France, Czech Republic and Holland on leaving the EU

I hope we hear a lot more about this gathering. If memory serves, macros was elected because he stole Le Pen’s talking points and people thought they were getting a nationalist without the stigma leftists had painted onto Marine. I think the next time, if they are allowed to vote in France again and have it counted honestly, they are ready for someone who will actually work to preserve French interests.

The video below appears to be a counter demonstration by leftists who oppose the Czechzit sentiments of the main group.

55 minutes:

Czech Republic: Prague protesters greet Le Pen and Wilders at right-wing meet
National Rally leader Marine Le Pen held a press conference alongside the leader of the Dutch Party for Freedom’s Geert Wilders in Prague on Thursday, to support the Freedom and Direct Democracy Party’s Czech-Japanese leader Tomio Okamura ahead of the European Parliament elections.
Okamura branded European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker a ‘notorious alcoholic’ as both Le Pen and Wilders attacked multiculturalism and globalisation.
On the same day, Okamura’s party organised a protest against the European Union in the centre of Prague.

Pro-EU demonstrators staged a counter-protest under the reported name ‘Olympics of Noise’ which attempted to drown out the Okamura-Le Pen-Wilders meeting.

Counter-protesters were reportedly forced to leave Prague’s Wenceslas Square by police.

A group of foreigners brutally attacked a waiter in the centre of Prague. Seven of them went after him; he is in a very serious state.

An original translation from Xanthippa, with much thanks!

From this Czech news site:

Author: CTK, LUP
April 22, 2018

Criminal investigators in Prague are looking for a group of seven men, apparently foreigners, who attacked a waiter in the garden of a restaurant in Vladislavova Street on Saturday evening. The man ended up in very serious condition at the Intensive Care Unit and underwent head surgery. The culprits could face up to ten years in jail for grievous bodily harm and disturbing the peace.

On their website, the police have published photos of all the assault suspects as well as video of the attack, which took place at a small square near the Quadrio shopping centre. You can find the shots at the end of this article.

The waiter got into a conflict with the suspects after he brought to their attention that they were not permitted to consume alcohol they had brought with them into the garden [on the patio]. The group of seven men then attacked restaurant personnel and knocked one waiter down, where they beat him with fists and repeatedly kicked him. When the victim was lying on the ground unconscious, they fled from there onto tram number 14 and rode away in the direction of the Charles Square, the police spokesman recounted.

Based on their investigation so far, the investigators surmise that the suspects are foreigners, who may be staying in a hotel, hostel or some other type of accommodation in Prague or in the region. “This is why we are primarily asking hotel service staff and all other witnesses if they saw these men, or if they know where they are staying, to call Emergency Line 158,” said the spokesman.

Gang Rape in the Centre of Prague: Video of Intervening Services Detaining 6 Algerians

Original translation by Xanthippa Socrates with many thanks.

From this Czech publication:

Author: Police, CR

April 5, 2018

On Easter Monday, the 35-year-old Irish tourist met with a horrible experience which she will not likely easily forget. In a bar she met a man, an Algerian, who immediately caught her eye. Unwisely, she headed off with him to a [hotel] room, where they devoted themselves to sexual play. But, the man then invited five friends over, and together they raped the tourist. Afterwards she called the police. Take a look at how the dramatic take-down of the rapists went.

“Police, open the door!” The intense shouts from one of the members of the Special Order Unit can be heard. But the doors in the Hotel in Náprstkov? St. in the centre of Prague, behind which the six Algerians are thought to be hiding, won’t budge. So, the police burst into action. “The door could not be opened, not even with the spare key, and nobody responded to the call-out, which is why the door was taken out with the ram,” commented the police spokesman, Jan Dan?k, regarding the measure taken.

The dramatic intervention eventually ends in success — armed police officers found and detained all six men in the spacious room. Each and every one of them looks surprised, as can be seen in the footage from the police cameras.

The rape of a tourist in Central Prague: Six Algerians in remand! They could face 10 years.

However, the men, who come from Algeria, did not end up in cuffs by coincidence. On Easter Monday morning, they were accused by a 35-year-old Irish tourist, who had headed up to the room with one of them the previous night. There they mutually engaged in intimate play. Subsequently the tourist is said to not have praised the man’s performance sufficiently, which clearly did not please the temperamental Algerian.

“Following this, the man brought over five more of his friends, which is when the aforementioned rape is said to have taken place,” Dan?k remarked regarding the incident. The woman reportedly attempted to dissuade the attackers by claiming that she was a teacher, but it did not help her.

