True North is offering $6,500.00 for anyone who can identify the false flag NAZI at the Trucker’s Protest

True North link here. They have several photos and videos of the man and are offering so far, $6,500.00 for a positive ID.

We may have a few photos of him as well:

In the next photo, pay extra attention to the flag itself. Notice that it still has all the creases from the package. This was likely opened and mounted that morning, meaning this was no Nazi but someone who wanted to inject that symbol into the protest.

Good hunting!

I would start around Trudeau’s office. My guess is that is where the origin is. That or the Liberal Party of Canada’s dirty tricks group. And have no doubt they have one.

Apparent False flag op downtown Ottawa

Don’t know more than this at the moment, but will update when more is known. For the moment, I would say that this is ANTIFA posing as NAZIS cause you can never find a real one when you need one for a false flag op it seems. I have two reports from Convoy members about kinetic attacks on them today. Will post one soon. The other is a conversation that was in another language and not recorded. But was basically a trucker couple that had reported that ANTIFA had been using significant force against US trucks in Freedom Convoys.


Two important articles for all planning to be at the Ottawa protest this weekend

The government has convinced most people that on January 6th there was an attempted insurrection in Washington. Not the ones where ANTIFA and BLM took over parts of cities, set them on fire, threatened everyone, threw firebombs at government buildings and declared regions of cities to be “autonomous Zones”. Those, we are told, were “mostly peaceful protests”. The one where patriots were in the capitol building for the most part, standing in between the red velvet ropes, that, was an insurrection we are told, because what was most likely an FBI agent named Ray Epps, screamed at all the protestors that they had to go into the Capitol building. About the 11th time that has happened by the way, and pretty much every other time by leftists.

Anyway here are two articles you may want to all familiarize yourself with in order to stay safe and recognize these kinds of events before they can blossom into a Trudopian excuse for greater totalitarianism.

AEXCLUSIVE: Many Ignored Crimes Committed by Members of the Patriot Front Provide More Evidence It is a Government Sponsored Group

The US government-sponsored Patriot Front has committed numerous crimes but is given a pass.  This is more evidence that this group is backed by the US government. 

Yesterday we provided evidence for the Patriot Front group being a government-sponsored domestic terrorist group.  We even identified a couple of individuals in the group.

CBC, Trudeau, Jagmeet Sing all lie about the London accident, probably to take away all freedom of speech

The London truck accident that killed members of a Muslim family, and the enemy propaganda and politicians that invented a hate crime to pass a bill.

Read the RAIR article above. Then check out the source page here. Note how they go from the part everyone will read, a drooling Nazi loon, to what actually happened near the bottom. A nice guy with no hatred for anyone had steering issues and a middle eastern friend who vouches for him said he had no issues with muslims, or any group at all.

Trudeau put on his best Hijab Hoax sanctimonious outrage as did NDP leader Jagmeet Sing. Neither of them waited to find out what happened though. They both immediately imputed all they needed, most likely to push through bill C-10 which gives the Canadian government control over pretty much all publishing, social media and otherwise, where people might say things the Trudopians do not approve of.

Like the Hijab hoax of 2018, all these politicians immediately jumped to a foregone conclusion that this was racism and hatred of muslims for their own political gain. Never let a crisis go to waste, and better if you can invent the crisis (cough cough hijab hoax) so you can control it. The media was worse. The same media that ignores mass killings of Jews and Christians by muslims for jihad, jumped the gun on this one. Curious though, how when acts of jihad happen, they perambulate from mental illness to religious extremist to anything but what it actually is. Islamic Jihad. And it takes days before they even start guessing at the motives when its crystal clear that its jihad.

In the CBC article linked above, they write about this attack by the Islamic State, as if it was just a guy who hit a fence with a car. Check it out. But for this man who had a defective steering mechanism and had no problem with any group, they imputed every aspect of the event to force an anti-white, anti-homseschool and anti-Christian narrative. No matter how much they had to make up to do it.


Montreal riot videos

1. Best way to protest what might or might not be a racist motive for black man who died in custody, is stealing really expensive guitars.

2. Skateboard is the weapon of choice for ANTIFA. If you see a skinny psychotic looking white male all in black carrying a skateboard you know what to expect.

