What role did Trudeau play in bringing the Wuhan Flu to Canada?

This is interesting


Ottawa Canada: MAJOR protest against Trudeau and the Covid measures on Parliament Hill

Its going to be a while till all the materials are ready. But a few photos in the meantime. Several thousand patriots where there and no sign of CBC or any of the main stream Canadian broadcasters, proving once again it is NOT fake news, it is ENEMY propaganda.

Also interesting, that mysteriously the parliament hill Cameras where down for maintenance from last night to tonight. Curiouser and curiouser.

Check back on this post over the next few hours and days for videos and photos of this stellar event.

Canadian Government wants YOU to download its new track-you-everywhere app!


I just had this checked out by a very trusted associate and friend of this site. This is the Google app. You have to have Bluetooth on for it to work, and it exchanges random codes with other phones nearby that have Bluetooth on with this app. There is NO WAY it can track you. This app is safe to use, and is not Orwellian and it was thoroughly looked at by a world class libertarian minded hacker. Only you will know if you are exposed and it will not tell you by who or where.

it only updates once a day, so you shouldn’t even be able to guess if you are moving around like normal

COVID Alert does not use GPS or track your location.

It has no way of knowing:

Your location.
Your name or address.
Your phone’s contacts.
Your health information.
The health information of anyone you’re near.

So I am please to update this post with information that is conforting. There was indeed a data base driven app the Canadian govenment did try and push and it really was Orwellian. This Google one is not.

Just received this by TXT:

This is a message from the Government of Canada.

Help protect yourself and your community. Download the COVID Alert app for free to help stop the spread of the virus.

The COVID Alert app lets users know if they may have been exposed to COVID-19. Available now in the App Store and Google Play.

For more information, contact 1-833-784-4397.

[Carrier] does not have any responsibility or liability for the COVID Alert app.

This seems like a good time to remind Canadians that Justin Trudeau asked all banks to submit all financial transactions of any kind including ATM cash withdrawals, of 500.000 Canadians without their knowledge or consent, to the government WITH the name and address of the account holders. In other words, this wasn’t metadata to see how Canadians handle money, but to see what YOU do with YOUR money. All purchases, everything. So getting an app made by the same government that tracks your every movement and compares it to the movements of all other people with phones (everyone) you may be near, seems a trifle Orwellian to be good for your mental or physical health. Far, FAR worse than the chances of COVID.


Canadian General who stopped the military from controlling the narrative on Covid, ‘resigned’ today

Remember this article from a few days ago?

Canadian Forces ‘information operations’ pandemic campaign quashed after details revealed to top general

The Canadian Forces planned what some military insiders described as a propaganda campaign aimed at heading off civil disobedience by the public during the coronavirus pandemic.

But the initiative was shut down by the country’s top soldier who questioned whether it went too far in the methods military officers wanted to use.

The campaign called for “shaping” and “exploiting” information, allowing the Canadian Forces to be able to strengthen trust in official sources of information, said a military planning document reviewed by this newspaper. One of the desired results was that civil order be maintained during the pandemic. “Canadian public is deterred from participating in Civil Disobedience,” according to the objectives of the plan. “Canadian public compliance with suppression measures is reinforced.”

When Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jon Vance was briefed about the information operations campaign, he ordered it stopped. Some senior military staff raised concerns the plan could be open to abuse in using propaganda or deception to manipulate the Canadian public.

Various military sources contacted this newspaper to raise concerns about the information campaign. The Canadian Forces later provided the unclassified information operations document to this newspaper.

The information operations plan was issued April 8, temporarily rescinded five days later, and then officially halted on May 1. Canadian Forces sources say Vance told military leaders that as long as he was in charge information operations tactics wouldn’t be used in a domestic situation, except in the case where an enemy had invaded the country. […]

And today, this:

Gen. Vance to resign as Canada’s top military commander

Canada’s top military commander is retiring.

Gen. Jonathan Vance, the country’s longest serving chief of defence staff, announced the decision in a letter to the troops that was published on Twitter on Thursday.

In the letter, Vance wrote that he has already informed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan and Governor General Julie Payette that he plans on relinquishing command of the Canadian Armed Forces in the “months to come.”

(As Canadians, we must hope these events are not connected. But if they are, Canada is led by a man who is inspired by the likes of Chavez or Xi.)

1500 people yelling “I LOVE TRUMP” at the US Embassy in Ottawa on July 1, CBC outright LIE about it

Amazing and unexpected. Mass protest against Trudeau and 1500 Canadians yelling their support of President Trump. Heart warming.

1500 + of warm, friendly patriots fed up with Trudeau corruption and the socialist deconstruction of Canada.

See more at RAIRFoundation

MANY people there were protesting Trudeau’s fiat gun ban.

There will be a lot more on this over the next day or so.

But first, be aware of this. The CBC did have someone on site but not close enough to the event or identifiable in any way so that people could represent themselves to the CBC and LITERALLY LIED about what this protest was about.

