Trudeau has added a special antennae to the Peace Tower in anticipation of Bill C11

The Senate seems to be in second reading

Anyone wishing to understand the authoritarian nature of C11 is welcome to research it. I would use though. And a VPN.

Special thanks to Gates of Vienna for adding the all seeing eye to this photo of Ottawa’s Parliament Hill.

Dr. Andrew Bostom on Blaze TV: Twitter and the new Lysenkoism in the West

Please watch the entire thing. Andrew cuts to the chase at the end. Being permanently suspended from Twitter is certainly a serious thing when all you did was post a peer reviewed paper on the vaxx and male fertility.

Put another way, you are put in information solitary confinement for speaking what is scientific truth in the National Town Square.

By the end of the video, Dr. Bostom starts to talk about the state of science in the US. I would extrapolate that to the entire West. He specificlly cites Lysenko. The Soviet conclusion based reasoning method that destroyed so many lives in so many ways from 1917 to today in communist states.

3Speak appears to be down. Below is the same clip from Bitchute

Twitter, truth, and 1984

Regulars to this site know I frequently post the following scene from 1984. It is posted often because there is a critical piece of important but very difficult to understand information in it.

Communism, like Islam, is a different system of thought to the more or less Greek system we use in classical civ. Civilized thought uses reason driven conclusions. Communism and Islam, and for that matter any totalitarian system of governance, uses conclusion driven reasoning. Or put another way, Western or Greek thought is fact based conclusions while Islamic and communist polities begin with predetermined truths, and all reasoning must support those prefab conclusions or truths or the reasoner is guilty of a crime. Hate-speech is the most modern of the confabulations for what was better known as blasphemy or heresy or crimes against the party.

In the west, we start with the position that we don’t know, or what we do know is a place holder till a conclusion which fits the facts better is discovered. Then we use that. We have trials where there is a presumption of innocence and actual evidence and reasoning is used to determine guilt before we deprive a person of their liberties. In Islamic and communist systems it is the truth itself that is a crime as it is a threat to the power of the state.

Goebbels said it pretty well actually:

Here is the tweet that got my account suspended for a week:

They pretended to offer an appeals process but that just let me write a tweet which vanished as soon as I hit the button. Anticipating this, I screen grabbed it before I hit “tweet”:

Here are the claims that got me suspended:

1. A million doses of Hydroxychloroquine was donated by APO to the Ottawa Hospital complex. I did not say what the results of its use were. Here is one substantiating link and its not even the same ones I posted to this site around the same time.

2. My second claim was that the Canadian province of New Brunswick treated Covid patients with HCQ and had ZERO deaths until a certain doctor broke quarantine rules and went to Quebec, caught the legacy strain of Covid and brought it back with him and passed it on to some of his elderly and comorbidity patients.

The article I was quoting was from Covexit and published, April 2, 2020. Predictably, the site has been taken down. Which is why I try and back up and save any webpage that runs against the narrative. Here is a screen grab of the first part of the article.

3. My third claim was that they had zero Covid deaths till a doctor went and got it and spread it.

So there you have it. Twitter has banned me for a week for failing, not just to say 2+2=5, but to really believe it because the party says it is 5. I have proof for all that I say, not that I should need it. Most of Twitter is pure BS and opinion. Most of it uninformed or under-informed but people chit chat about their thoughts and feelings about things if they are normal people, or engage in dialectic attacks which are calculated insults and disinformation if they are leftists.

Its pleasant to have a clear understanding of what Twitter is in a way. It is not at all frustrating when they behave in a predictable manner which confirms one’s suspicions of the basis upon which they operate. Twitter is nothing if not consistent.

Dr. Bostom suspended by Twitter for posting CDC data on mRNA shot and Covid deaths

Dr. Bostom was suspended from Twitter for posting CDC generated data on vaxx deaths etc. This video was made to show how in fact, the data that got him suspended was indeed generated from the CDC’s own tables and can be reproduced by anyone.

What’s the new CEO of Twitter like on the vaxx?

The following link was sent by email via a doctor’s group and Dr. Robert Malone felt it was worthy to tweet, but…

Smoking gun confidential Pfizer document exposes FDA criminal cover-up of VACCINE DEATHS… they knew the jab was killing people in early 2021… three times more WOMEN than MEN

Natural News) Thanks to the efforts of a group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, we now have smoking gun confidential documents that show Pfizer and the FDA knew in early 2021 that pfizer’s mRNA vaccines were killing thousands of people and causing spontaneous abortions while damaging three times more women than men.

