Trudeau has added a special antennae to the Peace Tower in anticipation of Bill C11

The Senate seems to be in second reading

Anyone wishing to understand the authoritarian nature of C11 is welcome to research it. I would use though. And a VPN.

Special thanks to Gates of Vienna for adding the all seeing eye to this photo of Ottawa’s Parliament Hill.

Excellent example of the partizan disinformation and propaganda that defines the CBC

Canadian government sending mixed symbols on dropping vaxx mandates for civil servants tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 6, 2022, the federal government is set to announce new directives concerning the get jabbed or be homeless initiative for the Civil service. Here are two news items suggesting different outcomes. Which one do you think they will go for? Dropping the mandates because the science shows they don’t work? Or changing the definition of fully vaxxed in order to mandate a 3rd injection, or “booster” shot in order for the civil service to keep their jobs.

MSN.Com: New vaccine policy for federal workers set for release on Wednesday

The federal government is planning to update its policy on mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for its employees on Wednesday.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) has filed a grievance against the existing policy, which requires that all federal public service members be fully vaccinated even if they work at home.

The government is obligated to review the policy after six months. That timeline runs out this week.

PSAC president Chris Aylward said the government has consulted the union but he does not know what to expect from the new policy.

The union has said Ottawa’s mandatory vaccination policy is in need of an update. […] PSAC is seeking compensation for members who have been placed on unpaid leave due to the policy.

CTV News: Feds consider definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ in review of federal worker mandate

OTTAWA — The federal government will consider whether to include booster shots in the next version of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its workers, the Treasury Board said as it reviews the rules.

The government must review the need for the policy, which currently requires federal public servants to get two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine or face unpaid leave, after six months.

That timeline runs out this week and while Treasury Board has consulted with unions over the last several weeks, the Public Service Alliance of Canada says it is in the dark about which direction the government will go.

“They have said, ‘You will see a renewed policy on April 6,”‘ Chris Aylward, national president of the union, said in an interview. “I have no idea what that renewed policy might look like.” While the review could deem the mandate is no longer necessary, the government could also opt to expand it to encourage more members of the public service to get a booster shot.

Any decisions will be based on science and the advice of public health officials,” Mona Fortier, president of the Treasury Board, said in a statement Monday.

(The one thing we can be absolutely certain of, is that the decision will not be based on science. But will be based on advice by “public health officials” or “experts”.)

Thank you CG.

Special guest post by Johnny U: Precious metals trade, secretly being taken over by the banks

I had a conversation with a Canadian precious metals dealer yesterday. How interesting this was. He’s been in business for at least 40 years. Unsurprisingly, trust is his real medium of exchange both physically, and in spirit.

He revealed a few furtive, fun facts. Fellow dealers in his realm are being served up ultimatums by their Dystopian charter banks. It seems Dear Leader’s monkey business in the banking sector is extending far beyond freezing truckers’ charity donations.

Banks are trying to force pm dealers out of business by stripping them of services. They have been ordered to empty their commercial and personal accounts and cut up their credit cards. This also includes those of their spouses if they deal with the same institution. All government tax-deferring instruments are included, such as those offered for childrens’ higher education and their registered retirement savings plans (401k equivalent). These are ordered to be liquidated immediately.

What does this mean? This dealer sees the big banks moving into the precious metals dealing space in a big way. He thinks they are trying to eliminate the competition in order to achieve a monopoly.

Given recent events not necessary to repeat, we were given a most explicit demonstration of the chartered banks’ role as an extension of the Dystopian federal government. This dealer calls them ruthless, and said he is very worried.  The dealers of whom he spoke included a refinery business founded in 1967. They were also ordered to submit their FINTRAC filings immediately, rather than for the usual mid-summer deadline.

It all begs for many answers to many questions. Will Canadians soon be optioned out and forced to buy and sell precious metals only through government-controlled banks? Will pm ownership be made illegal because it places their holders outside the “system”? How will government close the numerous and emerging gold-backed block-chain currencies? Certainly, one can conclude that trust is not this government’s “medium of exchange”.

