A brave (real) refugee from Turkey is stabbed in Hyde Park for being critical of Islam

A Christian woman from Turkey was brave enough to defend freedom of speech at its most iconic location in the world and was stabbed for it. What a chronic shame to all born to freedom

RAIR Foundation has another video of previous grotesque attacks against her

Someone needs to keep an eye on religious muslims in West Midlands for a bit

Thanks to Pym Purnell on Twitter for sending me this story:

Farmer witnesses sheep having throat slit in horror attack

A sheep farmer watched in horror as two men slit the throat of one of his in-lamb ewes in a field in broad daylight.

Adam Neachell and one of his workers were moving an electric fence in a field of turnips when they noticed the flock of Texel cross Mule ewes acting out of character.

“It is a big 120-acre field and the sheep were running towards us, as if there was a dog in with them,” said Mr Neachell, of Shrubbery Farm, Aldridge, West Midlands.

They hopped on a quad bike to investigate and came across two men with one of the ewes, with her throat slit and dying.

“The men were Asian, aged about 25-30 and wearing dark clothing,” Mr Neachell recalled. “As soon as they saw us, they ran off.”

What shocked Mr Neachell was that it was 11.30am and the field has a public footpath running through it, which dozens of walkers use every day.

In the UK, “Asian” usually means muslim. It is highly unlikely these men were Japanese for example. Pym Purnell asked the following:

We of course, have no idea if this action is a prelude to anything. But the video below from 2014 appears to be a prelude to this event in any case:

Cute sheep throat slitting song there.

Islamic Call to prayer now permitted in Mississauga, Ontario

Check out the reasoning.

People need comfort, but hearing a call across the city in a foreign language that ultimately is a call to dominate the non-muslims, cannot be something familiar which gives comfort.

This is classic neo-Marxist attacks on Classical Civilization using language and cognitive dissonance and of course, anyone who objects is a “racist” so pointing out the absurdity and hypocrisy of the reasoning to allow this, won’t go over well. May even be punished by law. If you can get a $1500.00 fine for taking your dog to your own back yard, then it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to punish people for not supporting the call to prayer, in a time where we are all supposed to be isolating, (another aspect of the cognitive dissonance) might net you a criminal charge of some kind.

Rumour has it that around May 11th or so, this sequestration may begin to end. This likely means that before Ramadan is done, the call to prayer will actually be a call to prayer and not be for “comfort” at all. It will be what it is intended to be.

A triumphalist note for Muslims where their prayers and schedules are supreme over the unbelievers.

I deeply hope that someone will stand across the street from the mosque and practice Bagpipes at the same time. It would be interesting to see how the police handle that one. Should someone decide to do it, make sure it’s filmed.

H/T Gun Goddess

Interesting reviews of Toronto hotel being used for refugees and ‘migrants’

Go here to read them all. Its very interesting to read the reviews of this hotel when it was a regular Canadian hotel as opposed to now where its a sewage treatment plant in Paris.

A couple of sample reviews below:

Check the dates on each one. You can track a bit of ‘hope and change’ that way.

Blasphemy now means …

The new normal of course is to avoid, spin or reformat any real world events that cause one to doubt the Marxist-muslim narrative, and exaggerate fictions which promote it. The Trump-Russia story, well I don’t need to say more about that to anyone actually paying attention.

But now and again there is a story with massive importance which just sort of sits there.

Actually every day. And here is one of them:

Indonesia woman irked by mosque noise on trial for blasphemy

Indonesian prosecutors have demanded an 18-month prison term for a woman who was charged with blasphemy after she complained about the volume of a mosque’s loudspeakers.


The ethnic Chinese defendant, Meiliana, 44, was arrested on May 18, about two years after her case triggered a riot in Tanjung Balai, a port town in North Sumatra province.

A spokesman at the local prosecutor’s office, Sumanggar Siagian, said Tuesday the sentencing demand for Meiliana was made at the District Court in Medan, the province’s capital, on Monday.


Prosecutors said the defendant had violated Indonesia’s criminal code by committing blasphemy against Islam, the dominant faith in Indonesia.

So in moderate Indonesia, simply complaining about the excessive volume of a minaret which blasts its hate of unbelievers, morning, noon and night, is now the crime of blasphemy. She is lucky she isn’t getting the death sentence. But clearly according to sharia she could. Its just a matter of the other meaning of “Hijra”, the increased degree of islamic adherence in a given area.