In fear for her life

The woman told the police that she was afraid, and chose to close her eyes, so that they would not physically harm her even more. “I could feel as they were switching on me… I was very afraid. I was terrified, I felt horrible, that I am stupid, very mad… I thought they were going to kill me,” she related her feelings to the criminal investigators, according to the daily Pravo.

Once all of them were, in her words, done, they left the room, but one returned and raped the woman again. Yet almost all of them come from well-situated families and are university students; only one of them worked at an airport in Paris.

Subsequently the police charged all six foreigners with a criminal act, and the regional court for Prague 1 remanded them in bond on Wednesday. If they are convicted, they may face up to ten years in jail.

“Prague Is Like It Used To Be With US” – A Berliner’s Thoughts In Festive Prague

A friend who lives in Berlin sent this note from Prague:

Tonight, I strolled home from a bar, between 4 and 5 in the morning, for half an hour, alone, across the city. The city was quiet. No rubbish, no screaming. At important buildings, there was the occasional police officer, not paying attention to me. At the access road to the old city, there was another police officer, freezing and bored in the middle of the road, but he was there. Scattered party-goers came my way, with civilized behavior. An elderly man walked his dogs on a leash. I felt safe on the whole way, I had nothing* in my pockets, I dilly-dallied and enjoyed the christmas decorations at the castle hill. All of it was simply enchanting, peace in freedom. Precious christmas decorations were fixed even on the outside of the ground floor windows, little trees with balls, and mangers stood directly on the pedestrian walk, or on the doorsteps. Apparently, no one here is expecting theft, vandalism, riots.

Prague is like it used to be with us.

There had been only nice, civilized people in the bar, most of them czech, and a single black person among them who was eager to be the nicest person, too. Earlier this night a friend had told me about Mannheim, where, as a woman, you don’t go anywhere alone at night anymore. And WE are lecturing the Visegrad states? On what? Spare your words!

(* translator’s note: no pepper spray)

Photo: MB

Antimigration parties will meet up in Prague. Le Pen, perhaps Wilders, will discuss cooperation

An original translation by Xanthippa with much thanks!

From this Czech news site:

Prague — Leaders of European anti-imigrant parties will meet up in the Czech metropolis. They will look for a new model of cooperation. The parties that will take part in the summit together form the political group Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) in the European Parliament. They are united in their skepticism towards European integration, nationalism, and an opposition to migration.

The meeting, in which will participate for example the leader of the French National Front, Marine Le Pen, and Geert Wilders, the Dutch opponent of Islam, will take place in mid-December, the president of the movement Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) Tomio Okamura announced today.

“A new model of European cooperation will be discussed — the closest possible cooperation of sovereign countries, without being dictated to by Brussels, on the basis of mutual benefit,” Okamura described this event, which he brought to the attention of the website today.

In addition to Le Pen and Wilders, the president of the Italian Northern League, Matteo Salvini, and representatives of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ) will also arrive in Prague. According to Okamura, the participation of the chief of the Austrian Freedom Party, Heinz-Christian Strache, is uncertain due to negotiations regarding the formation of a government. Representatives from the fraction ENF from Romania, Poland, Belgium and Great Britain will also arrive at the conference.

Okamura’s SPD had pointed to good relationships with similarly oriented parties earlier. Le Pen, for example, supported such a movement prior to the parliamentary elections which took place in Czechia a few weeks ago.

For the event, a hall with the capacity of a thousand seats has been booked, and has already been filled, said Okamura. The conference will last for two days, and will start on Friday the 15th of December. The main event will take place on Saturday. First the internal discussions of the ENF group will take place. The afternoon part of the meeting will then only be open to invited members and supporters of parties brought together in ENF.


The Hajj – Czech Style

Humour is the best medicine.  It is also the best weapon against bullies, totalitarians, or anyone who takes themselves too seriously.  Perhaps that is why humour is one of the first things curtailed when freedom of speech is threatened.

We have seen various comedians in the US lament how Political Correctness is preventing them from performing on college campuses.

We have seen Canadian comedians fined thousands of dollars for telling a politically incorrect joke.

We have seen German comedians charged and threatened with extradition to Turkey for authoring a humorous poem about Recep Erdo?an.

We know we are not far from the days when Socialist Regimes on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain would routinely jail people for telling jokes

Well, some of us know…

Perhaps those who lived behind the Iron Curtain remember it better than most of us. Perhaps that is why they cherish their Freedom of Speech and why they use humour to ensure it does not become as eroded as it has become in much of The West.

