Britain conquered without bloodshed

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  1. Carl Benjamin summed up what were for him British Values: “Fairness.” (One of his street chats).

    And with this lack of Character – the UK failed: Gays can marry and have children. Islam is a Religion. Socialism helps the poor. Because it’s only right isn’t it, to ‘Love your neighbor as yourself,’ this “Golden Rule”?

    No. The first is to ‘Love, your god with all your heart, mind and soul,’ and only then can the second be like it. Until then, it is absolutely not. For those without souls will simply devour you. That is what they do. Their unquenchable thirst for love because they reject the Father in them.

    On the playing fields of Eton, there is the etiquette and standard of “fairness.” But it’s where first, everyone has to play by the rules. The high benchmark.

    Today, muslims, Socialists and Sexuals eat all the fairness they want, and rape, rape, rape; the innocent souls, minds and bodies respectively.

    Therefore, British Values are not “Fairness.” They are Freedom and Fairness. Until the first is met, the second is worthless. The freedom to go, associate and grow unmolested.

    The First Amendment and then the Second becomes sacrosanct.

    Too much Latin and too little Greek.

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