Britain conquered without bloodshed

Australia goes dhimmi for Anzak day

For those who read this site it is no surprise at all why they banned the allies from marching. We knew about the song as it was in his video, and Brad Johnson discussed the connection to the CC killer and Serbian war heroes he wrote the names of, on his weapons.

This makes the decision no less disgusting. Or perhaps the better word would be dhimmi. As Richard reminds us:

The Chetnicks were the non communist fighters against the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia.

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Christmas Market in Berlin, 2018

An Original Translation by Miss Piggy with much thanks!

From this German News Site:

Christmas market is sealed off
Berlin is building “unique” terror protection

Two years ago, the Islamist Anis Amri raced with a truck into the Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. Twelve people are killed in the attack. Now the Christmas market opens again – and becomes the high security zone.

Since Monday, workers have been building more than a hundred square metal baskets along the perimeter the Breitscheidplatz and screwing them into a long row. The baskets come with plastic bags filled with sand.

The Berliner “Kurier” called it the  “Mulled Wine Fortress”. The barrier elements and their construction and dismantling cost the country more than 2.5 million euros. The metal bollards and concrete bases are to be reused in the future.

The Chrislam Deception

A guest essay by Danielle T’arna, written for VladTepesBlog with much thanks

The growing darkness and emerging death of Christianity in the church

Abridged version

By Danielle T’arna

“I stand amongst you as one who is crying out
for you to wake up before what you have dies
and is taken from you, never to be seen again”

In recent years the merger of Christianity and islam “Chrislam” has now reached the level in the UK that it has become part of mainstream Christianity and culture. It is more well known as Inter Faith in the UK and fully embraced by the church and state. I truly believe that we celebrated our last traditional Christmas and Easter many years ago in the UK.

For many years evangelical Christians have been warning of a deceptive doctrine and growing movement that has been slowly emerging over the last two decades. Chrislam slowly emerged in the UK when we started to see a mass influx of immigrants and refugees. Where muslim immigrants and refugees settled and were housed in major cities we started to see multi faith events and organizations develop, along with church led community groups and charities, that tried to promote community cohesion amongst its growing muslim communities.

Chrislam has flourished because of the nations fear of islamic terror attacks, fatwas being issued under islamic blasphemy laws and a need to understand a very alien and exotic ideology and religion. We have seen these terrorist attacks and threats from islam used as a tool to enforce cultural changes in many Christian countries like Canada, Sweden, Germany and France. Chrislam infiltrated the church on many levels that included theology, community organisations and projects, the use of churches for islamic worship and prayers, charities, the inclusion of islam in church services, worship, prayers, sermons, music and arts festivals,[1] changing the names of Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter to one that accommodates islam.

I personally have seen Christian schools promote the reading of the koran (quran) and take their pupils for regular visits to their local mosque. I have seen Christian schools cater halal meals for muslim pupils while enforcing halal food on the rest of its pupils. I have have seen the merger of both Christian and muslim festivals in schools and in community run projects.[2]

I have only just begun to scratch the surface of Chrislam in the UK with this article. I have only named just a few of the many government and non government organisations involved with Chrislam. It is a well funded and corrupt machine paid for by the church, government, islamic foundations, islamic countries and the European Union.

My immersion into the world of Chrislam

There is one question that I have been asking myself and that is“Why is the church inviting overseas missionaries to come and work in the UK ?” Surely it can’t be for the evangelism of a Christian nation ? I can answer this with my personal insight and involvement with one such missionary couple from 2014 – 2017

In late 2014 I was invited to a community peacemeal in the Winson Green area of Birmingham by an Australian couple who are overseas missionaries. Ash and Anji Barker had recently arrived in Birmingham from working as missionaries in the Klong Toey slums of Bangkok. Anji had been invited to work in Birmingham by the UK Christian charity Oasis Trust[3] and to coordinate community activities in two of the charities Christian run Oasis Academy schools in Winson Green. When Ash and Anji moved into a very large vicarage called Newbigin House they quickly got to work establishing a charity called Newbigin Community Trust [2] which I was a founding trustee of. Newbigin Community Trust is just a part of the many projects run from Newbigin House[4]

During my time getting alongside Ash and Anji, I would observe how they worked with different groups of people in the community and how they would link with churches, work with local authorities, businesses and ngos. Ash is a very laid back, loving and calm person. Anji is very very active, encouraging and enabling and didn’t stop talking and never thought about what she was saying. We were working with many muslim families who had come to the UK as refugees and migrants. We started to adapt our work around the physical and emotional needs of local muslims.

