Fuellmich Friday: Stunning interview with a woman who shows the money trail on the mRNA but also the ideological and military aspects

This is a LOT to unpack. There is a great deal of information, and if even half of it is true, it explains nearly all the gaps in the entire mystery around the facts of the way Covid, treatments and the injections are being forced on us. Just one example, and its near the start, is how Google is heavily invested in multiple aspects of the technology, which is why they would not permit even peer reviewed materials on Ivermectin or HCQ to be posted on Youtube.

In fact it explains why they worked so hard to get Trump out of office since we now know that he ordered the US civil service to make HCQ available to all easily to end this stupid pandemic. And we now know it would have.

But no worries, there is a great deal of blame to go around. Settle in, maybe get a drink and or a pizza and watch this. I removed the German translation but otherwise its the complete interview.

Direct link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/srCQsCNuB63f/

Resignation letter to the New York Times of Bari Weiss

This was powerful enough that it was worth getting out of bed and posting.

I joined the paper with gratitude and optimism three years ago. I was hired with the goal of bringing in voices that would not otherwise appear in your pages: first-time writers, centrists, conservatives and others who would not naturally think of The Times as their home. The reason for this effort was clear: The paper’s failure to anticipate the outcome of the 2016 election meant that it didn’t have a firm grasp of the country it covers. Dean Baquet and others have admitted as much on various occasions. The priority in Opinion was to help redress that critical shortcoming.

I was honored to be part of that effort, led by James Bennet. I am proud of my work as a writer and as an editor. Among those I helped bring to our pages: the Venezuelan dissident Wuilly Arteaga; the Iranian chess champion Dorsa Derakhshani; and the Hong Kong Christian democrat Derek Lam. Also: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Masih Alinejad, Zaina Arafat, Elna Baker, Rachael Denhollander, Matti Friedman, Nick Gillespie, Heather Heying, Randall Kennedy, Julius Krein, Monica Lewinsky, Glenn Loury, Jesse Singal, Ali Soufan, Chloe Valdary, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Wesley Yang, and many others.

But the lessons that ought to have followed the election—lessons about the importance of understanding other Americans, the necessity of resisting tribalism, and the centrality of the free exchange of ideas to a democratic society—have not been learned. Instead, a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.

Please read the rest at Bariweiss.com

We suggest downloading and saving the page as it likely won’t be online long.

Adding tweets as we find them:

“The real story is the loss of the news altogether, and the news cannot report on it”

About that mass shooting in Germany the other day…

Those of you who follow European politics might have heard about the “far right wing racist” guy who shot up a club killing many Kurdish people for some reason.

While this atrocity remains an atrocity, we did not publish anything about it because we spotted the pattern of Merkel and the leftist government media complex either using or even ORCHESTRATING events in order to demonize, marginalize and now, even an attempt to criminalize the classically liberal, AfD party. It is freakish how these events happen before regional elections and also no surprise at this point how the event is used.

We saw it first in Chemnitz which was busted by Merkel’s own director of Intel, who was then moved to another portfolio right away. He would have been fired if not for the coalition partner who made sure he got an even better job, but outside of Intel.

There have been other instances, but the next one that seems clear was the abuse of an event where a nutty fellow who was not even right wing, went and attempted an attack on a small city Synagogue which failed but he killed two unrelated persons in the process. All information on this attack was banned and controlled just as was this new case. Manifestos and videos taken off line and especially in Germany as the facts and motives were reformatted to fit Merkel’s Neo-Marxist narrative.

We did not want to publish anything while the Neo-Marxist machine had control of the narrative.

Information about the killer of the Kurds is now beginning to seep out here and there and now it has become worth posting about. Here is the first couple of items stitched together into one video:

The woman in the second video is co-chair of Germany’s federal AfD.

MSM, German Government join commie trick of calling all who oppose socialist policies “nazis”

We are used to seeing ANTIFA and fellow travellers calling Asians like Andy Ngo or African Americans like Candice Owens being called “White Supremacists” because they oppose the often blatantly communist overthrow of Western Civilization.

