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14 Replies to “About those Jihadis who want to return to France and resume their lives there…”

  1. The short haired woman is shocked by the news that France already has carried out targeted assassinations of many jihadist/IS in Syria and Iraq. The establishment elite and liberal left politicians doesn’t have to confront reality much. Another option would be war tribunals in place, let the people who they murdered, slaughtered and tortured judge them.

  2. In my opinion anybody who fought with ISIS is actually worse than a Nazi concentration camp guard because they were not following orders when they signed up and they knew full well that they would be torturing and murdering people and committing certified crimes against humanity, and as such should all be tried and then immediately hanged by the neck until dead. They must be executed in the very name of humanity. They are war criminals of the worst kind…

    • Submission.

      Holy Spirit.

      These have been thrown away, and the violent creatures stand in their place:


      Fake Truth.
      Fake Identity.
      Fake Love.

      They hate the child.

      • You want truth and to “keep the peace”?
        With a gun to your head, submit and say the Shahada.

        You want Preference and to “keep the peace”?
        With a gun to your head, conform say that you too are a not-you.

        You want Love and to “keep the peace”Peace?
        With a gun to your head, believe-in-denial and be Born Again.

        “The white outfits dozens of female lawmakers wore to the State of the Union address Tuesday night were a visual tribute to the U.S. suffragists and an attempt to spark the same kind of publicity, said Rebecca Boggs Roberts, the author of “Suffragists in Washington, D.C.: The 1913 Parade and the Fight for the Vote.””

        Next year, in hijabs. Inshalla.

  3. Present company excepted in the realm of this observation, this is a perfect example of feminization acting to the greater detriment. With false indignity she refuses to discuss killing the radical, murderous animals. She tyrannically tries to drown him out saying such an opinion is verboten. Nothing like an open mind. In fact it is she who is the danger. Sympathizing with the enemy will get more of her countrymen killed. Where’s the morality in this?

    Another great example of feminization is how they report the weather in Dystopia. I don’t know about other countries (I’d like to hear from you guys on this) but we always get the wind-chill factor thrown at us here. So if it is minus 15-celsius the wind MAKES IT FEEL LIKE -25, or some such thing. Sure gets us talking about the weather more, and “climate change” more–feminization of the weather to make a mountain out of a mole hill. Terrorists in France? Human waste should be thrown out. End of discussion.

    • “It is important for employers to know the wind chill temperature so that they can gauge workers’ exposure risk better and plan how to safely do the work. It is also important to monitor workers’ physical condition during tasks, especially new workers who may not be used to working in the cold, or workers returning after spending some time away from work.”

    • We get the same thing down here, wind chill or the relative humidity, I hadn’t thought of it that way but I don’t remember hearing about wind chill and relative humidity on the weather forecasts until the 1980s when the global warming scam started being pushed.

  4. Women are by nature compassionate and driven to give even the enemy a chance.

    Men though are by nature programmed to defend their territory from the alien invader- by lethal force if necessary.

    It has been a terrible mistake to put women in power. Its leading to the death of the West.

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