Jordan Peterson meets with Ontario Premiere Ford, to discuss abolishing the HRCs!

CBC ran a story on it here.


This discussion about non-communists and non-muslims being income blocked is important

This is a serious and frightening look at how leftists are controlling the means for people of generating an income who are exposing communism (and Islam) to the light of day.

This could be because the operators of these sites are leftists, but just as likely, crony-capitalists who receive income or certain guarantees, or even are under threat by large money globalists who give them market dominance but make it clear certain people cannot be allowed to use the system.

Jordan Peterson on the Gulag Archipelago

In this video, Dr. Peterson mentions another major piece of Soviet Samizdat. The Master and Margarita.

It’s worth mentioning that the entire book, as a movie, is available in about 10 parts of roughly an hour each on Youtube and is well worth the time to watch.

As an aside, South Park did a great homage to the Master and Margarita in one episode of the show, Season 13, Episode 3, Margaritaville. Its quite funny as a stand alone, but if you have seen The Master and Margarita, its even better.


Jordan Peterson Vs. left leaning woman and a very lucid host

There is a LOT of Jordan Peterson videos out there. In the Reader’s Comments alone for the past 48 hours or so, there is several hours of Dr. Peterson interviews. But this one at 36 minutes starts out so strong by an interviewer that has an unusually lucid view of what is going on makes it worth posting.

CAVEAT: I am only 3 minutes in as of posting, but its a great 3 minutes.