How Mao is my medicine? Texas Dr. shamed and fired for doing science instead of Biden diktats

How Mao? This Mao.

It is really great that Laura Ingram mentioned the Soviet nature of this story. But it looks to me more like the Maoist tactic of public humiliation. Much like Democrats did to Trump supporters when they staged early morning arrests and tipped off CNN camera crews so the nation could watch. They do not do that to actual terrorists. But to a doctor that actually practices scientific medicine, meaning she adjusts her methods with observations of what works and what doesn’t, she gets the Mao Mao.

The Whole Laura Ingram show is very good actually. Here is is at this link.

Remember this video from on or before May of 2020? I wonder what happened to him? This was before the vaxx was on the table so they may not have destroyed him for it. But I bet its hard to find this clip other than on obscure platforms like 3Speak.