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11 Replies to “Personal rant on the Asia Bibi case, and its importance as an indicator of the state of the West”

  1. According to my understanding, Asia Bibi, after “the drinking incident”, is alleged to have said something derogatory about Mohammed. I couldn’t possibly know whether she did or didn’t, and am not about to get into a discussion about blasphemy. I think, though, that the narrator here didn’t get his initial facts quite right: he mentioned only the drink of water, not the allegation(s) of something having been said.

    Also, I contest the narrator’s suggestion that the Central Americans in the caravan “were doing just fine” in their home countries. They have their reasons for doing what they’re doing, for being where they are now.

  2. Why is it so difficult to get it through some people’s heads that people from Pakistan have very different thoughts in their heads than we do and would turn Canada into Pakistan in a heartbeat if you imported them in large numbers? What if this was the southern States in’1959 and Asi was black rather than Christian and if the women who accused her of drinking out of the white-only fountain were white rather than Muslim? And what if those white women merely accused Asi of “blaspheming against whiteness” and that was all it took to have her arrested and sentenced to death without legal defense? Come to think of it, I don’t think it ever got quite that nasty in Selma Alabama; it sounds more like Auschwitz Birkenau to me… Why is the left so fucking forgiving of the horrors of Islam?

    The reason I’m bringing this up is because we are currently letting these very people into Canada by the hundreds-of-thousands. We are literally bringing entire cities full of these people into our country…

  3. Thanks Eeyore. Very well put. And if we extend your line of reasoning (not very far, at all) we are all Asia Bibi.

    The man on the moon thinks so, too. He looks down and sees that a single human of the 7.5 billion just wanted a glass of water. And now because of it she can’t find a home. For a guy who’s been parched for a few years, he feels for her.

    Meanwhile, “moral superpowers” like Trudeau’s Canada are rendered suddenly inert. Where are Inclusion and Diversity when you really need them?

  4. Turkish Radio and Television – TRT – Pakistan divided over Asia Bibi

    Pakistan is divided over a Christian woman. Asia Bibi was sentenced to death in 2010 for blasphemy, but the Supreme Court has recently acquitted her.

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