One confidential document in particular was part of a court-ordered release of FDA files that the FDA fought by claiming the agency should have 55 years to release this information. A court judge disagreed and ordered the release of 500 documents per month, and the very first batch of documents contained this bombshell entitled, “Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports.”

This is what happens when you try:

It will not let anyone post this link. Give it a try!


New Social Media platform with no shadow banning

This will be a sticky post for a few days. Newer content will be below this post.


A few people have asked how this forum works.

Its very much like Twitter from what I can see. 

The left arrow under a toot is for a reply. The two arrows in a square is essentially a retweet. To put that post on your own timeline to your own followers/ (Please everyone start following others!) and the three dots give you a new menu.

Once again, we are trying this idea. To start a version of Twitter or FB but that is not silicon valley, not controlled or even centrally based.

At the moment, this is ours, although the plan is to ‘federate’ this “pod” with many others, and we hope that many of our friends and colleagues will start their own pods and federate with us making this even more vibrant, robust and bulletproof.

The reason this has not taken in the past, is that people prefer playing on established social media sites, despite the fact that they are being highly abused by them in numerous ways, such as shadow banning, deleting your posts for you, suspending you for anti-narrative views etc.

But the criticality of our situation now is such, that people are willing to put a little bit of effort into making a new honest and censorship-free thing work.

So I am asking as many of my readers as are willing, to please follow this link and set up an account.

It is important to note that the reply email from the system WILL go to your junk mail so please look there for it.

I am also asking, and this is the hard part… follow some people there so its fun, and participate. I am happy to say that there is now some activity already with a few people who I asked to join and start. One of them is a Hungarian translator and tipster who sends in a lot of our news links. There are also our German translators there and a few others with good content and ideas.

You can find people just by using the search field and entering @V and enter and you will get me, or @ followed by any letter to find the people who’s names start with that letter.

Once you have followed a few, the chain reaction should start and we can have a fun, free and productive social media site where no one attenuates your likes or retweets, which Mastodon calls, “Boosts”.

It is an honest platform.

So PLEASE sign up for step one, and remember to actually USE it. My feeling is that after a few days of doing so, it will be fun and productive enough to keep you using it without my nagging.

And it is censorship free. But rational and natural rules apply, like if you are too offensive no one will follow you, and if you plan a crime, the police will investigate you. But it is censorship free.

Join us.

Tucker Carlson: August 12, 2021

This is, as Tucker so often is these days, very important. The CDC invented numbers to discredit Florida’s Covid policies, and the head of Google’s Youtube is a former marketing consultant who lucked out with a rental property to Google, and now censors all info she doesn’t agree with on Covid.

Thank you again MarcusZ1967 for staying on these videos. People should check out your channel for all the videos you post there everyday.

Twitter is not a platform, it is Judo propaganda

The way in which giant tech propaganda outfits like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube manage to be truly dangerous and dishonest to half its users, is by pretending more or less to be even handed about collectivist vs individualist, communist vs. liberal ideas while in reality, getting liberal or individualist people to burn out all their time and effort creating, thinking and writing to counter communist and fascist ideas, but making sure they cannot reach a wider audience than those deeply already committed to those ideas. And often not even reaching them.

The people who are so effective they are, one might say, ‘breakthrough posters’ like James Woods or Donald Trump,  just get banned, as the blowback from being banned is less dangerous to the collectivists than the deceptive ‘shadow banning’ using all kinds of mathematical techniques to limit the visibility of a counter-revolutionary idea.

The tweet below is just one example:

Point 1:

The creator of the PCR test said it was never to be used as a diagnostic tool, its meaningless that way and was not intended or created for that purpose and called Fauci some pretty harsh names for his fraudulent use of the PCR test.

We also saw that right after Biden was elected, they reduced the cycle threshold to 25 from over 40 for all vaccinated people. This proves it was meant to generate high case numbers in some cohorts and now not in another. The obediently vaxxed.

Countless doctors and nurses have come out against using this test as it means worse than nothing. It often misdiagnoses the flu as Covid19. In fact that is now official. The PCR has been recalled by the CDC for exactly that reason. Also, for the first time in medical history, a “case” means someone with a + PCR test as opposed to a sick person having had a proper differential and given a diagnoses. Now, they test healthy people with PCR, and if it shows as + it becomes a “case”.

So yes point one is made. It was proven fraudulent.