The German CDU government also used its own form of deceptions and Repressive Tolerance © but generally don’t go for direct Nazi calling except to slander the AfD. One of the few non-totalitarian parties in the Bundestag.

Now however there is a major MSM push to slander the entire city of Dresden, formerly in East Germany, as a city facing a “nazi emergency”.

Long term followers of this site may remember an organization representing classical liberalism, individual rights and freedoms that was strongest in Dresden and spread around the world and still exists in Toronto and other cities, called “PEGIDA”.

This group would march in Dresden by the thousands weekly to oppose Merkel and her program to islamify Germany and deconstruct Germany (and Europe) as a people and a culture(s) altogether.

But the German government does what Western governments have all learned to do. Demonize, criminalize and deconstruct all groups who wish to preserve their cultural heritage and established legal principles, most notably equality before the law.

The UK did it with the EDL, and the Australian Defense League was shuttered before it even took off. Other nations who attempted a defence league suffered the same fate. It didn’t matter that government agencies or powerful groups 1 step removed from government, like unions connected to left wing parties and governments had been caught infiltrating these groups in order to give them a bad name. What mattered was results uber alles.

And now it seems that Dresden’s resistance to its own destruction means the German government-media complex is ready to sacrifice the whole city on a giant gambit. The prize of course, is the destruction of Germany, so its a win win for them. They succeed in destroying PEGIDA and all like minded who wish to remain German, or the city is crushed by various isolations because it is rife with “Nazis”.


Direct link

The Local: Calling for federal support and funding, Dresden declares ‘Nazi emergency’

More and more media will publish this story. It makes for a sexy headline. So one can expect it to go viral in the MSM. How can you expect journalists who have already proven to be fully corrupted in terms of integrity and loyalty to the truth, but can often be shown to be fully dedicated to spinning and manipulating truth to twist all thought to the left one detent at a time to resist a whole city declared a “Nazi Emergency” just because its pure bullshit?

Thank you MissPiggy for the translation and this graph that might also explain a lot. It shows election results in the region in 2014 and 2019.


Exposing the weaponized media of the communist-anti civilizational press

From Front Page Magazine:

Last Saturday, hard-Left “journalist” Luke O’Brien once again revealed the identity of a prominent conservative, dropping the real name of meme-maker Carpe Donktum in a couple of tweets. Carpe Donktum himself said that O’Brien’s doxing of him was a “despicable act that will surely cause my family undue worry and potentially harm.” Nor is this the first time that O’Brien has done this.


Revealing the identities of those who oppose the Leftist agenda from behind pseudonyms (which they have often adopted precisely in order to protect themselves and their families from Leftist thugs), and thereby exposing them to danger from increasingly violent Antifa fascists, is becoming standard procedure for the Left.


One of O’Brien’s first targets was Twitter star Amy Mek, a firm and outspoken opponent of jihad terror and Sharia oppression who, when O’Brien revealed her identity a year ago, had 229,000 followers on Twitter (she now has 243,500). President Trump had retweeted her, just as Trump invited Carpe Donktum to the recent social media summit at the White House: O’Brien apparently likes to target for personal destruction those who have caught the President’s attention.

Please read the rest over at Front Page.

Below, a speech that Amy Mek gave at the European Parliament in early 2019 on this subject.

An after thought.

To understand the thought process and tactics of the far left in the USA (and everywhere else for that matter) its worth going to Youtube or better, Startpage.com and searching for audio and videos of Bella Dodd, a communist anti-American agent during the war years, and listen to her explain how she and other Communist subversives corrupted and infiltrated various US institutions in order to bring them down and make the US more susceptible to a violent communist revolution.

The one I listen to repeatedly is this one:

And with a little luck, we may be able to present a short video later today that shows  roughly who, and how far the communists/socialists/progressives have penetrated into modern US day to day life.

