Christmas Market in Berlin, 2018

An Original Translation by Miss Piggy with much thanks!

From this German News Site:

Christmas market is sealed off
Berlin is building “unique” terror protection

Two years ago, the Islamist Anis Amri raced with a truck into the Christmas market on Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. Twelve people are killed in the attack. Now the Christmas market opens again – and becomes the high security zone.

Since Monday, workers have been building more than a hundred square metal baskets along the perimeter the Breitscheidplatz and screwing them into a long row. The baskets come with plastic bags filled with sand.

The Berliner “Kurier” called it the  “Mulled Wine Fortress”. The barrier elements and their construction and dismantling cost the country more than 2.5 million euros. The metal bollards and concrete bases are to be reused in the future.

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14 Replies to “Christmas Market in Berlin, 2018”

  1. What I am missing here are the watch towers and machine guns.
    And are those machine guns supposed to be pointing inwards or outwards.

    • Make sure that they visit KaDeWe. Only Harrod’s of London has a larger inventory. Plus, the top-floor “cafeteria”, if operated as a restaurant, could earn a Michelin Star.

      Absolutely do not let them miss the basement food court. There is an Italian booth that sells air-cured beef with stone mushrooms. I swear, it was one of the most simultaneously subtle yet sumptuous flavors that I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve worked as a professional chef). Think: Prosciutto on steroids.

      Did I mention hundreds of cheeses? Zillions of sausages? Twixt roof and cellar are hours of the most fascinating shopping imaginable. All with unimaginable price tags. Somewhere in the middle is their “candy counter”. It features chocolates that would bring tears to most female eyes.

      To miss this is to forego one of the greatest shopping experiences there is to be had.

  2. As I noted elsewhere, this many layers of defensive measures means that only symptoms are being addressed and not the actual root causes.

    For instance, what’s to stop a bomb vest attack within the enclosure? After all, it’s winter and everyone will be wearing bulky clothing. I doubt they will profile admissions at any useful sort of level.

    This handwaving and conjuring is totally delusional, even fatal, when confronted with a core threat like Islam.

      • Explosive-sniffing, islamophobic dogs?

        I, too, thought of the dogs. Some nice German shepherds at the entrance would certainly intimidate Muslims. In the long run, however, it’s just one more defensive layer that’s symptomatic of a reactive mentality.

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