Globe & Mail article warns of Canada’s plans to regulate ALL content online and broadcast

Give this Globe & Mail article a read. Its very good, even if the paper’s left-wing foundation shows in the last few paragraphs. The main point, that there is something very sinister about taking over the regulation of all online content or making the companies do it. And with of course, the usual Marxist guidelines using weasel words like “hate-speech” and a half dozen other euphemisms for counter-revolutionary. Which is what this is really about.

This seems like a good place to repeat Tucker Carlson’s breakdown of Trudeau and his totalitarian measures under the feckless idiot facade he shows…

and also a good time to post Nazi propaganda minister’s premise about the nature of the socialist/fascist state:

MUST WATCH: Tucker Carlson notices Canada’s totalitarianism far far before nearly all Canadians

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Below, the CBC clip telling us not to believe our own damn lying eyes about Internment camps, buit believe Trudeau who wouldn’t know the truth if it him in the face like a goose on a roller coaster.

Go to the video at Youtube and read the comments. Canadians are not as stupid or sleepy as CBC and Trudeau think they are.

Also at around 3:20 they superimpose a photo of Donald Trump over a question on quarantine facilities by I think Michelle Rempel The original clip is below. Start at 8:30

This is the clip edited out. Actually whoever grabbed this crom CPAC also did a strange edit in this one as well. Sorry, I can’t do anything about that. But this appears to be the clip Tucker used that was blotted out for some reason with an unflattering photo of The Donald.

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For those wondering about Trudeau’s transparency, might find this sign recently placed on the Governor General’s compound, where Trudeau now lives, revealing:

Canadian pastor gets 14 DAYS in SOLITARY for Covid regs violation

Interview with man in Internment camp in Canada

Several months ago, we published a request by the government for tenders to create internment facilities, clearly intended for this purpose. That was MONTHS ago, when they had no way of knowing the state of the ‘disease’ and what measures would be necessary that far from 2 weeks to flatten the curve.

We posted that tender very tentatively, because even we couldn’t believe it was what it appeared to be.

And to make matters worse, the hotel chain awarded the contract to house people at TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A POP is owned by THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT.


Trudeau, his travel bans, his hypocrisy, and why Chinese can come to Canada

1. Trudeau tweet from yesterday

2. Rebel Media busts Trudeau for taking a tropical vacation during the holidays

Where, oh where was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the Christmastime/New Year’s period?

Guy Annable of the Ottawa-based Capital Voice has a hunch. Guy thinks the PM may have flown south to a Caribbean destination, perhaps the Turks and Caicos Islands. Guy bases his hypothesis on diligently tracking flights out of Ottawa during this period, including federal government-owned jets. As well, he notes that in early January, an arriving government jet from the Caribbean landing in Ottawa was met by a five car motorcade. And really, how many people receive that kind of reception?

For what it’s worth, we reached out to the Prime Minister’s Office with a very simple question: did Justin Trudeau leave the country during the holiday period? Alas, we’re still waiting for the PMO to respond.

3. How Canada’s open border policy was justified at the start of all this:

Watch this video. And who are those 2 Chinese guys?

Attention all within travel distance to LONDON UK Protest at NOON for your most basic freedoms

I misunderstood the tweet. Yes, it turns out there is also a parliament in London England 🙂 where they are debating a national lock down. I do not believe that debate is happening in Canada.

For Canadians. Trudeau appears to be holding the economy’s head under water and making sure it drowns

Here are two videos. One from Johnny U. which starts for Canadians at just after 28 minutes. Its technical, and Johnny U. is working on a comment of explanation for us we are told.

Also Canadian journalist, Frank Vaughn, the man who had the courage to interview a Vancouver father who’s daughter was mutilated and sterilized by the state and was told he was not allowed to discuss it publicly. Frank gave him a platform along with Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson when no one else would. In THIS video, he discusses Canadian debt, inflation and lockdowns. By the way, Brave Browser is very good. We have used it for years.

Screen grab: +456% money supply inflation




GOLDSTEIN: UN climate report reveals goals of Trudeau’s ‘Great Reset’

From the Toronto Sun:

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre was falsely condemned recently for trading in conspiracy theories.

His accusers were Liberals and liberal media who misrepresented what “The Great Reset” of society — advocated by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the World Economic Forum and the United Nations (where it’s called “The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”) — means.

It means what Poilievre said it means — global elites using the COVID-19 pandemic and recession to fundamentally reshape society, reduce economic freedom and transfer wealth from the developed to the developing world.

It’s not a conspiracy. It’s out in the open.

It’s not a plot for global dictatorship. It’s a globalist plan to convince people living in democracies in the developed world to accept a lower standard of living (what reducing industrial greenhouse gas emissions actually means) to, we’re told, save the planet from catastrophic global warming.

Please click through to the Sun for the rest

Unfortunately, Goldstein can’t quite get to the main point. Global warming from human events is not happening. If anything, the stalled sunspot cycle is cooling the world, which is much worse. (Although the sunspot cycle may have restarted recently) The head of the UN is a bona-fide classical communist, to coin a phrase. His mission is the destruction of all nation states and cultures and has passed many “non-binding” UN resolutions to make that happen. The UN Migration Compact being enough of an example to not look any farther. But in case you want to:

And of course, the UN wants to literally criminalize all opposition to its own undemocratic policies as they are meant to apply to the whole world:

Speeches and interviews from demonstration against another crazy limit on freedom of thought, religion and speech in Bill C6

Please read the details and explanation at RAIR Foundation.

In brief, the Trudeau Government intends to criminalize, with jail sentences from 2 to 5 years long, any attempt to persuade even a child not to have mutilating and sterilizing cosmetic surgery if their friends or school convinced them to do it. This protest was on Friday, December 5th at noon in the freezing rain.

First, an interview with author, Dr. Ann Gillies:

Speech by David Cooke

Speech by Ann Gillies:

Speech by Peter Vogel

For those of you looking for an item to send to fellow Canadians, or anyone who does not believe that Canada is on a rapid trajectory to communism and thought control, this may be a good item to send them.

A look at a few items that suggest Trudeau’s long term plans for Canada

Justin Trudeau from the end of July 2020

More recently, Trudeau explains to the UN how he plans to reshape Canada in a socialist image. (Starts at about 2:40)

In the clip below, Trudeau explains how he plans to finish his father’s work, destroying the “antiquated idea of the Nation State”

And then there is what Trudeau said to the New York Times shortly after he was elected:

More recently, Trudeau works with other far left communist and Islamic leaders to march us into a global world with his ideology as the law

Brad Johnson on Chinese influence in Canada

UPDATE: A careful look at who the speaker is, and who the organization is, will tell you how deeply the Canadian Government is in bed with the Communist Chinese