3. Interesting footage of the Montreal proto-riot

4. 3:24 long shows how fireworks can potentially turn a protest into a riot quite quickly.

5. Some major league ANTIFA riot action in Montreal. Notice the 1, 2 step here. One guy smashes the windows at the Bell Building and the second guy tries to insert a flare into the broken window to start a fire.

This is new. Protest against police in Toronto because a black woman fell jumping from balcony to balcony due to fight over TV

First, the thesis:

Woman alone on High Park balcony when she fell to her death: Sources

Troubled Regis Korchinski-Paquet plunged to her death while trying to vault to a neighbouring balcony at her High Park highrise on Wednesday, sources tell the Toronto Sun.

An independent witness claims the 29-year-old was alone on the balcony before her deadly fall — a statement that contradicts the accusation made in the aftermath by a relative who claimed police officers “threw my cousin off the building.”


The harrowing allegation sparked outrage among family and community members, prompting Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders to call for calm Friday in advance of planned protests while describing social media chatter about the tragic death as “toxic misinformation” and “lies.”


While indicating Friday he has “a lot” he’d like to say but can’t because the province’s Special Investigations Unit invoked its mandate, Saunders still pushed the line more than past chiefs explaining the service’s inability to comment has “created” a vacuum that people have filled with inaccurate information.

Now, the leftist counter-thesis:

Thousands rally in Toronto after death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet

Thousands of people held a rally in Toronto Saturday afternoon in response to the death of 29-year-old Regis Korchinski-Paquet.


The protest, shared on social media under the hashtag #JusticeForRegis and organized by the group Not Another Black Life, began around 2 p.m. at Christie Pits park near Bloor Street West and Christie Street. The march was scheduled to culminate at Queen’s Park, but protesters instead made their way to Toronto Police Headquarters.

The rally was a response to Korchinski-Paquet’s death, as well as the wider issue of anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism.


“The violence we are experiencing globally is not OK and will never be OK,” one protester said. […]


Sources claim officers responded to an assault call around 5:15 p.m. on the 29th floor of the apartment building on High Park Ave., north of Bloor St. W., involving Korchinski-Paquet as the aggressor in a dispute with a sibling.


One senior officer and several junior cops brought Korchinski-Paquet and her sibling into the apartment hallway to defuse the dispute over the use of the TV.

Korchinski-Paquet asked the officers if she could re-enter the apartment to use the washroom. The officers agreed but wouldn’t allow the brother back into the apartment in order to prevent the conflict from restarting.


Instead of going to the bathroom, the woman rushed to the balcony, sources allege, claiming Korchinski-Paquet then prevented officers from accessing the balcony. […]

“It appears she slipped while trying to scale one balcony to another,” a police source said. “She was trying to get away.”

And the solution:

CBC reframes the entire thing to be about racist police without directly lying about it all, but worse, lying by omission to allow people to believe she died because of racist police action when in fact the police were called to her apartment because she was fighting with her brother over the TV, and then lied to police to go inside and then locked the police out of the balcony and then fell, unnecessarily escaping by leaping to another balcony.

And there you have it. Marxist thesis, counter thesis, solution. And Western Civilization falls a few inches closer to extinction. The final solution.

Was the mass shooting at Midnight Shisha bar, yet another German false flag?

Reports are that the German government is doing everything in its power to make sure this video is not seen. While Turkish language videos are up, German and English ones are disappearing from social media apparently.

The Tweet below is from a known German financial consultant, a managing director of Goetzpartners. 

Dr. Markus Krall, is a German economist, risk manager, management consultant, author and lecturer on monetary policy issues. Since September 2019, Krall has been a member of the board and spokesman of the management of Degussa Goldhandel GmbH. He represents an ordoliberal concept of the economy and is close to the Austrian School.

(I believe the Austrian School is Hayek. I wait to be corrected)

Exact translation of Krall Tweet: My wife, who was born in Turkey, translated this video for me. This witness clearly says: “We are being lied to. It was more that one perpetrator in Hanau. It was NOT the person, that is presented to us as the perpetrator on television.”

(The segment where he says we are being lied to, is not in the first 2 minutes which we did)

According to MissPiggy, several people who posted translations of this video have had their entire German twitter accounts suspended.