And Czechs do love their humour.  It is therefore not surprising that Dr. Martin Konvicka, a brave patriot who is fighting to preserve his cultural heritage – and his freedom of speech – and his organization IMK (Iniciativa Martina Konvicky) have turned to humour to deliver their message.

And deliver it they did!

On August 21st, Czechs mark the anniversary of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union of and the rest of their Warsaw Pact ‘allies’.  This invasion had ended the liberalization of Czechoslovakia, called Prague Spring (after which the Arab Spring freedom movement was named), and was opposed by the vast majority of the population.  Yet, when it became clear that the invaders were going to succeed in rolling back the progress towards liberalism and that hard socialism would indeed be imposed, many people had started licking the heels of their oppressors in order to improve their social status.

Now, Europe is experiencing a very different type of an invasion:  millions of young, strong, able-bodied Muslims are flooding in, falsely claiming to be fleeing war, and imposing Sharia restrictions on the Freedom of Speech through threats of violence and massacres should the local governments refuse to impose them.  And there is absolute proof that these people are not poor refugees fleeing war:  some of the ones who had already been granted asylum in Europe – and living off of government subsidies – are also holidaying in their countries of origin.

Dr. Konvicka and IMK took the opportunity to draw parallels between the two invasions:  the  invasion of Czechoslovakia by their socialist brothers on the one hand and the Muslim invasion on the other.  And the anniversary of the Warsaw Pact occupation was the perfect occasion!




As you can see from the videos above, it was a fun skit, people were enjoying it, except for the few who disagreed with the message – and who were not afraid to say so…which they would presumably be if they had thought this really was ISIS.  Despite all of this evidence, Czech and International media corporations have universally reported panic, injuries and havoc…

And that is why you have to go to the blogosphere to see what had actually happened.

Following this street theatre, Dr. Konvicka was kind enough to grant this interview:

As you can see, humour is an effective tool to use against totalitarians of all stripes (or stars).

After the skit, many ‘Progressive’ politicians demanded an investigation into how Dr. Konvicka had managed to get a permit to stage this skit, calling for the bureaucrat who had granted it to be fired and Mr. Konvicka to be charged with something.  Anything!  Spreading false news, perhaps?  (Would this not apply even more to the mainstream media?)

Well, there is still some sanity in Czech and the investigation had concluded just last week and found that everything was fine, and nobody has to get fired or charged with anything.  Even more sanity:  a judge has just dismissed all charges against the protesters who had carried gallows during last year’s anti-migrant demonstrations.

And Dr. Konvicka is far from being done.  To mark the 15th anniversary of the Islamic attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11, he held a demonstration in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Prague:


The event took place on the 11th of September, 2016, in front of the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Prague, from 2 pm until it had been disbanded about 30 minutes later.

The large sign behind Dr. Konvicka, hanging on the Saudi Embassy fence, has a delightful little rhyme:






Dr. Konvicka was not the only one to speak at this demonstration.  Beata Radosa, a former Muslima who explained that she used to believe that a hijab would keep her modesty and protect her from sexual harassment.  When wearing the hijab did not protect her from harassment by Muslim men, she began to loose her faith and eventually left Islam. Now, she is an activist and a blogger.  Her site (in Czech) is called Women Against Islam.

In her above-linked post, she points out that the Magister’s office warned them against using the port-a-potty to represent the Ka’aba…even though this was not specified in the permit application.  This can only bring us to one conclusion:  in the minds of the Magister’s office bureaucrats, the Ka’aba and a port-a-potty are closely  related.

And, she writes, the Port-a-Ka’aba was such a danger to public safety that a whole squad of police in riot gear had to come and monitor the situation.

Martin Vitek was the third speaker and he pointed out some negative aspects of Islam and how they are connected to Saudi Arabia.

Then came the street theatre, until, that is, uniformed police officers pulled the plug on it and heavily armoured police officers arrived to let everyone know they are willing to use force on unarmed citizens if they don’t obey the order fast enough.  Photos of the armoured police dispersing the citizens are at this Czech language site.

The lesson of the day?  ‘Piss Christ’ is art, ‘Dung Madonna’ is art, but ‘Port-a-Ka’aba’ is hate speech.  And the Czech Republic, despite being one of the most enlightened societies, is perfectly willing to use physical force to curb speech it does not like.

Czechs are, however a tenacious peoples.  (Is it still allowed to say that or is that now racist?)  Dr. Konvicka and IMK are planning more activities:  on September 17, 2016, and on November 17, 2016.

Stay tuned, dear readers, for what is coming next!



