A package containing the poison ricin and addressed to Trump intercepted by law enforcement

CNN till we get a better source

(CNN)A package containing the poison ricin and addressed to President Donald Trump was intercepted by law enforcement earlier this week, according to two law enforcement officials.

Two tests were done to confirm the presence of ricin. All mail for the White House is sorted and screened at an offsite facility before reaching the White House.
A US law enforcement official told CNN that investigators are looking into the possibility the ricin package sent to Trump came from Canada.
Mary-Liz Power, chief spokeswoman for Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair, said in a statement, “We are aware of the concerning reports of packages containing ricin directed toward US federal government sites. Canadian law enforcement is working closely with their US counterparts. As this is an active investigation we cannot comment further.”
The FBI and Secret Service are investigating the matter.


ONTARIANS: Know your rights with the new mask “laws”


Related: Ontario lawyer files lawsuit against feds, province & CBC over Covid-19 measures & masks

Rocco Galati recently discussed the upcoming lawsuit against members of the Canadian Government, the CBC, as well as the topic of mandatory masking. Galati is a constitutional lawyer in Ontario and has been practising law for 31 years, he began his career with the federal department of justice.

During a July 17 interview with Amanda Forbes he said he has filed a constitutional challenge in the Ontario Superior Court on behalf of his clients seeking declatory and injunctive relief against Covid19 measures.

Galati said that both the federal as well as provincial governments have “effectively dispensed with parliament and are ruling by royal decree as it were which is unconstitutional.” He is especially concerned about Ontario’s Bill 195 in which the government can implement executive orders on an ongoing basis with the extension of emergency measures possible for years to come. Galati said this is “unheard of.”

How to remove the Canadian government insecure “Covid” tracking app from Android phones

I followed these directions and got the desired result. The Covid app, which seems to have downloaded itself and installed itself on my phone without my knowledge or consent, was gone after following these directions exactly.

Last year, we did a post on how to disable the Government abuse of your phone in Canada, by getting rid of the Presidential level Alerts that all Canadians have to put up with.

Shortly after that, we noticed that the government didn’t blast us out of bed for Amber Alerts from someone 400 miles away anymore in the middle of the night.

Fighting back helps.

This is new. Protest against police in Toronto because a black woman fell jumping from balcony to balcony due to fight over TV

First, the thesis:

Woman alone on High Park balcony when she fell to her death: Sources

Troubled Regis Korchinski-Paquet plunged to her death while trying to vault to a neighbouring balcony at her High Park highrise on Wednesday, sources tell the Toronto Sun.

An independent witness claims the 29-year-old was alone on the balcony before her deadly fall — a statement that contradicts the accusation made in the aftermath by a relative who claimed police officers “threw my cousin off the building.”


The harrowing allegation sparked outrage among family and community members, prompting Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders to call for calm Friday in advance of planned protests while describing social media chatter about the tragic death as “toxic misinformation” and “lies.”


While indicating Friday he has “a lot” he’d like to say but can’t because the province’s Special Investigations Unit invoked its mandate, Saunders still pushed the line more than past chiefs explaining the service’s inability to comment has “created” a vacuum that people have filled with inaccurate information.

Now, the leftist counter-thesis:

Thousands rally in Toronto after death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet

Thousands of people held a rally in Toronto Saturday afternoon in response to the death of 29-year-old Regis Korchinski-Paquet.


The protest, shared on social media under the hashtag #JusticeForRegis and organized by the group Not Another Black Life, began around 2 p.m. at Christie Pits park near Bloor Street West and Christie Street. The march was scheduled to culminate at Queen’s Park, but protesters instead made their way to Toronto Police Headquarters.

The rally was a response to Korchinski-Paquet’s death, as well as the wider issue of anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism.


“The violence we are experiencing globally is not OK and will never be OK,” one protester said. […]


Sources claim officers responded to an assault call around 5:15 p.m. on the 29th floor of the apartment building on High Park Ave., north of Bloor St. W., involving Korchinski-Paquet as the aggressor in a dispute with a sibling.


One senior officer and several junior cops brought Korchinski-Paquet and her sibling into the apartment hallway to defuse the dispute over the use of the TV.

Korchinski-Paquet asked the officers if she could re-enter the apartment to use the washroom. The officers agreed but wouldn’t allow the brother back into the apartment in order to prevent the conflict from restarting.