Also, it is highly recommended to follow Amy on Twitter. @AmyMek


Brenton Tarrant: Is the Christchurch Mosque Shooter a ‘National Bolshevik’?

The following is an excerpt from an article by New Zealand expert on communism and communist infiltration, Trevor Loudon. It is being scrubbed by ‘social media’ platforms without explanation and with penalties to account holders who post it even without adding any additional materials.

There is nothing like the Streisand effect to make us want to post an article:

From the Epoch Times:

The man accused of brutally killing 50 worshipers in two mosques in my hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand, is almost certainly an ideological “National Bolshevik.” Countless media stories have labeled the killer as “far-right,” which is an inaccurate description at best.

A thorough reading of his 74-page manifesto, “The Great Replacement” (which refers to the replacement of white Europeans by Islamic and other immigrants), confirms that Brenton Tarrant is no “right-winger” in the U.S. sense, i.e., a believer in the individual, constitutionally guaranteed liberties, and free-market economics.

Tarrant’s ideological outlook appears to be consistent with that of the National Bolsheviks, a curious amalgam of communist and Nazi ideologies often associated with influential Russian political analyst and activist Aleksandr Dugin—who is reportedly an influence on Russian President Vladimir Putin himself.

Dugin is a leader of the small but influential National Bolshevik Party, whose adherents are known as the “Natzbols.” He is also a leader of the so-called “Eurasia Movement,” which strives to unite fascist political elements with nationalistic communists to create a European homeland stretching from Siberia to Ireland. Dugin and his fellow ideologues are widely admired by European neo-fascists and neo-Stalinist communists alike.

Dugin’s National Bolshevik/Eurasian philosophy is ultra-nationalistic, anti-Western, anti-free market, Green, and racist. There is something in National Bolshevism for every stripe of totalitarian. Variants of National Bolshevism have been used by Moscow to seduce Western fascists and racial nationalists into the pro-Russia camp.

Tarrant’s manifesto, which he posted online just before he embarked on his murder spree, incorporates the National Bolshevik symbol three times, including on the title page, without explicitly stating its meaning.

Tarrant’s manifesto is, however, littered with clues as to the writer’s core pro-Russia and anti-Western ideology.

[Ed: For the rest, please click through to The Epoch Times.]

Whatever one may say about this essay, the fact that actually reading the original manifesto or watching or having the video of the attack, which contains a great deal of evidence as to motive, is punishable by law in many places now. It is in effect, illegal to have any evidence that may bring you to a conclusion other than the government-media complex narrative one, which is profoundly useful for the leftist-islamic alliance now dismantling Western Civilization.




UK: Sir Roger Scruton gets the Avi Yemeni treatment on TV, and is dismissed from Conservative party

This is a very important video as now, when we add this to what happened to Avi Yemeni on Comedy Central in Australia, we can safely say this is now policy and not the odd corrupt journalist or show.

Also note: Avi Yemini video his interview which can be seen as one long continuous shot with no edits, and social media has been banning his accounts everywhere so that the evidence of what was done to him on TV does not reach as many eyeballs as the edited fake interview does.

The media today deserves nothing short of contempt. People who agree to do interviews, especially on left wing shows like anything CBC or BBC should be on notice that they deserve what they get.

Many thanks to Paul Weston for this video.

(Scene, parking garage 1984 remake, working title, 2021, Ahmed meets George as George gets into his car:

Ahmed| George, I hear you are going on vacation for a week.

I am telling you this because we have worked together for 10 years.

You should know that when you get back, you will have been on several TV talk shows doing interviews where you are exposed as a racist and islamophobe.

George| But I will be in the Bahamas next week, I have no plans to do shows!

Ahmed| It doesn’t matter. They will create the image of you from existing videos and security camera footage. They would prefer you not be in the country when they make and broadcast these ‘live’ interviews.

George| But Ill have proof of where I was! Photos! Video! My wife’s testimony who will be with me!