Special thanks to RAIR Foundation and Luke Montgomery for the translation.


More accounts contradicting the ‘official’ account of the mass killings at shish bar in Hanau

Below, the complete text and video of our previous post on this issue with another video. Thank you MissPiggy for keeping an eye on this story and translating the mounting evidence of what looks like yet another in the Merkel deceptions and misrepresentations of tragic events to crush all attempts at a counter-revolution against the Menshevik communists now running the West in most ways.

Those of you who follow European politics might have heard about the “far right wing racist” guy who shot up a club killing many Kurdish people for some reason.

While this atrocity remains an atrocity, we did not publish anything about it because we spotted the pattern of Merkel and the leftist government media complex either using or even ORCHESTRATING events in order to demonize, marginalize and now, even an attempt to criminalize the classically liberal, AfD party. It is freakish how these events happen before regional elections and also no surprise at this point how the event is used.

We saw it first in Chemnitz which was busted by Merkel’s own director of Intel, who was then moved to another portfolio right away. He would have been fired if not for the coalition partner who made sure he got an even better job, but outside of Intel.

There have been other instances, but the next one that seems clear was the abuse of an event where a nutty fellow who was not even right wing, went and attempted an attack on a small city Synagogue which failed but he killed two unrelated persons in the process. All information on this attack was banned and controlled just as was this new case. Manifestos and videos taken off line and especially in Germany as the facts and motives were reformatted to fit Merkel’s Neo-Marxist narrative.

We did not want to publish anything while the Neo-Marxist machine had control of the narrative.

Information about the killer of the Kurds is now beginning to seep out here and there and now it has become worth posting about. Here is the first couple of items stitched together into one video:

The woman in the second video is co-chair of Germany’s federal AfD.

Days of Rage and the killing of free speech for communism and Islam

We have been writing, albeit not nearly enough, for a few days now about how the Koran burning incident in Norway was being used for a carefully orchestrated and choreographed set of responses with the intention of passing laws criminalizing “Islamophobia”, (the communist name for blasphemy of Islam and only Islam), all across the West.

The theory has an overwhelming body of evidence to support it as Days of Rage go back at least to the Danish Cartoon riots but have happened several times since. Benghazi is another great example where they pretended to use a Youtube video that had only been seen by a dozen people when the riots started. This seems like the Obama administration was in on it in some way. Who was advising Obama at that point?

Please watch this video to see stage 3 go into effect. Leftist leaders demanding a solution that has to be restricting fundamental freedoms. And in true Newspeak fashion, we have to take away your freedom in order to preserve them.

be afraid.


Deep mystery around shooter of imam of Brest mosque, and his motives.

In news, now typical of the former republic of France, a poorly executed execution of an imam in France took place on Thursday, June 27, 2019.

Here are images of the letter that the alleged ‘assassin’ sent to the mosque, and every major media source he could, before he went forth to lightly wound the imam of Brest, with three shots. One to the phone, which injured a finger, one to the thigh but not near the femoral artery, and one shot to the calf muscle.

The shooter’s ID:

Translation of the letter:

I am sending you this message to protect the life of my family and mine. First of all, let me introduce myself, my name is Karl Foyer, I am 21 years old, living in Lyon [French City] since about 3 years.

I am a simple person, without any problem with an ordinary life. I have worked in multiple fields. I have been a busser, a kitchen assistant, a delivery guy an order packer. My last job was cleaning person.

Thursday 18th April around 11:30 PM, while I was coming back home after my job shift, a black van was parked next to the spot where I’m used to park. I had never seen it before. As soon as I closed the door of my car, the sliding-door of the van was opening then 3 hooded men went out, they forced me to get into the van. I was terrified. Once inside, they dazzled me with a flashlight and force me to sit down to the ground. Then, one of the men started telling personal informations about my life, that only me could know, informations on my family that none else could know. Its at this moment I knew I was facing very serious people. Once they made me understand they knew the adress and very confidential information on me and my family, they ordered me to slit the throat of the Brest Imam Rachid Eljay, and to push a french flag in his anus. He said I had to do it between 15th of June and 30th. I asked why this man, what he did, and he punched my stomach as an answer. He said that if I didnt kill him, it would be my mother, my father my sister and me who would be killed. Then he put a note in my pocket on which was written “Brest Imam Rachid Eljay, 15-30 june, French flag anus, knife throat”.