Notice how they used noice cancel tech to make sure you couldn’t hear the speaker. That is how communist Canada is now. The state broadcaster doesn’t just spin reality to make you feel the way they want you to about it. They actually fully misrepresent it.

They claimed this was anti-lockdown. This was anti-Trudeau, anti Trudeau’s illegal fiat gun grab and about having the FBI investigate Trudeau under the terms of the new Canada Mexico US deal that requires no corruption for no tariffs.

Watch the video posted above which is a composite of about 4 clips from July 1 at Parliament Hill and the US Embassy in Ottawa, and compare it to the narrative the CBC put out there!

The only thing that comes to mind is the Goebbels quote that seems more and more to represent Trudeau’ Canada, Merkel’s Germany and the Democrat party and its pet media:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.


The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.


It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels

Trudeau’ Canada is about using “the whole of government”. schools, hospitals, media, police to protect the lie.

On Chinese agent of influence, Theresa Tam

Notice a few things about this CBC video.

  1. The comments are turned off
  2. Youtube says that its a Canadian Public Broadcast Service while saying RT is “Funded in whole or in part by the Russian government.

In other words, Youtube makes CBC look like a good and benign thing while making RT appear to be a propaganda organ of the Russians. In fact, the CBC is far more agenda driven and consistently anti-Western than RT shows towards any specific agenda, even though to a degree, it is certainly an agent of influence for Russian interests.

Another massive ticket by tyrants for nothing in Ottawa’s Strathcona Park

This is the second incidence in this park. A Syrian refugee got one of these ultra-vires fines for sitting on a park bench with his daughter just a week or so ago, as posted on this site.

Freedom means if nothing else, the right to do your own risk assessment. What we are seeing here is not a health measure. It is an anti-freedom measure.

Please see the Rebel Write-up here.



1. Trudeau and his ministers have a consistent foreign policy of sucking up to China

2. Trudeau, for reasons that are not known or easily understood, arranged to get two plane loads of medical equipment from China. The aircraft left empty today for Canada. Oddly, given the record of Chinese medical gear we are probably farther ahead.

China Screws Canada Over Again, Planes Forced To Leave Without Supplies

Yet again we see why being reliant on China for manufacturing is a massive mistake.

As if spreading the Coronavirus and kidnapping our Citizens wasn’t enough, China has screwed Canada over again.

Two planes meant to take key medical supplies to Canada were forced to take off completely empty.

The debacle was revealed by Justin Trudeau, as the lack of federal preparation and Canadian manufacturing capacity continues to hurt our country:

“Supply lines and truck shipments to the airports are difficult and interrupted by checkpoints and quarantine measures. For the most part, we’ve been able to navigate through those and ensure that Canada has received the equipment that it needs,” the prime minister said during his daily briefing outside his Ottawa residence.

3. Worried about offending Trump, ‘flaky’ Trudeau ‘humiliated’ fellow leaders during TPP trade talks: former Aussie PM

(I’m sorry. I do not believe that Trudeau is afraid of offending President Trump. In fact I think he doesn’t really get the concept of normal discourse at all)

‘Justin, we’re not here to talk about your socks,’ Malcolm Turnbull told Trudeau in a meeting after the Canadian PM stood up fellow-leaders

Former Australian prime minster Malcolm Turnbull has accused Justin Trudeau of “humiliating” other world leaders during negotiations for a revamped Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal in 2017.


In a just published autobiography, Turnbull said he personally felt let down by Trudeau and upbraided him for embarrassing other world leaders when he failed to show up for a critical meeting.


Turnbull said he was scheduled, by coincidence, to meet with Trudeau after the no-show and the Canadian prime minister seemed more interested in talking about his socks than the previous meeting.


“Justin always wore perfectly tailored suits that fitted like a glove, bright socks and on this occasion two-tone shoes,” wrote Turnbull. “‘What do you think of the socks?’ he asked, crossing his legs as he sat down. ‘Justin,’ I said, ‘we’re not here to talk about your socks’.”

4. Tweet of the day:

5. Another worthy poll:

6. Classic Trudeau. These must be for him and his friends.

Thanks to all of you who contributed to this post, and all the work we did today at Vlad Tepes.

A few important links about China and Canada and the Chinese Viceroy to Canada, Justin Trudeau

1. Thousands of contaminated test kits delivered to New Brunswick

Thousands of kits meant to screen for COVID-19 delivered to New Brunswick from a supplier in China last week were contaminated and can’t be used at this point.

Premier Blaine Higgs told reporters Thursday that he learned about the defective kits a week ago and found the news “disappointing.”


The problem appeared to be “related to the packaging and the situation around the company,” Higgs said when asked about the test kits at his regular coronavirus briefing.

Dr. Richard Garceau, a microbiologist-infectologist at the Dr. Georges-L.-Dumont University Hospital Centre in Moncton, told Radio-Canada more than 6,400 test kits were contaminated prior to being used.


“As soon as we received them, we realized that they were all contaminated with bacteria … In addition to being contaminated, the product was defective,” Garceau said. 