This part of Indonesia is now so islamic that complaining about the volume of a minaret is blasphemy. This is no more ludicrous, less actually, than the charge of blasphemy itself.

But it isn’t so islamic that this form of blasphemy should be met with death just yet. But anyone who thinks it won’t be in the future is in denial of the trajectory of Islamic rule in Indonesia, and frankly, everywhere else in the world except maybe the Far East.

This is on a rhumb line with M103 as one example. With very little steering we will get to that level of adherence. In some ways we are already there as complaining about increased islamification and any inconvenience and loss of equality before the law, already gets charges of “islamophobia” levelled at you.

In England not that long ago, muslims gained the rational right to bring halal food to school with them. Then, they demanded that halal food be available at schools. Then pork could not be available at schools, even though its a British staple. Then all food at schools had to be halal so that muslim kids could not be “poisoned” with non halal. You know, like peanut butter in case kids trade food with someone fatally allergic.

Then, kids started getting sent home if they brought non-halal food with them to school.

(I cannot find the link about the child who was sent home from school for bringing a non-halal lunch to a public school, but this will do for the moment)

So you can see, the slippery slope argument is not only valid, its not only proven along multiple vectors from secular or Western to Islamic, but at dizzying speeds in terms of change to a once functional civilization.

This is an important story. And should be watched, and people should complain to news agencies that it is not major news. Because it is the future, if it is not actually the present with a leftist disguise on it.

Muslim Brotherhood effect on Turkey and Germany

This is part of the Israeli series we have been running now and again about the Brotherhood’s subversive operations across the Western world to bring down democracy, and replace rule of law with sharia.

To be honest, an essay about the unstated implications of this documentary should be written here and now. And when time permits, which may be never at the rate at which events happen which require chronicling, I will try and write one. But I encourage people to think about what they see here and write down their thoughts in the comments.

One thing that does stick in my craw is how real fake passports can be obtained which pass any computer check in the world.

This means that Turkey or Germany or both are actually knowingly creating false documents for money for whatever religious muslim who wants to make Hijra, and putting the necessary codes in the international data bases which confirm a passport is legit.

There are lots of other features that deserve analysis and exposure from this. Like the German civil servant who actually tells an illegal how to sneak in the rest of his family and bypass even the lax regulations that prevent him from just moving his whole tribe in to Germany right then and there with full government support.

Take your blood pressure meds before watching.

To get a glimpse of how serious this is in Germany beyond this video, watch these clips we did a couple of years ago about Turkish mosques in Germany:

Ezra Levant and Marc Lebuis on the muslim headcloth and the obfuscating of the RCMP uniform

Marc makes the point that this site and myself have been making since the RCMP allowed turbans for Sikhs. That, at the very least, it confuses the message of the federal monopoly on force of law.

The marshall aspect of it was understated however. The idea that once muslim women have identified themselves, systematic coordinated attacks to humiliate and intimidate women and and demonstrate to men and governments that our system doesn’t work and we are not in control of it or the culture, is the obvious next step based on the European contemporary example and the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Czech independent TV exposes many ‘refugees’ are actually jihadis

UPDATE:  A commenter has posted BBC refutations and other source refutations as to the validity of these photos. Please read and check the links here before accepting the Czech report at face value.

Thank you Xanthippa for this one

Channel4 expose on muslim women in the UK and support for the Islamic State

This is on Dispatches Channel 4 which Buck posted the link to this morning but needs a VPN to watch outside of the UK and even that is iffy. But thanks to Liberty Dk, here is a link to the whole documentary on Youtube

Paris attacker welcomed ashore in Greece and given help and clothes by French volunteers

Typically, these sorts of stories go in to multi posts in order that fresh important news doesn’t slide down the time line onto the old posts section to quickly. But as the question of immigrants from ‘Syria’ as part of the current hijra of islam into Western countries is actually being debated in national legislatures, I felt this story deserves prominence.

From The Sun UK:

A PARIS suicide bomber was helped on to a Greek island and clothed by French volunteers before making his way through Europe to his target, it emerged yesterday.

The IS fanatic, known as Ahmad Almohammad from a fake Syrian passport found at Stade De France, had sailed to Leros with a group of English-speaking pals.