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Several attacks, probably bbs muslims, Marxist US media focus on “Islam-o-phobia”

1, Man yelling Ally ally Akbar (more or less) carrying gasoline and gunpowder fires shots in a supermarket till he runs out of ammo.

2. Toxic gas pumped into German public school

Germany Hamburg gas attack Reinbeker Weg schoolTWITTER

A mass evacuation is underway after a terrifying gas attack at a German school

Emergency services and specialist environmental experts raced to the scene after what is believed to be pepper spray was pumped into the gymnasium at the Reinbeker Weg School in Hamburg.

More than 30 students reported having trouble breathing as the debilitating gas also left them unable to see properly.

The fire brigade arrived with several rescue vehicles and emergency doctors, some wearing bio-hazard suits, and rushed students away from the scene.

3. But to the legacy media in the US the real problem is that people fear muslims.

4. Could this be why the media in the US has given away their rational thought and adopted a Cold-war Pravda like mentality?

Editor’s note: The express mistakenly translates “Allah hu ackbbar” as “God is great”.

In fact it translates as Allah is more powerful than (your) god. This is a more important distinction than many might imagine at first blush. Translating Allah as God is an obscenity, even if both entities are purely fictional, in exactly the same way as translating Superman as Sponge bob Square pants would be.

The followers of each, should they be dedicated believers, would have dramatically different attributes, and therefore, genuinely very different effects on their environments. Religious muslims agree, and in some muslim countries there are laws against non-muslim churches using the word “allah” to denote a Christian God. This is a law Christians should be grateful for.

Jesus as an avatar of the Jewish God, was not a mass murdering, slave raiding, mass raping genocidal maniac who conquered vast swaths of the Earth. Mohammad, as the solitary spokesman for “Allah”, was all of those things and more, and all of them bad, even by objective standards where those standards have to do with the well being of general populations and cooperative civilization and advancement.

The cattleized West, and the first line of defense

1. The bovine-French, panic at mass mourning movement and show of sanctimony

(The most important thing you can do when people you don’t know are murdered by muslims in an act designed to promote the primacy of islam, is show your moral superiority to people who would like to take meaningful action by demonstrating grief.

Not for the dead, but for the temporary damage to the illusion of multicultural socialist utopia. The French have shown they are bronze medal winners after the Soviet Union and the Communist Chinese in that. Just imagine if the whole population of France had not been utterly emasculated by socialism. This attack could have been stopped by a couple of armed men who actually believed in defending themselves. Instead, all they have is what we see today. People tripping over themselves in self sacrifice, trying to tell the people who  want them dead or enslaved how there will be no ‘backlash’ instead of at the very very least, going en masse to the mosques and screaming: “stop the hate”.

Instead, they will save that slogan for Marine Le Pen. The one politician who dares suggest that defending ones rights, liberties and even your lives. And thanks to a world governed by socialist identity politics, it will only be even slightly tolerated coming from a woman. Cause if a man dared say these things he would have to live under 24 hour multiple guards and move locations every night, and that would be from the socialists every bit as much as from the muslims)

Here they are again, running from a noise while mourning

2. In this video, a small group of people who wanted to actually deal with the problem of very religious muslims who attack their people and blow up their stuff, gave an opportunity to a thousand emasculated Frenchmen to show moral superiority to those who suggest we fight back against the muslims, that its better to just look superior by not fighting back and even better, to really look super extra morally superior by shouting down and maybe even attacking a little, your own people who want to fight the actual ideology that causes all the attacks all the time.

3. Britain on terror alert: Special forces on the streets of London as experts warn ISIS is using the PlayStation 4 network to recruit and plan attacks because it’s ‘more secure than WhatsApp’ 

ISIS is using the PlayStation 4 network to recruit and plan attacks because it’s ‘more secure than WhatsApp’, intelligence experts warn, as special forces are deployed on the streets of London with Britain on terror alert.