Point 2:

Its becoming impossible to avoid the fact that the vaccinated seem to have the same risk of Covid as the unvaccinated, certainly after 6 months has passed since the second shot, and those that have taken the vaccines may actually have some additional risk. So it’s reasonable to say that this woman may be understating her own case in this tweet. Certainly there are a great deal of experts who would say so, not the least of which is the creator of the mRNA tech himself, Robert Malone MD. and the former VP of Pfizer, Micheal Yeadon.

So its more revealing of Twitter itself than it is of Albertan Beech when you see this message:

To Twitter’s credit, this is more honest than what they usually do. Which is covertly stop a post from getting seen. But sometimes I guess they feel its worth going the extra mile to fuel the revolution and keep the chocks under the wheels of the freedom loving.

Eeyore for VladtepesBlog

Pat Condell: The Anti-American dream

For those newly awakened, Pat Condell is nearly the father of the talking head, viral video. He used to have regular videos on Youtube and was the first person to speak out against Islamic influence on Western societies from the perspective of what he, and many of us, had been conned into thinking was a left leaning point of view. Which is to say libertarian and equality minded.

HIs criticisms of Islam were done with a kind of dry sarcasm and speckled humour, which over time he has lost. Not due to lack of wit, but due to the increasing severity of the issues, which no longer loaned themselves to casual humorous analogies. Its not difficult to assume that Youtube made short shrift of him once they got woke. The pushback was so large they had to reinstate him, but then the shadow-banning began.

Its good to see Pat like so many others, find other outlets.


Having a “secure” Google phone: The good, the bad, the ugly (but best)

First, a big thanks to ML for the information to all of us in this post. There are a lo of scams targeting conservatives and the security conscious, and some of them can compromise you in a huge way.

First, the one you really must not get. The bad:

The ‘Freedom Phone’ that far-right leaders are hawking is a cheap Chinese Android—and a security nightmare

Security experts are raising concerns over the “Freedom Phone,” a new device touted by prominent conservatives as both secure and censorship-resistant.

Unveiled on Wednesday by Erik Finman, the world’s youngest bitcoin millionaire, the $500 Freedom Phone claims to offer a series of robust privacy features as well as an uncensorable app store.

Finman states the Freedom Phone runs on a custom Android operating system known as “FreedomOS” and provides access to apps such as Parler, the social media service which had previously been banned from app stores in the wake of the Capitol riot.

The phone’s launch also came alongside numerous endorsements from popular right-wing figures such as Jack Posobiec and Candace Owens, who both offered their followers discount codes for the device. It remains unclear whether either individual is receiving financial kickbacks for promoting the Freedom Phone.

Please read the article at source. ONE of the problems with this fraud, is that it has what it calls an unmonitored and uncencored app store. This means you can download a virus, key-logger or root-kit or worse if there is such a thing, while imagining you are getting the latest time saver.

One you could get. The Good:

Amazon link: Silent Circle Black Phone:

Wikipedia page:

Probably best to read the details at those links.

How to make your OWN Android phone secure. Difficult, but probably the best option. The Ugly:

Going Google-less: How to install a custom Android ROM with no Google apps or services

(This is complete instructions on how to de-google your phone and make it about as secure as one can do for a portable radio that has all your most important information on it.)

If you’re an Android user, Google has a scary amount of information on you, and matters get worse if you’re deeply embedded in the company’s app ecosystem — getting locked out of your Google account can have serious consequences then. Thankfully, Android is open source, so it’s possible to evade Google without having to leave the platform altogether — just look at Amazon’s tablets or Huawei’s Google-less phones. But if you’d rather be completely independent from big corporations, going for a free and open-source custom ROM built on top of Android’s core might be the best solution.


I personally accept that there’s always going to be some inherent privacy trade-off when you’re using an always-connected mobile device that you carry with you everywhere you go, but I’m curious if there’s a way to remove the ad company from the equation. It’s probably still not feasible to use nothing but open-source apps, but you might be delighted to learn that it’s possible to reduce your dependency on a single data aggregator like Google.

To go fully Google-less on your phone, you’ll need to install a so-called custom ROM, a custom operating system based on the open-source version Google provides. Depending on your device, this is a more or less involved process, and it might not even be possible. You will lose all data stored on your phone in the process, so be sure you have backups. If you make a mistake, you might end up with a permanently bricked, unusable paperweight, so please double- and triple-check what you’re doing, read all instructions before you start, and make sure you understand.While you might not like Google as a company, it still has to adhere to privacy regulations. That’s not true for open-source ROMs potentially created by bad actors going after your data. LineageOS and microG are sufficiently peer-controlled, but there’s no guarantee. Be aware that you could always fall for someone shady when you’re tinkering with your device, and that the risk is greater the more obscure the ROM you choose is.