I have no information on these persons besides they were 4 I think but I’m not sure, and that one of the men received a phonecall, the name displayed was Patrick Calvar, beside this I know nothing else.

It must be a powerful mafia that use me to kill one of their enemies. He also told me that they would know if I went to the police and that it would be useless anyway. I guess they must have relations with the cops. <b>Just before getting me out of the van, they implanted me a kind of microchip in the arm.</b>

I have to kill him, if I do not do it they will kil my family. Concerning myself, I guess they will kill me anyway, I know too much, they wouldnt take the risk to let me live, that’s why I am sending you this message, if the medias and the internet are aware of this story, then maybe I have a chance to stay alive. They wouldnt take the risk to kill me if everyone was aware.

I am sincerely sorry for the relatives of Rachid Eljay, I have no choice, either I kill him or my familly and myself would be killed. Thanks for publishing et sharing this message, my life relies on it!

I am writing this message just before taking the action. After the action, I will try to extract the microchip and to hide as long as possible. If they find me quickly tell to my mother that I love her.


Here is a combination of two videos on the Brest Imam event:

Direct link:

Video link

This appears to be the imam that was lightly shot three times in France, from a video we did several years ago.

Bottom line:

No matter if this guy is telling the truth, or a paranoid nut like the people who shot Ronald Raegan or John Lennon, whatever his motives are, they are not “islamophobia” and therefore, any attempt by the government to use this event to crack down, New Zealand style, against freedom to criticize Islam, or non-communist groups, is likely a false flag at least in one sense, or at best, a use of a crisis in a very dishonest way.

Thank you very much, M., Ava Lon, and Gavin Boby all of whom added materials, thought and work into this post.

French Interior minister, turns people escaping from police tear gas and baton attacks, into an “Attack on an ICU”

The French interior minister also said that “the police had to intervene to save people in the hospital from an ‘angry mob'” (Yellow Vesters) but the truth is the protestors were escaping chemical and other abuse by police to the public.

The Interior Minister also said: “Yellow Vesters had attacked doctors and nurses in the hospital” but the staff of the hospital testified to the press that at no point had they been attacked by the Yellow Vests.

Below, the video of what actually happened:

Thank you M., and Ava Lon who watched quite a bit of material to help us come to an understanding of this now-standard government false flag against its own people.

(Remember Chemnitz)



Chemnitz: Merkel’s false flag op using ANTIFA faked video

September 2018 saw a very interesting and revealing series of events centring around the German town of Chemnitz.

A German girl was horribly murdered by a muslim migrant and the townsfolk had had enough and began to protest.

In point form, the Merkel government wanted to put a fast stop to that as it looked like it may pick up momentum and spread to the extent that it would interfere with her population replacement program.

A video started circulating that was edited at suspicious points, which claimed that the locals had been “hunting migrants”.

An investigation was launched.

The chief of intelligence for Germany determined that the video was made by ANTIFA, had been deceptively edited and there was no truth at all in the claim, which had been sweeping German news, that Chemnitz residents had been hunting migrants as revenge for the murder of the German girl. One of many who had been raped and murdered in 2018 in Germany by illegal muslim migrants.

Shortly after his presser where he revealed this, he was fired and moved to another more out of the way position within the German bureaucracy.

Below are all the videos I can find that we did on that event more or less in the order that we did them. This was a major event and while it was scrubbed from Youtube, it must not be lost altogether.

August 28, 2018: Interviews with people on the street at the demonstrations for the murdered girl:

August 28, 2018: German government illegally censoring protests in Chemnitz:

September 2, 2018: Fake reporters used to disrupt the Chemnitz protests:

September 5, 2018: Arab in Chemnitz interviewed about his feelings on the events in Chemnitz and the German people:

September 8, 2018: “Nazi” in crowd of protestors was actually a communist activist:

September 19, 2018: This is a TV piece doen subsequent to the firing of German Security Chief, for telling the truth about what happened in Chemnitz.

September 30, 2018: Leftist news report about what happened in Chemnitz: