Canada sending small bribes to Canadians cause ‘climate’

Written and submitted by Anonymous

The Left’s accelerating climate change agenda is an ideological juggernaught with real-world consequences. Virtue-driven, closed science is surely waltzing-woke but sleepwalking Canadians into a long winter of discontent.

Bribes are being mailed to Canadians under the banner of “Climate Action Incentive Payments”.

Like the mafioso who offers the dupe string-free money only to later return for a costly “favour”, Canadians’ acceptance of this menacing inducement will soon come to understand the true meaning of tyranny. For perspective, while fiscal conservatives handwring over the plight of the U.S. dollar under the unprecedented Covid economic bailout, Canadians blithely skate to their own frigid demise largely unaware that its government has spent five times what America has on a per capita basis over the same period. This means the “incentive” payments they are receiving are simutaneously watering their proverbial whiskey into having no kick at all. In fact, it seems that our masters have committed us to a one-way trip to serfdom by printing more money into digital existance at the worst possible time. It’s almost as if if they are saying, “…Well, if the Keynesian experiment is almost over and all Western fiats are soon going up in hyperinflationary flames,” (deflationary depression with a wheelbarrow, and you heard this one here first), “we may as well buy us a good ol’ fashioned authoritarian dictatorship with the suckers’ dough….”

Canadians are oblivious to the social contract quietly formed by accepting this payment from their “elected” Don. The unexpressed terms of this contract will become explicit as an agreement to locking down the population at a later date under the premise of “climate emergency”. You will be limited in your heating oil and gas consumption, mobility, and all related supply chain limitations such as access to food, medicine, and every other necessity of life.

Daisy-chain fealty to this epic fraud (mass-line effort) goes something like this:

“Segei” emigrates from Belarus to Canada 20 years ago. Even though he knows communism first hand he is not particularly political, so isn’t looking for this brand of lightning to strike twice in his lifetime. He drops his guard even though Dear Leader strikes him as a phoney. Then Covid comes along and he takes a couple of shots to keep his job. He isn’t injured, but constantly feels tired so vows not to take another. Then the Ukraine comes along and he’s a born-again Uke because if there is one thing he knows it’s that Putin is a bastard. So while he doesn’t like Dear Leader, Sergei sees this sad sack appearing punching way above his weight in the Ukraine, so he can’t be all bad. Now, when he gets his Climate Action Incentive Payment (CAIP) cheque in the mail he accepts it without questioning it. His better judgement (like other aspects of him we will leave alone for now) has been compromised. He falls to one line effort even though he has not fully bought into one or more of the others.

I use the hypothetical immigrant example because it is an enduring mystery to me how such a person is not innoculated against communism even though they have lived it. In my opinion the common denominator between him, and between Canada-borns who don’t see the obvious, is that they were not taught healthy commie suspicion by one or both parents. Ultimately everyone who may resist one or another line of effort against us, may succumb to others. A kind of Daisy-chain fealty.

The real threats we now face are a sovereign debt bubble collapse, the war in Ukraine expanding, and a food and fuel crisis. The other real threat we face is the collection of mass–line chimeras delivered to us by Maoist technocrats. A good head shake will make these fictions vanish instantly because they are not real, however daisy-chain fealty has us well tangled up. What is chaos to the fly is perfectly normal to the Maoist spider.

The collectivist beauty of the CAIP is that the money, though it isn’t quite clear, probably comes from a tax on the private sector. So it is a wealth transfer from the risk-taking productive class (modern Kulaks if you like) to those who did nothing for it.

It’s not worth your soul. But it’s not worth a possible audit from a weaponized CRA (tax man in Canada) either. So instead of giving back the money in protest, why not take the wealth Dear Leader is stealing from us, and instead channel it to freedom causes? Send it to The Rebel, The Truckers, Tamara Lich’s defence fund, Vets 4 Freedom, or any other recipient you trust to fight for yourself and our country?

Climate action incentive payment –

Chairman Mao’s Teachings on the Mass Line

[Editor’s note: There used to be an expression attributed to an Amer-Indian chieftain. “Europeans will be in for a surprise when they discover that they cannot eat money”.

It sure feels like when Trudeau is bribing Canadians with fiat in order to pacify them as he makes it impossible to farm enough food, that he knows this, and it is the intended result.]

Man fined over $1100.00 for writing Free Tamara Lich in chalk on Wellington St.

When police become state thugs

Over a year ago in Ottawa, some people at night dug up a no parking sign, which I imagine is likely a crime of some sort, and moved it into a grassy area of a public park, dug a hole and planted it, and painted it white, then put black lives matters crap on it. That was well over a year ago. It is still there. No one has moved or touched it. Trees have been taken down by the city in that park, but no one has touched that sign. The black lives matters material is long. gone, and even some smartass who covered it with a Silhouette of a dog and replaced it with, “Black Labs Matter”, that sign is also gone. But the white painted parking sign still sits there in the park well over a year later.

But this guy gets an $1130.00 fine for writing a little nothing in chalk on a pedestrian st.

Ezra Levant speaks with Tamara Lich’s lawyer on the curious timing of her newest arrest

This is an important video, which is to say, the information in it is of importance and value. The fact that Tamara was wanted on a Canada-Wide warrant for political issues shows how Trudeau has corrupted the criminal justice system. There are several important reveals in this video.


Trudeau has added a special antennae to the Peace Tower in anticipation of Bill C11

The Senate seems to be in second reading

Anyone wishing to understand the authoritarian nature of C11 is welcome to research it. I would use though. And a VPN.

Special thanks to Gates of Vienna for adding the all seeing eye to this photo of Ottawa’s Parliament Hill.

Trudeau creates new, better class of Canadian Citizen for non-citizens of Canada

It is hard to keep up with who has rank over actual Canadians in Canada should they reject the experimental mRNA gene therapy being forced on us to varying degrees.

We know that illegals coming in from wherever by way of Roxham Rd. in Quebec do not have to take the shots. Many people have indicated that Police do not have to take it, while the military does.

But here is a new one, right from Immigration Canada:

That’s right. No experimental shots for Ukrainians, or better put, people coming to Canada by way of Ukraine with Ukrainian papers of some kind, and they can come and go as they please!

Once again we learn that this is about obedience and not disease control. And people should be taking to the streets like Egyptians did twice in a year to get rid of petty tyrants like Trudeau.

Canadians subject to continued scientism and senseless authoritarianism

Elections Canada just sent out this notice, and arrests are being made

And they NEVER send out weather warnings

This is the second arrest video so far I have seen

Apparently this guy is ‘Pebbles’. The guy who tossed a handful of pebbles at Trudeau at a campaign stop.

Below, I don’t know yet.

Trudeau to remove more rights on a selective basis

So much makes no sense at all. The entire legal basis for lockdowns, mandates, discrimination and forcing people to take an experimental mRNA gene therapy which normally would be illegal, was that they had declared emergency measures and the suspension of basic rights and liberties to deal with flu season.

But now, CBC tells us, (which itself means nearly nothing actually as CBC is nothing more and nothing less than a government funded engine of dialectics) that the emergency measures act, which HAS NEVER BEEN USED BEFORE, will be invoked to end the Trucker’s protest to end the emergency measures act taking away all our rights.

Just when you think you have a grip on how warped everything is, you find out its a lot more warped than you thought.

Mind you nothing is beyond Trudeau, as a soulless tyrant of the WEF school for communist viceroys. Even Bill Mahar says Trudeau sounds like Hitler. And while I don’t want to contradict Mahar when he is super close to the truth, it would be more accurate to say Trudeau sounds like Mao. After all, his 2IC, Mark Carney is from that school.

Trudeau To Unleash Never-Before-Used ‘Emergency Powers Act’ To Counter Protests As US-Canada Bridge Reopens

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has learned that Prime Minister Trudeau “will inform the provinces he will invoke the Emergencies Act to give the government extra powers to deal with the protests across the country. But in a meeting with the Liberal caucus, the PM said there were no plans to deploy the military.” 

The move follows a meeting Sunday of the federal cabinet and its Incident Response Group (IRG).

Trudeau tweeted late Sunday that the IRG discussed “further actions the government can take to help end the blockades and occupations.”

Earlier that day, Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair told CBC’s Rosemary Barton Live that the federal government has discussed invoking special emergency powers to deal with ongoing protests in Ottawa.

Blair described the attitude around invoking the Emergencies Act as “appropriate caution” rather than “reticence.”

As CBC concludes, the law gives the federal government carte blanche to cope with a crisis, including the ability to enact emergency powers that allow it to prohibit travel within a specified area or remove personal property, while imposing fines or jail time on people contravening new orders.

This is basically the ability to unleash ‘selective’ martial law on Canadians.

True North is offering $6,500.00 for anyone who can identify the false flag NAZI at the Trucker’s Protest

True North link here. They have several photos and videos of the man and are offering so far, $6,500.00 for a positive ID.

We may have a few photos of him as well:

In the next photo, pay extra attention to the flag itself. Notice that it still has all the creases from the package. This was likely opened and mounted that morning, meaning this was no Nazi but someone who wanted to inject that symbol into the protest.

Good hunting!

I would start around Trudeau’s office. My guess is that is where the origin is. That or the Liberal Party of Canada’s dirty tricks group. And have no doubt they have one.

Trudeau dripping with contempt, claims that the protestors do not represent Canada…

A response to Trudeau…