The Rebel has obtained Global Affairs documents regarding WEF Great Reset meetings

FWIW, The renaming of our ministry of Foreign Affairs to “Global Affairs” by Trudeau all by itself is a pretty powerful indicator of his intention to destroy Canada as a polity, as a Nation State.

Below, the former War Museum on Sussex Drive, Ottawa. Photo from 2021

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The Documents


Rebel Reporter attacked by the mysterious security services at the hill

From The Rebel:


Moments ago, Trudeau’s police attacked our reporter Alexa Lavoie.

She was simply doing her job: documenting Canada’s shocking descent into martial law. She’s not a protester. She’s a journalist. But she’s not one of Trudeau’s journalists.

So when one of Trudeau’s cops spotted her today, he made a bee-line for her. He beat her with a stick, and he shot her in the leg with a tear gas canister. Take a look:

IMPORTANT livecast from Ezra and the Rebel News team on Pastor Artur’s treatment under Neo-Maoism

This is no joke. I just watched the bulk of this live webcast and Ezra makes several harsh but accurate observations about the judge that adjudicated the case against Artur Pawloski. Ezra points out that the last time the state demanded that an accused self-flagelate and denounce themselves, was under Mao.


Trudeau denies entry to Rebel reporters despite COURT ORDER to do so

For those following the Canadian spiral dive into authoritarianism, you may have seen how a federal court two days ago found in favour of the Rebel and ordered that their reporters be allowed to cover the leadership debates.

Please read these four Tweets by Ezra and ask yourself a few questions.

Here are some of mine:

Where are the other parties on this purely authoritarian and dishonest abuse of power?

Where is the legacy media, paid off by Trudeau in fact, in terms of freedom of speech and diversity of opinion?

There is a protest scheduled outside the debate venue in Hull/Gatineau tonight in front of the Museum of Civilization by Maxime Bernier’s party as he was also excluded from the debate despite polling a lot higher than 2 of the parties, The Green Party and the Bloq Quebecois at 6:30. Perhaps the protest should be bigger than that now.

Victoria province Australia continues its totalitarianism under the Covid beard

Victoria police deliver letter to independent, (non-narrative) journalist warning him not to go to a freedom protest or face arrest for incitement. Video date, May 28. 2021

2. Scenes from protests in Victoria Australia. The minor key cello and piano is annoying as hell. But the content still matters.

3. May 24, 2021, Rebel: Jews being targeted and attacked by two HATE groups in Melbourne

(No embed. You have to click through for video)

On Sunday, the Melbourne Jewish community held a rally in solidarity with Israel. 

When the peaceful event was announced, two extremist groups took to the internet, calling on people to travel to the Jewish neighbourhood:

  1. Antifa organised a counter-protest, inviting their friends to rally in the same park.
  2. And a woman posted a video on TikTok that went viral, inciting jihadis to also head to Caulfield.

So it’s no surprise that both groups showed up to interrupt the family-friendly event.

4. Victoria Police determine WHO is and WHO IS NOT accredited media!

Thank you Oz-Rita


Montreal Police abandon law, and go Stasi on Rebel Media staff

Let’s hope and look for more on this. Police may or may not have been acting ultra-vires up to now, meaning using powers not granted to them under whatever act they claim they are enforcing, but now this is plain police state tactics. This has nothing to do with law at all, if Ezra’s interpretation of these events are correct. And he is a lawyer.