Officials said they were helped ashore with nearly 200 refugees after deliberately driving a knife through their boat as they neared land on October 3. Two were then discovered with fake Syrian passports and arrested.

But Almohammad, 25, was ushered through and moved to a camp staffed by French charity Médecins Sans Frontières.

Less than 24 hours later, in a black tracksuit given to him by the volunteers, he was in a group of six buying tickets to Athens.

Please click here for the whole article.

Also please send the original link to this post to your member of your national legislature no matter what their position is on the issue, and also to a member of the legislature who is opposed to the kind of immigration Merkel, Obama, and Trudeau are implementing.

H/T M.

British schools forbid all students from seeing today’s eclipse, cite religious and cultural reasons and will not say which ones.

So we have come to this. Not only are British public schools making absurd allowances for muslims, bad enough on its own and arguably illegal, but they are also forcing those islamic norms on non-muslim students, also bad enough and also arguably illegal, but now British schools are protecting islam from the scorn it so richly and rightfully deserves by not saying who in fact, was objecting to watching the eclipse, or on who’s behalf the eclipse could not b watched, despite having asked the kids to make pinhole cameras the day before for that exact purpose.

Here are a few links to the story:


My daughter was sent home yesterday to make a pinhole camera for the eclipse.

This morning I heard for religious and cultural reasons the kids were going to be banned from any part in the eclipse.

I was put through to him straight away and he confirmed it, religious and cultural reasons. I said that was totally outrageous. I asked him to elaborate and he refused.

It’s just going back to the dark ages really.

The Daily Mail:

‘This is an issue about scientific matters versus religious superstition. I am outraged — is it going to be Darwin next? We will be like mid America.

‘I asked the headteacher to elaborate which religions and which cultures? But he said it had to be confidential. He referred us to the formal complaints procedure.

Both papers clearly state that which culture or religion is confidential.

So I guess it is possible that the one remaining Chinese student comes from a family that appeared by time machine from the 15th century and fears that looking at the dragon as it eats the sun may cause the earth to vanish. Or possibly the 6 or 7 vikings in the class room.

But lets have a look at what Reliance of the Traveller has to say about eclipses. Remember, RoT is the most authoritative book on Islamic law on Earth, was written in English and is specifically for muslims living amongst the unbelievers.

1. E11.5:

 Times When Purificatory Bath Is Sunna. The purificatory bath is sunna:

-1- for those who want to attend the Friday prayer (def:f18) (O: the bath’s time beginning at dawn);

-2- on the two ‘eids (f19) (O: the time for it beginning from the middle of the night);

-3- on days when the sun or moon eclipse;

F 10.1 

Supererogatory prayers that the Sacred Law stiplulates be prayed in groups, such as the prayer on the two ‘Eids (f19), the prayer at solar and lunar eclipses, and the drought prayer, are better than those it does not stipulate be prayed in groups,namely, all others besides these. But the sunna rak’as before and after the prescribed prayers (O: whether confirmed sunna (sunna mu’akkada, def: below) or otherwise) are superior to the group prayer that is sunna on the nights of Ramadan (tarawih).


F19.4It is recommended to perform the purificatory bath (ghusl) after dawn, even if one does not attend the prayer, though it may be performed from midnight on. It is recommended to wear perfume, dress one’s best, for young boys to come in their good clothes, and for women who do not attract men’s attention to attend, though without wearing perfume or fine clothes. It is offensive for an attractive woman to attend

(dis: f12.4(N:) ).

It is sunna:

-1- to come early after the dawn prayer (subh) on foot;

-2- to return home by a different route (N: than one came);

-3- for the imam to delay his arrival until the time of the prayer;

-4- and to call the people to prayer with the words “The prayer is gathering,” as one

also does for the eclipse prayer (def: f20) and the drought prayer (f21).


Ok. So muslims have an obligatory bath they have to take and a special prayer ritual on eclipse days. So why force the non-tard kids to not see it?

The only thing that I can fathom is that British schools have decided that it is too much ritual to deal with if the muslims see an eclipse and of course, they can’t stop the muslims from watching it and let the dhimmi kids do something that fun and interesting so they had to say no one could.

So how do you know that democracy is dead and that everything of genuine importance has gone the way of the Dodo?

When it becomes against the rules to look out the window.

(Its really only the chorus that needs to be heard here really)

Thank you Antikythera