(Please read the rest at site. Download the instructions perhaps, and then follow each to the letter. It may be a good idea to have someone under 20 with you when you do it, things being what they are. But if you are comfortable with tools like Home Brew or SUDO you should be able to do this without bricking your phone.)

This looks like a shop that sells you a phone where the process above has been done for you. One may be concerned about the motives, as the term, “surveillance capitalism” is a little pointed. But at least the point is at both ends.

From that site:

Escape from surveillance capitalism

Your mobile phone tracks you!

1. Up to 12Mb of your data is collected every day without your consent Learn More.

2. Most of your favourite apps contain trackers harvesting your location and activities.

3. Your documents on remote servers are scanned and analysed.

Choose /e/OS

1. /e/OS is open source, pro-privacy and fully degoogled Learn More.

2. No data scanning or location tracking 24/7.

3. Check built-in trackers in apps before installing.

4. Store or back up your data in your private space.

Parler appears to be pushing the scam Freedom phone. Be advised.




FaceBook becomes more open about its communist nature

Daily Mail:

Facebook asks Republicans if they need ‘support’ for becoming ‘extremist’ and will send the same to anyone who has searched ‘key words related to white supremacy’

Facebook is targeting conservative voices and asking them if they need ‘support’ after being becoming ‘extremist’ in its latest overreach on free speech and censorship which users say is patronizing and offensive. 

Several conservative voices like John Cardillo, House Delegate Nick Freitas and Alex Berenson shared screenshots of the alerts they received on Twitter. 

The alert asked: ‘Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist? We care about preventing extremism.

‘Others in your situation have received confidential support.’

Another targeted people which Facebook deemed had been ‘exposed’ to ‘violent extremism’ and asked them if they needed ‘support’. 

The ‘support’ being offered is access to groups like Life After Hate which seeks to rehabilitate people with alt-right views. On its website, they use a photo of the Capitol rioters as an example.

Epoch Times:

Facebook Now Sending Messages to Some Users Asking About Potentially ‘Extremist’ Friends

Some Facebook users have recently reported being sent warning messages from the social media giant relating to “extremists” or “extremist content.”

“Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist?” one message reads. “We care about preventing extremism on Facebook. Others in your situation have received confidential support.”

The message also provides a button to “Get Support,” which leads to another Facebook page about extremism.

Redstate editor Kira Davis, who said was sent a screenshot of the message from a friend, wrote: “Hey has anyone had this message pop up on their FB? My friend (who is not an ideologue but hosts lots of competing chatter) got this message twice. He’s very disturbed.”

Lets be perfectly clear. The following story has meaning. Ignore are your peril.

China’s President Xi Jinping ‘turns down Mark Zuckerberg’s request to name his unborn child’ at White House dinner

Mark Zuckerberg may have impressed China’s President Xi Jinping by speaking to him in Mandarin, but it didn’t stop the leader from turning down a personal request from the Facebook founder.

According to Page Six, at a prestigious White House dinner hosted by President Obama and the First Lady, Zuckerberg approached President Xi about the subject of his unborn child.

Facebook and blatant manipulation of opinion goes back several years at least. Remember Tommy Robinson policy?

Recently, Project Veritas released materials with hidden recordings of Facebook insiders revealing some of the lengths they go to, in order to manipulate public opinion, and force a narrative on the world. This narrative has nothing to do with facts, or public health. What it does have to do with, is a matter of speculation. But what is fact, is that Facebook has been doing this for years and years. Covertly and overtly.

While discussing the Project Veritas materials with a colleague, a memory of a Danish TV interview with the top man for Facebook in Scandinavia surfaced, where overtly, not on hidden camera, but right there at a news desk, in front of all of Denmark, on TV, he explained that Facebook had a policy whereby Tommy Robinson was banned from the platform, and anyone who posted anything of his would be blocked or banned, and no supportive posts would be tolerated. But, the Facebook executive explained, anything bad someone wanted to say about Tommy Robinson would be allowed. And presumably promoted.

This needs to be added to the recent Project Veritas materials on Facebook for a more complete understanding of the true hideousness that make up the Zuckerberg organization.

This clip was translated and published sometime before September, 2019:

Here are the new Project Veritas materials on Facebook’s deceptiveness and manipulations.

Documents here.