Instead of going to the bathroom, the woman rushed to the balcony, sources allege, claiming Korchinski-Paquet then prevented officers from accessing the balcony. […]

“It appears she slipped while trying to scale one balcony to another,” a police source said. “She was trying to get away.”

And the solution:

CBC reframes the entire thing to be about racist police without directly lying about it all, but worse, lying by omission to allow people to believe she died because of racist police action when in fact the police were called to her apartment because she was fighting with her brother over the TV, and then lied to police to go inside and then locked the police out of the balcony and then fell, unnecessarily escaping by leaping to another balcony.

And there you have it. Marxist thesis, counter thesis, solution. And Western Civilization falls a few inches closer to extinction. The final solution.

Former leader of the Libertarian part of Canada speaks to us at the Ottawa anti-Lockdown protest, May 23 2020

Jean-Serge Brisson, Former leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada speaks to the nature of the Lockdown and what it means for Canadians in the future.

Canada is a province of China: Datum #433-b

National Research Council strikes deal with China to develop COVID-19 vaccine in Canada

From The Globe and Mail

Canadian researchers are joining the effort to develop a Chinese vaccine against the deadly coronavirus, with plans to begin human trials in Canada of a potential defence against COVID-19 that employs genetic technology from the National Research Council.

The trials will bring to Canadian soil Ad5-nCoV, a vaccine candidate under joint development by a Chinese company and the country’s military. Backed by a state that has urgently sought a vaccine of global importance, Ad5-nCoV has been among the most rapidly developed of numerous candidates around the world.

Now the NRC has struck an agreement to support its development in Canada by manufacturing doses that can be administered in human tests and for emergency pandemic use.

“We are going to get to evaluate it for safety and efficacy in Canada, as is being done already in China, and Canada will now be part of the front-runner story,” said Roman Szumski, vice-president of life sciences for the NRC.

If the tests succeed, the vaccine candidate could seek Health Canada’s approval for emergency use as early as this fall, Mr. Szumski said. It is already undergoing concurrent first- and second-phase human trials in China.

(Article continues at some length at the G&M. Bottom line, Canada testing RNA virus vaccine developed by the Chinese military.)

From a dog park, Vancouver Canada: A rent rant

People who can pay rent must pay rent. Tenants made a deal with the landlord. The latter would provide the tenant with a place to live and whatever comes with it, heat when its cold, power, water and so on.

The following flyer was found in a dog park in Vancouver Canada:

At the time they make the deal, tenants agree to pay an amount they felt was fair for what they get. If they choose not to pay it now out of some kind of misguided spite, or more likely, opportunism disguised as communist ‘altruism’, it just means they are selfish bastards with no character whatsoever, and no one should ever trust a word they say again.

People will keep records. And anyone who chooses not to pay when they can pay, might find it difficult in the future to hold any kind of position of trust, rent an apartment, float a loan, get a mortgage or even a credit card.

I hope people think before they refuse to pay rent. This crisis will end. Governments will allow evictions again. Leases might be harder to come by than they think, if it’s known that they didn’t pay rent when they could have.

People who truly cannot pay rent because of Covid-19, or more accurately, due to government measures to combat Covid-19, can get support from the government and make arrangements with landlords. It will be known who they are. And they should not be punished for the policies of the government.

But for those who can pay rent, think for a few minutes about what your landlord will have to do if he can’t make his mortgage, property taxes, utilities, water power, repairs and so on. Do you want to live in buildings like the gang in A Clockwork Orange? Because that is what you will get if this thing lasts a few months and you don’t pay rent. A slum.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog

Thanks for the once-over Gates of Vienna

Update on today’s never-ending court proceedings forbidding freedom to speak on state mutilation of their children

This story will likely not be believed by the sleepwalkers. Things have become so Orwellian and headed for the Kafkaesque and inevitably to the Stalinesque that nice people simply cannot let themselves believe what is going on. I don’t blame them in some ways. but then again its because of them good nations fall to tyranny and freedoms are lost until untold blood and treasure are spent to win them back. So yes, in other ways I do blame the sleepy. What a luxury it must be to allow oneself to not know the state of decrepitude of our freedoms as they are today.

Here is a link to the basics of this issue for those who are interested in understanding how the state in Canada is sterilizing and mutilating even very young children, and bringing to court parents who object to it. Of course the courts don’t call it that. They would say you can object. You just can’t say it to anyone out loud. Publicly OR privately.

Below, an interview with the father that is not included in the story linked above.