Ahmed| Where will you show them? Your social media accounts are being cancelled as we speak. Any attempt to publicize your evidence will lead to hate-speech charges and as you know, in the West now, a judge is not allowed to look at anything which has been sealed as hate-speech.)

Chemnitz: Merkel’s false flag op using ANTIFA faked video

September 2018 saw a very interesting and revealing series of events centring around the German town of Chemnitz.

A German girl was horribly murdered by a muslim migrant and the townsfolk had had enough and began to protest.

In point form, the Merkel government wanted to put a fast stop to that as it looked like it may pick up momentum and spread to the extent that it would interfere with her population replacement program.

A video started circulating that was edited at suspicious points, which claimed that the locals had been “hunting migrants”.

An investigation was launched.

The chief of intelligence for Germany determined that the video was made by ANTIFA, had been deceptively edited and there was no truth at all in the claim, which had been sweeping German news, that Chemnitz residents had been hunting migrants as revenge for the murder of the German girl. One of many who had been raped and murdered in 2018 in Germany by illegal muslim migrants.

Shortly after his presser where he revealed this, he was fired and moved to another more out of the way position within the German bureaucracy.

Below are all the videos I can find that we did on that event more or less in the order that we did them. This was a major event and while it was scrubbed from Youtube, it must not be lost altogether.

August 28, 2018: Interviews with people on the street at the demonstrations for the murdered girl:

August 28, 2018: German government illegally censoring protests in Chemnitz:

September 2, 2018: Fake reporters used to disrupt the Chemnitz protests:

September 5, 2018: Arab in Chemnitz interviewed about his feelings on the events in Chemnitz and the German people:

September 8, 2018: “Nazi” in crowd of protestors was actually a communist activist:

September 19, 2018: This is a TV piece doen subsequent to the firing of German Security Chief, for telling the truth about what happened in Chemnitz.

September 30, 2018: Leftist news report about what happened in Chemnitz:

Yellow Vest Protestor gets the best of the usual media narrative of “Antisemitism” in Yellow Vesters.

This is excellent. As usual, the government media complex finds people who behave badly, or often as not, insert people who behave badly and then report on that one individual’s behaviour as exemplary of the whole. In this case, a Yellow Vest Spokesman has had enough of it and won’t play along. His refutation is excellent as is his reveal at the end of how his interrogator was in fact a communist violent thug in the 60s.

M. sent the following additional information:

The Yellow Vest Spokesman is Jérôme Rodrigues ….

He was badly wounded during the Act 11 protests :

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German government lies by omission on knife-crimes till 2022

An original translation by MissPiggy with much thanks!

From this German language news source 

Statistics on knife attacks in Germany will not come until 2022.

A separate statistics on the number of knife attacks in Germany will come only in 2022. This was announced by the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA). Many data can then no longer be captured.

Increase in knife attacks 2014-2017/in highlighted German states

Published: 04.02.2019 – 11:17 | editors (mk) There is a serious cut in the number of reports of knife attacks. Before the fall of 2015, such attacks usually occurred in the dispute over supremacy in certain circles (drug crime, red light milieu and so on). Victims of these attacks were mostly people who also moved in those circles.

Since autumn 2015, however, this picture has changed dramatically. Again and again and more often girls and young women were victims of such knife attacks. Combined with several stab wounds, often also behind. Concerning the suspect, the reports are very similar: young, strong man, southern type. Some of these knife murderers have already been arrested. These were predominantly “refugees” who did not reach Germany until the autumn of 2015. In the media and on the part of the politicians one found then also very quickly apology reasons: it concerns “individual cases”, the perpetrators are “traumatized”.

The demand to capture the knife attacks in their own statistics refused the old parties and their police officers. Raw data was not sufficiently available, was one of the flimsy justifications. But now the knife attacks are supposed to be recorded in a separate statistic – from 2022!

That’s too late, says Oliver Malchow, Federal Chairman of the Union of Police (GdP).