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6 Replies to ““…and if this is terror, we will do nothing different at all” -Dutch PM”

  1. I can’t stand to listen to this BS anymore. May all of them rot in hell, especially the politicians who unleashed this plague on the West..

    • I’ve seen these claims and I’m sceptical. There’s a single anonymous source, “a turkish bussinessman”. Even if he wasn’t anonymous, I’d trust him as far as I can throw him.

      The shooter stood trial 7 times in the Netherlands in the last 7 years. It’s quite an achievement to appear in front of a Dutch judge at all. It’s likely he spent time in jail too, though I haven’t read that anywhere (yet). This guy should have been sectioned imho.

      So I doubt our industrious crackhead found the time to fight in Chechnya, at least during the last 7 years. Maybe before that time?

      I’ve seen the claim in Dutch media that one of his brothers has terror connections. I’ll be following this closely and pass on new info.

      Meanwhile, police still has 3 suspects in custody. In Dutch:

    • Great!
      We need LEADERSHIP to fight the TwitFk-Nazi-Comintern.
      The Prez’s base is getting crushed, time for a heavy-weight Defender in our corner.

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