Second World Wide demonstration for Freedom Saturday May 15, 2021

It appears there will be another world wide demonstration tomorrow against totalitarian Covid measures that increasingly appear unjustified. The list of cities and times are at this link. This is the same organization that put together the last world wide demo against lockdowns. The claim is that tomorrow is the first anniversary of some of the more odious measures perpetrated on us all. Well close enough.

I do hope as many of you as possible make it out to your local one.

Think of it this way. When the Anthropogenic (man caused) global warming hysteria was at its peak, many astronomers pointed out that both Mars and Jupiter were warming at the same time and degree relative to their distance to the Sun as the Earth was. As clearly there was no American factories making anything on either of those fine planets, it was clear that the AGW model was a hoax intended for some other purpose than the betterment of the environment.

Well we now have enough data from areas that did no lock downs whatsoever to know that they made no difference and if anything, the areas that locked down did worse than places that stayed open. This can likely be explained by the intensity with which, leftist controlled states and nations tested healthy people with a mighty high amplification (or sensitivity rate if you like), on the PCR test for the virus. A test that was never meant to be used as a diagnostic tool in the first place. Each time healthy people were shown to have even a fragment of the virus in their systems they became “a case” even though they were not diseased or infected in any way at all.

More on that soon as we have a stunning video from a prestigious world class Thai hospital who managed to keep the case rate in Thailand down to 1/1000,000 people by simply not testing healthy people and giving sick people a proper diagnosis rather than scrambling after Covid in all cases of a sore throat. That should be up later.

Meanwhile, Tomorrow is a world wide demonstration for Freedom, and nowhere is that needed more than in Canada at this time. So please, find your city, and join your fellow human beings demanding their basic freedoms back. You don’t have to agree with them all, identify with them all, or like them all. But if you expect others to listen to, or respect your views, then we must give them the same courtesy. And generally at these events, you meet some pretty vibrant and wonderful people and leave with a sense of optimism you don’t feel often any more.

Otherwise, well look at this event in Aylmer Ontario today. Yet another Church closed down and its congregants locked out.

Man in Alberta given $2800.00 fine for walking near an anti-lockdown demo

A friend of this site sent in the following information and video:

My friend lives in Alberta. He was on his way to a rally out west. He got a $2,800 ticket!!! 
>It does not seem like he was even close to the rally yet.

And from the man you see in this video:

please share my attached video far and wide, thank you.

The Public Health clowns controlled by the WHO/UN weaponize the police to silence any thought that is not part of the state narrative. 

We have to save our children.

This is not about public safety. It never was.

Pierre Poilievre on bill C-10

Pierre Poilievre is the quite simply the last non-communist, non-authoritarian left in the Federal parliament. Or if not, the last one who dares speak out against it.

Petition address:

I cannot find this video on Youtube yet. Just this low rez one from Facebook. Will replace if we can find a better copy.

MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson notices Canada’s totalitarianism far far before nearly all Canadians

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Below, the CBC clip telling us not to believe our own damn lying eyes about Internment camps, buit believe Trudeau who wouldn’t know the truth if it him in the face like a goose on a roller coaster.

Go to the video at Youtube and read the comments. Canadians are not as stupid or sleepy as CBC and Trudeau think they are.

Also at around 3:20 they superimpose a photo of Donald Trump over a question on quarantine facilities by I think Michelle Rempel The original clip is below. Start at 8:30

This is the clip edited out. Actually whoever grabbed this crom CPAC also did a strange edit in this one as well. Sorry, I can’t do anything about that. But this appears to be the clip Tucker used that was blotted out for some reason with an unflattering photo of The Donald.

If this video stops working please advise in comments and we will restore, or look for a link in the Reader’s by MarcusZ1967 who usually catches them.

For those wondering about Trudeau’s transparency, might find this sign recently placed on the Governor General’s compound, where Trudeau now lives, revealing:

CBC demonstrates how it creates enemy propaganda from minor events

CBC actually claims in this bit that Trump “repeatedly and falsely says there is the potential for fraud” with mail in ballots.

Not only is there potential for fraud, but the Austrian election a few years ago had to be redone because the left had cheated it so much with mail ins. In fact after a whole new election, it was the conservatives (more or less) who won, whereas the first election attempt, they had won but it was overturned with mail ins.

In the 2016 election in the US, some districts which Trump won, got turned over with mysteriously found mail in ballots in enormous quantities. And even the Green party leader, who is widely suspected of being funded by Soros, attempted to do recounts on some areas where Trump had one, only to discover that he had won by a larger margin than had previously been announced officially.

