has an interested blog. This is a chance for us to actually strike back against organizations who have been taking a generous amount of Canadian tax-dollars under false pretenses and who are affiliated with the sharp end of the Islamic spear.

From Point De Bascule Canada:



On his Twitter account, Wael Haddara introduces himself as an “ICU physician (and other things).” In recent months, one of these “other things” done by Haddara has been advising ousted Muslim Brotherhood-backed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. In an interview to Canadian network Global TV on August 15, 2013, Wael Haddara was introduced as a “former advisor to Mohammed Morsi.” According to his own professional profile, Haddara was born in Egypt.


…his position as president of the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) on December 12, 2012. Besides his involvement with MAC, Wael Haddara has also been associated with the following Islamist organizations in the past: Muslim World League, CAIR-CAN, London Moslem Mosque, IRFAN-Canada and the Muslim Students Association (National). Appropriate references about Haddara’s leadership roles with these organizations are available in our previous article announcing Haddara’s resignation from MAC’s Board. This may not be a complete list of Islamist organizations with which Haddara has been involved in North America.

Please click over to PDB for the whole article. One has to wonder about Canadian Government funding to an organization with these kinds of ties.

The strategy for utilizing Iranians living in Canada for the benefit of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

The following is our English translation of a Persian article from ‘Radio Farda’, an Iranian news agency about a report of Abolfazl Eslami,  an ex-diplomat from Iran working at the embassy in Japan who reveals that Iran uses embassies to recruit and interfere in Iranian and Muslim lives for their own benefit. In his report, Abolfazl Eslami indicates that he will release a more detailed report in the coming days.

Also this report does not seem to have any concrete evidence or better documentation to back up the allegations. The only fact that gives the report any credence is that the writer himself was a former Iranian diplomat.

Shabnam and for Shadi

Word by word translation of the article by~ Shadi Paveh and Shabnam Assadollahi


The strategy for utilizing Iranians living in Canada for the benefit of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

Reprted by Abolfazl Eslami , ex-Diplomat of Iran

For the past two years the author of the article had observed how the Iranians living in Canada are being utilized by the (Iranian) Intelligent Services, Zahra Kazemi’s killing at Evin prison, the sabotaging of the case, the direct involvement of the prosecutor, Judge Mortazavi in closing of the case and utilizing Iranians living in Canada in regards to this case.

Abolfazl Eslami (Ex- Diplomat of Iran), in a two part report describes how the Iranians residing in Canada are being utilized for the advantage of the IRI regime.

Part one:

In his recent statement, the Cultural Attaché of the Islamic republic of Iran in Canada  the use of Iranians residing in Canada for the interest of the regime was mentioned  which resulted in a very strong criticism by the Canadian government; to the extent that the closing of the Embassy was brought up and the bank accounts of some Iranian-Canadians were closed.

Although Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi, and Sheikh Hassani’s Charge d’Affaires hastily denied utilizing the Iranians residing in Canada for the regime’s interests, but the truth is that the Islamic Republic has been present in Canada and other countries for years, and has veraciously perused using the Iranians abroad for its own gain but because of the sensitivity of government agencies the politics of this have been kept confidential and secret thus so far no documents have been leaked.

Now that Hamid Mohammadi, the Cultural Attaché, after years let the curtain drop and unveiled one of the sealed secrets of the regime with his remarks, and because of public opinion the government of Canada criticized the Islamic Republic, it is necessary to do a report on the details and methods of how Iranians and Muslim immigrants are being used so that those Iranians and Muslim immigrants who have no knowledge of the regime’s intentions and motives are educated about every which way that they can be taken advantage of and are warned.

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Iranian influence operations in South america Part II

This is part II of an article translated from El Paiz by Michael Laudahn.

Please click here for Part I

On an intermediary level is where the iranian diplomats are acting, who have multiplied their activity and presence. This is particularly the case in Bolivia, where Iran has 145 diplomats accredited, more than the rest of the [total] diplomatic corps accredited in La Paz. Spain, with all of its historic relations and its commercial interests has a representation oscillating between 8 and 10 diplomats. Western diplomatic sources estimate that the number of iranian diplomats accredited to Venezuela is even larger. 

What is more important, the visits of high-ranking iranian officials to the subcontinent are constant, and often are accompanied by economic advantages for the countries visited. Last wednesday, iranian president Mahmud Ahmadineyad participated at the Sustainable Development conference in Rio de Janeiro, only to supplement his visit by a mini-roundtrip of South America, announced a few days ahead.  It is his second such tour in six months, and the fourth of a high-ranking iranian official during this same period.

In january, the iranaian ruler already visited Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba and Nicaragua. In may, it was the turn of vicepresident Ali Saeidlo who made the same tour, on top including Bolivia. During their nicaraguan stopover, the iranian diplomats announced the cancellation of a debt which Managua had with Tehran. 

Days earlier, iranian defence minister Ahmad Vahidi had visited Bolivia, who inaugurated the Escuela de Defensa de la Alternativa Bolivariana para las Américas (ALBA), the organism of regional integration established through the personal initiative of Hugo Chávez.

An international arrest warrant is hanging over Vahidi, for his implication in the 1992 and 1994 Buenos Aires attacks against the embassy of Israel and the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, which resulted in a total of 115 deaths. During their visits, the iranian representatives are being accompanied by Kanbiz Jalali, a diplomat possessing a vast experience of Latin America and being the responsible of the Directorate General for Latin America, created by the iranian foreign affairs ministry.  

Tehran is emphasising especially the subject of defence. In less than 24 hours, it signed a treaty on military aid with Bolivia and tolerated Chávez’ announcement in a sense that Venezuela is constructing unmanned planes, under the supervision of iranian engineers. Ramin Keshavarz, prominent member of the iranian Revolutionary Guard is charged to supervise the project.  Continue Reading →