The move is the biggest security response since the 2005 London bombings and comes after the sickening attacks in Paris on Friday night – the deadliest in Europe since the Madrid bombings in 2004 – that left at least 132 people dead.

In Belgium, which appears to be at the heart of the terror plot, officials believe that terrorists are using consoles to communicate.

Belgian Minister of Home Affairs Jan Jambon said intelligence agencies have discovered evidence of jihadis using the games consoles to communicate with a special, hidden recruitment channel.

He told ’Playstation 4 is even more difficult to monitor than WhatsApp.’

Meanwhile, special forces have been deployed to some of the capital’s landmarks and busiest spots in the aftermath of the Paris atrocities.

Scroll down for videos 

Armed City of London Police were clearly visible as participants during yesterday's Lord Mayor's show as Britain beefed up its security 

Armed City of London Police were clearly visible as participants during yesterday’s Lord Mayor’s show as Britain beefed up its security 

There was a visible increased security with armed police officers stationed at St Pancras station today

There was a visible increased security with armed police officers stationed at St Pancras station today

Eighty-nine people were killed after gunmen burst into the Bataclan concert hall and took hostages before security forces stormed the hall.

People were shot dead at restaurants and bars at five other sites in Paris. At least 352 people were injured, of which 99 are critical. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Kathy, CB Sashenka, and many, many more who  are sending in invaluable links and comments. But this is a short post as selfishly, I m going to take the bandwidth to rant.

Over the past couple of years we, Oz-Rita, Nash Montana, Gates of vienna and a huge group of volunteers have translated and subtitled hundreds and over the time I have been involved, a few thousand videos. I have, as long time readers will know, lost a few channels well populated with important videos and much hard work. Sometimes for acceptable reasons like commercial copyright and I have little to no argument with that.

But other times for reasons which define the whole problem.

I have lost one channel and been banned from the service because we translated from French and Arabic an Islamic State video threatening and warning France about exactly what happened there on the 13th.


What we have is, a culture that feels the way of dealing with an ideology of grotesque, horror, pornographic in its violence and sick with blood and suffering, is to ban and delete the warnings they issue to us while going to their beachheads and telling them that they should have no fear. That under no circumstances should they worry about a ‘backlash’. But for sure, if you want to maintain the illusion of a socialist multicultural utopia the first thing you really must do, is ban the people who translate and subtitles the videos the enemy makes which explains what they are going to do, and how, and even occasionally more or less when, and most importantly, (and I cannot stress this enough), why.

The various internet services and governments and so on do it for a variety of reasons. But mostly its to protect the illusion that the policies which have infected free and prosperous people since WW2 and destroyed our very immune system of the culture, like AIDS to the individual, are intact and effective at protecting the social body without anyone actually protecting the social body at all.

It takes a serious assault on reason before something as primitive and ineffective as Islam can come to our countries and wreak the kind of havoc that a healthy society would have laughed off as they would have beaten it before it could even demand that schools all serve halal or no one should draw mohamed and be taken seriously by anyone.

The Jews of course will face the consequences disproportionately as they always do. Not because they are the canaries in the coal mines but because they are the first line of defense of preserving the illusion of a socialist state. Not that leftist Jews have played no role in creating and maintaining that illusion, the Jews have never been viewed as the ‘John Waynes’ of any society save a few short years when it was OK to view and portray Jews and Israelis as defenders of liberty when Moshe Dayan was leading the Israelis to victory agains the same enemy we face today. The leftist Jewish people certainly have been part of this emasculation and move to socialism. But the price for that will be theirs to pay in spades. It already is.

Today, the media talks about people who suppress their anger and show moral outrage at those who want to actually do something about the problem the way they used to about genuine acts of bravery by people who fought an enemy bent on destroying us and our way of life. No submitting to, and protecting an enemy from the tiny fragment of your own population who want to do something is the new war hero.