The kits included swabs and sterilized tubes.

It wasn’t clear how the contamination occurred. 

2. Justin Trudeau from February 1 2020

PM warns against discrimination at Lunar New Year event as fears of coronavirus spread

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau urged Canadians to stay united and warned against the rise of discrimination as fears of the coronavirus spread.


“There is no place in our country for discrimination driven by fear or misinformation,” Trudeau said at a Lunar New Year celebration at a banquet hall in Scarborough, a district in Toronto. “This is not something Canadians will ever stand for.”


The comments come just days after politicians, public health officials and members of the Chinese Canadian community in Toronto said that more needed to be done to avoid a recurrence of the racism and xenophobia experienced during the 2003 SARS outbreak.


4th confirmed case in Canada


Public health officials in Canada confirmed another person tested positive for coronavirus on Friday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to four — three in Ontario and one in B.C.


In China, where the outbreak originated, the number of confirmed cases rose above 11,000 on Saturday, with the death toll at 259.

3. Brian Lilley tweet showing how CCP moles within the Canadian government may have sabotaged our supply of medical materials.

(Trying to find that video but its not easy yet)

4. CBC adopts more communist tactics, instructs children on how to guide parent’s wrongthink.

A CBC News report gives kids advice on how to shut down “conspiracy theories” voiced by their parents about coronavirus being created by China in a lab.

Because apparently that’s the media’s job now.

The presenter laments how somebody’s Dad may drop a message into chat blaming China for “manufacturing the coronavirus” with a “link to a site you’ve never heard of” (translation – a link that’s not, God forbid, mainstream media).


The piece then features a woman from a group that combats “misinformation online” who urges the son or daughter not to get confrontational with their Dad but to accuse him of being accurate and stirring fear.


Compare America’s fact-based response to Chinese Propaganda to Canada’s utter submission to it

First, the United States now officially states that the CCP lied about the number of dead as well as other information they released about the virus and the pandemic:

Then look at Canada’s shameful and ultimately deadly submission to Chinese propaganda:

SHAMEFUL: ChiComs Praise Propaganda Patty

While much of the world is waking up to the danger posed by the lies of the Chinese Communist Party, Patty Hajdu (AKA Propaganda Patty) has decided to stand with the Chicoms, repeating their Propaganda Line about the Coronavirus infection rate and death toll – despite those numbers being obviously false.

And now, the head of a newspaper controlled by the CCP is praising Hajdu:

“Canadian Health Minister Hajdu is a role model. She is a disappointment to those paparazzi journalists and fearmongers.”

Brutal: Hajdu Doubles Down On Spouting Discredited Chinese Communist Party Virus Numbers

Patty Hajdu continues doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party.

Yesterday, she claimed – against all the evidence – that China’s virus infection and death totals were correct:

“Of course – as always – Hajdu is wrong.

There is clear evidence, much of it compiled by Chinese citizens online, pointing to a clearly much higher death rate.

And of course, the US intel report is something the Canadian government should be listening too, considering the US is our ally, and China is not.

Even worse, Hajdu called those questions, “conspiracy theories.”

“Your question is feeding into conspiracy theories that many people have been perpetuating on the internet.”

Amazingly, Hajdu made the comments despite CHINA ITSELF admitting that they had undercounted the numbers by excluding asymptomatic people.”

Patty Hajdu is currently the Minister of Health under Trudeau’s Neo-Marxist government. Previous to that she was the Minister of Status of Women and Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour.

Patty Hadju has a background in graphic design, and a BA in how to get a government job. She appears to have no medical training whatsoever.

Canadian Government bans father from talking about what he isn’t allowed to say to his daughter at home

A few days ago, we posted an excellent interview with a father of a teenage girl who’s father has objected to her taking permanently altering and sterilizing drugs to sort of look like a male, and for which the state took over and criminalized him and controlled his words and actions in a way very few Canadians today would believe the state capable of.

This is something beyond which even Soviet communism would try. At least in terms of imposing a pseudo-reality and forcing it on the general public.

That interview was forced to be removed by Canadian courts as the father also has a gag order disallowing him to even discuss the case.

This website has been chronicling the details of this issue since it first came up as a matter of interest. So a LOT of news on this father, his estranged SJW ex wife and his daughter who has been maneuvered into taking very dangerous drugs and soon, surgeries in order to sort of kind of look like a human male instead of a fully functioning female with the basic ability to reproduce.

The day after the interview we posted, Laura Lynn also interviewed the man, and the courts forced that interview down as well. Below, a Facebook video (moved to 3speak with permission because, well Facebook) Laura explains her views on this issue and why she will not remove her interview.

This is important.

Here is the video of the interview Laura Lynn refuses to remove. This is an indictment of Canada. Not Laura Lynn, or of a caring father that was trying to protect his daughter from a state imagining it is God.

A screen grab of the Frank Vaughan interview videos as the are now on this site:

We are currently working on restoring the Frank Vaughan video now.