Two important speeches on immigration in Canada from conference in 2011

I have been going through old hard drives looking for a video I had from 2013 of testimony from one Aaron Weiss where he stood up to I think it was the New Jersey state legislator. At that time they were planning to confiscate guns from people’s homes. Aaron’s testimony was so good I remembered it, and went to some degree of trouble to restore old hard drives to find it.

In the meantime, I have come across a lot of materials that have been pulled down offline of some importance.

Here are two videos, one from an immigration lawyer, Julie Taub, and another from a Canaadian Diplomat, James Bissett. Both are good. And if you consider that things were this bad in 2011, imagine how they are now under Le Petit Dauphin.

Interview with owner operator of very popular restaurant, WOP Pizza in Alberta DESTROYED by vaxx pass ‘laws’

Please read the related story details over at RAIR Foundation at this link.

Ontario requires the mRNA Gene therapy shot before you can get actual medication for MS?

I am not aware that vaccination record has ever before been necessary for any procedure or treatment in Canada.

Here is why the protestors won

And no, I don’t mean a pyrrhic victory although yeah, i’d take that. Not a “the grapes are sour anyway” victory either. I mean a real one.

The protestors, led by many of Canada’s truck operators, forced what many of us knew was an authoritarian communist state to show its fangs. And this is a major victory for a state that was operating under what may as well be called a Fabian Society set of principles.

For those not familiar with the Fabians, they believed in turning the West communist but by stealth and without visible force. Their logo is literally a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Using lies and other forms of information warfare which has become the truck and trade of mainstream media across the formerly free world. Especially Canada where the CBC, CTV, and Global News craft the next day’s narratives in advance and then go get the footage they need to force that view. Probably one of the most repugnant reports on one of their methods recently is this one:

So make no mistake. Ripping the sheepskin off the wolf for all the world to see, that was an enormous victory. The people of the world now simply have no excuse not to understand the nature of Covid policies and the actions of Western governments now. Anyone who doesn’t join the fight back against the state that explained that it was two weeks to flatten the curve two years ago, and 30 days of emergency measures to flatten the right to protest the rulers, well its on them. But the skin was yanked off and we know its a wolf.

And as a result, there is a tad less lying. Deputy Viceroy Freeland has already declared the financial measures permanent…

…and the police chief has said that anyone who actively supported the protestors, whatever that means, which means whatever he wants it to as needs be, will be punished without due process, investigated without warrant, and treated as a criminal using retroactive tools to determine criminality, post hoc.

Yes, the state now determines that yesterday’s perfectly legal actions are now a crime. Worse than pre-crime, this is how growing a potato today makes you a vegetable criminal tomorrow.

So yes. Its a victory. Pick a side and get to work.


Trudeau’s dangerous and warped lies against the protestors for freedom

Trudeau now plans to criminalize those who would protest his anti-constitutional lockdown and mandatory experimental mRNA injection measures. And to add insult to injury, he is deliberately imputing the motives of those who drove across Canada for thousands of miles and have slept in their trucks for 2 weeks as “protesting Covid”.

It is difficult to think of a more loathsome and dishonest thing for one to do, who pretends to lead. Failing to address the concerns of the protestors, and a significant fraction of the Canadian population, should already mean he has no mandate to lead. But to reframe the nature of the protests into complete dialectic oblivion, we can now say Trudeau is an enemy of the people.

While we are on the topic of criminal protests though, Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Trudeau’s Minister of the Environment.

A conservative Vs. a CINO

A conservative, (meaning libertarian more or less, or classical liberal) leader:

NOT a conservative, but in fact another far left collaborator, who usurped the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Note that he says exactly what Trudeau does, except using a kind of inverse math. Sort of like 2X2=4 becomes 4÷2=2. While Trudeau injects a few people with Confederate flags and has his personal photographer follow them around and get the shots he needs to poison the well and then transmits moral superiority over Canada at a million watts, O’Toole uses the exact same narrative and doesn’t question or even point at the 100% of real protestors who had nothing but good vibes, and in fact staged the largest protest in Ottawa history DESPITE every level of government sabotaging it in every way they could and STILL ZERO ARRESTS! O’Toole can’t be bothered to mention any of those things, and instead, uses Trudeau’s talking points but in an inverse way.

It is no surprise that the comments are turned off at Youtube for this guy’s repetitive and fake opposition speech. He even says that his policies and Trudeau’s are identical, but complains he doesn’t get the credit for them. Increasingly across the Western world, ‘opposition’ looks like this.

I do like the way he squeaks the French word, “Tout” though.



Soviet Canada: Dr. Sam Dubé interviews Drs Nagase, and Dr. Mel Bruchet

This is a just-released interview with both Dr. Mel Bruchet, who was taken by eight RCMP officers from his home and taken to a mental hospital where he was forced to stay, medicated, and had his phone taken from him.

This is an important document on the Soviet tactics used by the government of Canada against anyone who places actual medicine and facts in the way of injecting everyone with an experimental mRNA gene therapy, including pregnant women, who were never part of any cohort in testing.

Please get a coffee or whatever calms you down and watch this video. Here is a link to our interview with Dr. Sam Dubé last week who alerted us to much of this.

Dr. Sam Dube on the confinement of a vaxx whistle blower at a mental hospital in British Columbia, Canada

Yes, the Soviet Union has come to Canada.

Please go to RIAR Foundation for the write up.

UPDATE: He has finally been released as of today. Expecting more details soon. Special thanks to Dr. Sam Dubé, The Fifth Doctor.

Canada turns another 30 degrees commiward

Link to official page for the tender

The entire process of requiring a judge’s signature on a warrant to get people’s private information has now been deconstructed. The Trudeau government is hiring now to create the infrastructure for total geofencing of Canada. In other words, they can grab your location and other identifying metadata from your phone now whenever, and why-ever they want.

Today would be a good day to just start leaving your phone behind now and again. And for sure, take the SIM out if you are planning to do anything rebellious. Like buy some meat or drive your car or read a book, not on the Critical Theory list.

Double vaxxed family returns to Canada to be imprisoned after multiple negative tests until 1+ one

That is an awkward title I admit. This video was scrubbed off Youtube within minutes of being posted. We found it on Bitchute though.

The first minutes is irrelevant. If you want to save time, go right to 4:10. But its a very important story. Especially for people who think that Canada is not as bad as Australia.

Thanks Pauline.