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3 Replies to “Terrorist attacks, a prelude to a Teddy bear picnic”

  1. In today’s readers post I posted an article about and the pdf of the ACLU’s 28 page memo of their plan to sabotage any attempt Donald Trump makes to defend the US and western civilization. As I have said before our internal enemy, the left, is in the long run a greater threat then Islam.

    The people of the west have to wake up and start fighting to defend our freedom and civilization, if we don’t both civilization and freedom are doomed and the world will be in for several centuries of a very brutal Dark Age.

    • In most western nation it is too late for a peaceful solution, if/when the patriots win at the ballot box the left will revolt, we are seeing that already in the BLM riots and the ambush murders of the police. Right now those attacks are occurring monthly, it would be long before they are daily.

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