Given current world events, including the monetary policy malfeasance displayed by every Western nation, we must consider this development as a precursors to currency controls in the event of an economic or banking crisis. As another friend likened, it’s like ‘sealing the exits at the theater before they set the place on fire’.

Exchange Control


Canadian Justice minister: If you are part of a pro-Trump movement, you should fear for your bank account

Meanwhile.. back in Trudopia…

Looking at the least noticed but most important part of the recent Trudeau statement against the Unvaxxed

We have posted this video twice so far. This makes it three. And frankly, until everyone sees it and understands its meaning, it should be posted a lot more.

In this instance I want to drill down on one statement Trudeau makes with the assistance of his comrade in the media. Certainly not a reporter or a journalist, as they represent the people and ask questions about policies which may affect them in a way that helps them decide for themselves what they think. This woman is an enemy propagandist working with Trudeau to create a specific effect.

In the first twenty seconds, before he gets to the total negation of the worth of those who do not want to take an experimental mRNA gene therapy, calling them out as subhumans, not worthy of their existence in Trudeau’s Canada, he and his partner in propaganda state that anyone who refuses the shots are extremists.

This is part of a grander policy called CVE, which stands for Countering Violent Extremism.

Obama actually had an office of CVE in the White House which was dismantled under Trump and reformed presumably now, as most of the current administration’s policies seem to be based on it.

To give a crude idea of how it works, a patriot who believes in the US constitution and individual rights, is an extremist in communist parlance, because they are counter-revolutionary. A person who swears to defend the constitution with force, is a violent extremist and must be countered with any means possible. Hence CVE. This is not an American concept. This is from the COMINTERN.

So when Trudeau and his comrade say that those who refuse to take the shot are extremists, they are saying that anyone who believes in their very existence as an individual is an extremist. And mark these words: Anyone who actually defends their right to individual decisions such as what injections to take for any reason, especially perhaps an injection that the same government lets you know is ineffective and unsafe, will be called a violent extremist. 

The reason the push to take the shot GROWS with the data that shows its ineffective and unsafe, is, in our opinion, because the primary purpose of the shot is to destroy the individual as a concept in the minds of the public. To take the shot is to accept the state as a greater authority to you, than your own best information and interests. The video above of Trudeau is a dense and rich mine of applied dialectics. Of a crushing narrative meant to destroy all other cultures and belief systems. But primarily the destruction of the concept and existence of the individual.

Hegel said “…and the state shall be unto like a God that bestrides the land”.

The individual has no meaning or value in such a state. And calling those who for whatever reason, good bad, scientific or superstitious, decline this shot, one which is now clearly not useful in any sense of the term, ‘vaccine’ for Covid19, an extremist, is a perfect illustration of this.

The media and opposition now using the same playbook to gallop towards absolute state power

Watch the following clip with a lot of awareness. Its an interesting dance you see play out here, ending with the government appeasing the “opposition” by explaining that lockdowns and most importantly, the vaxx pass may go on forever, so long as they can justify it with “variants” and what not.

That’s layer one. But the thing most interesting, is how the same kind of phoney opposition you see on legacy media, is used now in government.

When you watch any media interview of a politician, say CBC for example, but it’s just as true for CTV, Global, etc., you see journalists pretending to be harsh and stern with the politician by asking questions about why they are not doing more of what they already want to do, and sooner.

In other words, when they launch another ‘variant’ of the Corona virus at the public like a propaganda bomb, the journalists never ask why they don’t wait and see if it has any real danger to it, or present any experts who think the entire response by the government to the virus was a bad idea, or show that personal freedom also has a cost in lives.

They always, and I mean always, demand to know why the government doesn’t immediately lock down the public, or force more vaccines, without even mentioning that all the carriers of the new Xi Omicron variant actually were fully vaccinated. They demand more state control every time. Its astonishing. But not.