Earlier today, Chris Jones posted the following worthy comment:

In both France and Israel today Jews are best advised to keep a loaded 9mm pistol in their hand at all times, and be ready to assume full combat stance at the first sign of anyone who might even possibly be a Muslim. “Keep on walking, friend…nice and easy like…”

Of course its good advice although I think it should not be limited to Jewish people. All free people should have the right to bear arms. It is in fact, the only thing that makes them free people. The moment you can’t do that your freedom to say, draw and eat what you like can be irrevocably withdrawn with no notice and no vote. But it also got me thinking on the reasons for a nation to disarm the public. It is exactly because it is part of the illusion of a socialist utopia. When a large group of Jews are murdered for being Jews by Muslims who do it because Islam tells them this must happen and as part of a plan for Islamic manifest destiny, then the most important thing is to sacrifice those jews to the illusion that this is not actually happening. The muslims must be seen as victims. The deaths of the Jewish bystanders must be reduced to “a few random folks at a deli” just as Obama and his ilk will reduce the attack in Paris on the 13th to ‘a few folks at a concert’ or, ‘a few folks at a sports event’ any minute now if it appears to interfere with his programs to stop changes in the weather.

The Jews will get it disproportionately as they will be the first sacrificed on the altar of the illusion of socialist Utopia. Not by governments that hate Jews. The French, the Danish, the Germans, the British do not hate the Jews. If anything they have a great relationship with that community in many ways. But these governments are so determined to appear that they can protect the Jews from the millions of muslims they allow in to their countries and support on massive and unsustainable amounts of social services, and who at their core, hate the West, hate freedoms, hate our cultures and everything about us but above all hate the Jews, that our governments will sacrifice the Jews not out of hate for them but a determination to appear that their policies of political correctness, cultural Marxism, multiculturalism, the emasculation of the population and assumption of all powers is working.

Many people point out that in Israel, Jews can get a weapon, protect themselves and this turns out to be effective. This is likely because in Israel, Jews are not viewed as Jews, but as people. Which is the reason the state of Israel exist at all.

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More on the cancellation of today’s Draw Mohamed event in Ottawa

At last, this story is starting to get some traction:

Mark Steyn has an article here well worth the read:

Lowell Green, one of Canada’s most courageous talk show hosts brought up the subject but so few called or wrote in on the matter that he had to bundle the subject with what is everyone’s favorite TV show. Even so there was some attention given. I extracted the few calls and emails from today’s show and stitched the together here

I hear from good authority that Heritage Canada is changing their story on the history of this event. I hope to post more on that shortly.

Gates of Vienna has this new post on this subject:

More to come soon as this story picks up steam.

AM radio call from the organizer of the freedom of speech event at Parliament Hill scheduled for May 20, subsequently cancelled, along with limits to Danish event

Here are segments of tonight’s Late Night Counsell from AM radio CFRA after the show host was made aware of the Free Speech event planned for Parliament hill tonight. Emails and callers including the woman, Alexandra, who organized the event called in to discuss it. Show host John Counsell was very good on the issue.


Earlier today, Vlad Tepes posted an article about a gathering for irreverent religious drawings to take place in Bornholm Denmark. The mayor of that town has now said that no drawings of mohamed should be shown at this meeting as of 1:30 AM ET. So early morning in Denmark.

Liberty Dk translated this article from the Danish press for us:

The peoples meeting must be held with words and arguments, not with deeply provocative drawings.

So says Mayor of Bornholm Regional Municipality, Winni Grosbøll (S), who flatly refuses to let the works from the recent “Draw the Prophet Mohammed” competition by American Islam critic Pamela Geller be exhibited at the political festival.

“The people’s meeting is about words and arguments. The drawings would completely short-circuit the debate. There is no reason to do that, and you can easily have discussions without doing it with pictures and drawings” she says, calling it an unnecessary provocation:

“They do not belong here. They will have to find a gallery or an art exhibition that will show that sort of stuff” she says.
It is the organizations “Stop the Islamisation of Denmark” (SIAD) and “Free Denmark”, who are organizing the political “Progress Party” tent at the public meeting who wanted to include the drawings. Anders Gravers Pedersen, the head of SIAD, explains that they had intended to exhibit the drawings from Islam critic Pamela Geller’s competition. The competition was the victim of an attack in early May.

Two armed assassins who were self-proclaimed Islamists, allegedly linked to the Islamic State, were shot and killed as they tried to penetrate the arrangement in Garland, Texas.
Pamela Geller is known as a very vocal critic of Islam. She has, amongst other things, fought against the building of an Islamic cultural center near Ground Zero in New York. She has also accused President Barack Obama of being a secret Muslim who wants to destroy the United States.