And now, a March 9 2020 update. The video below is the synopsis of how court went for Laura Lynn Taylor Thompson up to the lunch break, and below that, a text from her colleague detailing how the rest of the day went:


Jenn Smith (An adult transexual who is adamantly against what is happening to children) just presented and did an excellent job!!
Exposing the doctors sick agenda, naming it as politically motivated and connecting the dots with Marzari and especially Findlay, minister of education, etc.
Judge took tons of notes and didn’t interrupt at all.
We were late in starting this morning because they had to move us to a larger court room


About 100 people in total!


Laura Lynn got to speak first but the judge dismissed her first affidavit and then her second. It was awful but then Jenn Smith spoke on ‘everything’ Laura Lynn and I had provided in the binders. So now the judge heard it verbally from Jenn and has it hard copy in the binders. Win win.


Now lawyers are talking on behalf of the doctors and trying to convince the judge why the publication bans are needed for them…because of public backlash and comments threatening the doctors saying they should be kept away from children and that they are abusing kids and should be in jail.

(The doctors referred to, are the ones talking children into mutagenic procedures without their parents consent and even knowledge, and in this case after only a short session with an LGBT activist ‘doctor)


It is the truth and they should be exposed, investigated and put in jail.

I pray that since the judge just heard the evidence from Jenn proving the doctors are abusing children that he will not be swayed by these deceitful lawyers trying to defend these Degenerates.

The last lawyer who spoke just buried herself in trying to defend Wallace Wong in a CTV news interview promoting his book and advocating for his work.

The judge is not impressed with his actions to persuade ‘very young children’ to question their gender.

Also, the other side submitted a sealed file this morning which is not being made available. It is a file on Laura Lynn and the father saying they are continuing to breach orders…. but they refuse to let them see the affidavit.
So LL and the father can’t even defend themselves.

If I understand this correctly, a Judge has been handed defamatory materials on a defendant and there is no disclosure to the defence. Another breach in the bulwark of Western law, and innocent until proven guilty.


Once is a tragedy, twice a coincidence. Four or more?

1. March 4, 2020: Train derailment affects Thursday morning commute after ‘food grade product’ spills in Kingston

Kingston police are urging motorists to leave extra time for their Thursday morning commute as crews work to clean up a train derailment on Bath Road for a second day.

Early Thursday morning, officials with CN Rail alerted Kingston police that a portion of Bath Road had been damaged due to the toppled trains. The asphalt will need to be repaired.


The stretch between Armstrong and Queen Mary roads is expected to reopen Thursday afternoon.

CN officials, the Ministry of Environment, Kingston Fire and Rescue and Frontenac paramedics were called to the city’s west end after a train derailed Wednesday morning.

CN says eight cars ran off the tracks.

2. March 5, 2020: Freight train derails near Prince George, B.C., triggering school evacuation

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is sending a team of investigators to a train derailment in central British Columbia.


The CN freight train derailed near Giscome, which is about 40 kilometres east of Prince George and next to Eaglet Lake, at around 10 a.m. PT on Thursday morning. It prompted an evacuation from a nearby school.


It is not clear what the train was carrying, but the company says it was a variety of different products.

“On our way to town, at the Giscome crossing where the school is, there is a train wreck of propane tank cars — crumbled tanks,” said Catherine Kendall, who lives on a nearby farm.


“My concern was the kids.”

3. March 2, 2020: Arson suspect arrested in relation to CN Rail fire in Prince Rupert

One person has been arrested in connection with a serious fire at a CN Rail building in Prince Rupert, B.C.


The fire burned for hours after breaking out Sunday afternoon. RCMP were called around 4 p.m. PT, and officers soon arrested a young man for suspected arson.

The man remains in custody.


Cpl. Devon Gerrits said the incident isn’t believed to be related to recent protests at CN Rail sites across the country, some of which have involved small fires.

“No real motivation as of yet,” Cpl. Gerrits said Monday morning.


Around 70 people crowded on a nearby hillside to watch firefighters work to save the large building.

4. February 13, 2020: TTC subways resume service after morning derailment

(There is a lot fishy with this one. No one was injured because no one was on it. But its normally a very busy time of day and route. Someone is not saying what they know about this one. We have written about this before at Vlad and have vague insider on it but for the moment, its enough to say that something is not right about this event.)

5. March 5 train derail

Thank you Pail S., ML., and all who are watching the trains.