(And on that note, you can hear a moment of honesty creep in when the NDP leader actually says out loud and consciously that the danger of having an end date for the vaxx-pass is that people who don’t want the vaccine know they just have to wait out the clock.

This is proof that the plan is to make everyone take the vaccine, and not to defeat the virus! because if it was about the virus, who cares if anyone takes a vaccine, so long as the threat is gone!)

And in this clip, the opposition-in-name-only make the same demands. They want the Conservative government to restrict more rights, more freedoms, for longer. And of course, well it would be undemocratic for the government not to oblige the media and opposition, wouldn’t it?

Much like this display in the Federal parliament from just the other day. When all parties came together to pass a bill to destroy freedom of speech in Canada, and the entire parliament gave themselves a standing ovation for several minutes. Not one dissenter.

This is about a bill misnamed to make it appear to be about opposing violent forced methods to make homosexual people heterosexual. Its called the ‘Anti-conversion therapy bill’. But in reality, this is a one way law that only forbids people from talking to children and others when they have been persuaded they are “trans” or some other attitude which they may have never thought of before, and suggesting maybe its a phase, or a fashion. It does not prevent your child’s teacher from trying to convince your healthy hetero-child that they are gay, or in need of sterilizing and mutilating surgery to become something wholly unnatural. That remains state subsidized.

Prof. Edward J. Steele: “You can’t cheat the universe”

It is great to hear more and more scientists on whom the global mass hypnosis did not work. This scientist uses actual data and proper models with real world science to explain and predict the nature of the pandemic and the dangers of the vaccines for Covid. All of them.

As Youtube will take this down most likely soon, Ill create a mirror for it below.

With the direct link to the mirror here


Trudeau: ALL public servants, rail and air passengers MUST take the experimental gene therapy shot by month’s end

From enemy propaganda site, CBC:

Federal public servants, RCMP and air and rail travellers must be vaccinated by month’s end, Trudeau says

All would-be travellers must be fully vaccinated by Oct. 30 to board planes, trains or marine vessels


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled his government’s mandatory vaccine policy today — a mandate that will require public servants to either get their shots by month’s end or be forced into an unpaid leave of absence.

All would-be travellers must also be fully vaccinated by Oct. 30 before boarding planes, trains or marine vessels.

To bolster stalled vaccination rates, the federal government will require all of its employees in the “core public administration” and the RCMP to be fully vaccinated or to apply for a medical or religious exemption by the end of the month.

Federal contractors, like cleaning staff, must also be fully vaccinated to gain access to government buildings. The estimated 267,000 employees covered by this policy must report their vaccination status by Oct. 29.

Ottawa Sun (Probably controlled opposition)

MANDATORY VACCINATION: Announcement to come from Trudeau on Wednesday

Even federal employees who work from home will have to be vaccinated to keep their jobs if the government’s draft mandatory-vaccine policy stands, according to one union executive.

Stephane Aubry, vice-president of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC), says the draft, as well as other communication between unions and the government, suggests that the Treasury Board is leaning toward making vaccination a condition of employment.

He says that would mean workers would need to be fully vaccinated, even if they work from home or outside of the country.

UPDATE:  COVID-19: Vaccinations mandated for core public service, travellers; Ontario reports 476 new cases 

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised in August, just before calling an election, that his government would make vaccinations mandatory in federally regulated workplaces, including for anyone boarding a plane or train.


The inquisition of doctors who oppose the unscientific mandatory narrative on Covid, treatment, and the mRNA injections

Please watch this right to the end to understand the persecution of Canadian Dr. Christian by the various official offices of the Canadian medical and government establishment. This was recorded July 3, 2021 and contains a secret recording of the inquisition at the end.

Thank you Dr. Hodkinson

UPDATE: Youtube has deleted this video. So we have restored it to Bitchute. Please watch and spread as if Youtube/Google/Alphabet does not want you to see it, its likely important to your wellbeing.