So here we see how and why the CBC has earned for itself, so much public contempt that its crews no longer wear any insignias on the street and can only be identified by tiny stickers on their cameras which you have to ask them directly to see. CBC doesn’t show up to non-leftist events at this point and offer any coverage at all, but does show up for every little minor communist inspired or leftist event, even if its just a half dozen ACORN activists and make sure they get national coverage.

The spin doctoring here is so fast you may need an antiemetic to avoid getting nauseous. They attempt to spin President Trump’s answer, which is that if there is no cheating he will not have to leave office, and if there is cheating there won’t be a peaceful transition of power because it is not an honest election. This is what any leader would say. But CBC’s attempt to make President Trump appear to be refusing to relinquish power is what that COMINTERN network has come to.

For anyone still in doubt, it might be worth waiting till next week for this:

Here is the ACTUAL ANSWER to the question:

Oh yeah and one last thing:

More on the thrown away mail in Greenville:


Quebec appears to be forcibly interning “uncooperative” people in undisclosed locations not their homes for Corona reasons

Please read the whole story at RAIR

Canada’s voice of the COMINTERN isn’t even hiding it anymore

Canadian General who stopped the military from controlling the narrative on Covid, ‘resigned’ today

Remember this article from a few days ago?

Canadian Forces ‘information operations’ pandemic campaign quashed after details revealed to top general

The Canadian Forces planned what some military insiders described as a propaganda campaign aimed at heading off civil disobedience by the public during the coronavirus pandemic.

But the initiative was shut down by the country’s top soldier who questioned whether it went too far in the methods military officers wanted to use.

The campaign called for “shaping” and “exploiting” information, allowing the Canadian Forces to be able to strengthen trust in official sources of information, said a military planning document reviewed by this newspaper. One of the desired results was that civil order be maintained during the pandemic. “Canadian public is deterred from participating in Civil Disobedience,” according to the objectives of the plan. “Canadian public compliance with suppression measures is reinforced.”

When Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jon Vance was briefed about the information operations campaign, he ordered it stopped. Some senior military staff raised concerns the plan could be open to abuse in using propaganda or deception to manipulate the Canadian public.

Various military sources contacted this newspaper to raise concerns about the information campaign. The Canadian Forces later provided the unclassified information operations document to this newspaper.

The information operations plan was issued April 8, temporarily rescinded five days later, and then officially halted on May 1. Canadian Forces sources say Vance told military leaders that as long as he was in charge information operations tactics wouldn’t be used in a domestic situation, except in the case where an enemy had invaded the country. […]

And today, this:

Gen. Vance to resign as Canada’s top military commander

Canada’s top military commander is retiring.

Gen. Jonathan Vance, the country’s longest serving chief of defence staff, announced the decision in a letter to the troops that was published on Twitter on Thursday.

In the letter, Vance wrote that he has already informed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Governor General Julie Payette that he plans on relinquishing command of the Canadian Armed Forces in the “months to come.”

(As Canadians, we must hope these events are not connected. But if they are, Canada is led by a man who is inspired by the likes of Chavez or Xi.)

Police in N.L. now have sweeping powers to enforce pandemic public health orders

This is about Labrador and Newfoundland. Maybe it’s time to retrain those wonderful dog breeds from rescue to attack.

From the CBC:

Opposition negotiated expanded categories for approved entry under new bill

The Newfoundland and Labrador government gave sweeping new powers to the police to enforce public health orders under the COVID-19 pandemic.


Fifteen MHAs sat in the House of Assembly Tuesday to amend the Public Health Protection and Promotion Act, authorizing officers to stop vehicles, enter any premises, and detain people and take them to the border if they are not complying with public health measures.


“You can be put on the Marine Atlantic ferry and sent back to Nova Scotia,” Premier Dwight Ball told reporters in a virtual scrum Tuesday afternoon.


Bill 38 gives inspectors powers to enter any premises, take samples, conduct tests, make copies, and take photos or videos. It also allows them to inspect premises, processes, books and records.


The law also protects lawmakers, the chief medical officer, inspectors and peace officers and others from personal liability.


Ball said the changes are only in effect during the province’s public health emergency, and allow those orders to be enforced if someone arriving “needs to be sent back where they came from.”


“It’s extreme, by some people’s estimation,” Ball said. “Yet [it] was a requirement to make sure that the RCMP and the RNC would be able to enforce the special measures orders that were put in place by the chief medical officer.”

(So if you are from somewhere in Canada you can be sent packing back to where you came from after total invasion of privacy. But people who enter Canada illegally and lie and deny at every stage of the process? Will they be sent back to Somalia or anywhere else in Africa or the Middle East?)