President of the Czech republic speaks plainly about the effects of Islamic immigration

Thank you Xanthippa for the hard work on this and M for finding this elusive video.

This is no small thing. The people of the West need to know there are leaders out there ready to risk everything to speak the truth. President Zeman of the Czech Republic may be chief among these.

A list of leaders and some of their speeches will be posted later this weekend but have been posted to this site before. Check back on this post tomorrow afternoon.


Czech Republic: How I went to a “Fascist” rally

This is an original translation by Xanthippas 

From this Czech source:

By  Daniel Vavra 07/02/2016
Since it was taking place practically in our own backyard, we decided that after lunch, we’d stroll up to The Castle [seat of Czech Parliament and site of the ‘Fortress Europe’ rally] before it starts and I will then attend this ‘”fascist” rally.
Shortly after we had set out, I was a bit taken back by the actions of the police.
They were blocking almost all the entrances to the Hradcanske Square [The Castle] and only letting the Antifa demonstrators  through to the path to The Castle, so that all those going to the IVCRN [Fortress Europe] demonstration had to pass through about a 2 meter wide corridor between the police and the anarchists.  I am not certain who tried to achieve what by this, but it certainly did not lead to a comfortable atmosphere.
The people going to the rally behaved in a much more civilized manner than the antifascists, who were aggressively belligerent.  Since I did not want to ‘mix it up’, we took the Radnice staircase towards Loreta – again, not anticipating anything bad.
At the narrowest part of the staircase, there was a group of idiotic hipsters, one of whom had a very old bike about which they led an animated debate – heedless of the throng of tourists that was trying to take this route to get around the rally.  At the top of the staircase, where the second entrance to the Hradcany Square [The Castle] is, there was a police barrier and the police were not letting anyone through, since people were supposed to enter the square from below, at the Nerudova street entrance.
I have no idea why they were doing this.  Perhaps they wanted to make sure that every “fascist” had to pass by the antifascists, so it would not be hard for them to find each other should they wanted to pick a fight.
I continued on towards Loreta, where there was some kind of a rally which, at first look, seemed to be anti-migrant because the person speaking was saying something about being “for closing the borders” and “we cannot let everyone in” and similar such ideas which, just a few months ago, were regarded as heretical Konvicka sayings [Konvicka heads up the Anti-Islam Bloc].  However, I found it suspicious that the audience, of whom there were at most 300, looked like voters for the Green Party and the whole thing was accompanied by some kind of Balcan oompa-band.  It turns out, the speaking points of the ‘sunshiners’ have changed from mindless welcoming into what Konvicka was saying in the summer of 2015.
When we wanted to continue on, we were stopped by another police cordon.  They informed us that we cannot go on, just because.  Yet, they were letting the sunshiners through no problem and, surprisingly, nobody was attacking anyone.
It started to smell, as if the police were stoking the fire beneath the cauldron of passions, so we decided to go back home.
However, when we got back to the stairs by which we had entered – the only way out, those hipsters who had earlier blocked it through their rudeness were now using some sort of a banner and were blocking the stairs, hand in hand, quite intentionally.  The crowd of tourists and IVCNR supporters thus found itself trapped and began to get pissed off.  I was, too, because I wanted to get my wife and kid home.
A conflict-resolution team began to negotiate with the idiots, not letting the people leave the other way, back to the square, and it began to look like a fight would start; people started pushing.
The funny thing was, it was those idiots on the stairs who, at this point, owed their well being to the heavily-armoured forces protecting them from being trampled by the pissed-off crowd. Well, these idiots were yelling and screaming at the heavily-armoured forces, saying their human rights were being violated (because blocking a staircase just might be a real human right) and that they will see them in court.
In the end, among all the confusion, we had managed to push our way out, [my] family went home and I went on to see what a “fascist” rally looks like.
After we managed to get through a blockade of twenty-kilo hipsters and crazed women, who managed to survive their own heroism only due to the police – yet who were united in their hatred of it, I ventured down the only unblocked way to the rally, so that I could personally see this “evil” and so that I could also compare the Czech TV’s reports on the number of participants with the reality on the ground.
The first thing that surprised me was that at the scenic lookout over Prague, I was welcomed by a few hundreds strong crowd of Anarchists with signs “Antifascism belongs on the street” and with the warcries of “No pasaran!” and “Alerta Alerta Antifascista!”  Everyone coming to the rally was forced by the police and their blockade of all the access routes to walk this sort of an isle of police and aggressive activists.
I don’t know who wanted to achieve what by doing this, but calming the situation down was most definitely not it.  Whatever genius issued a permit for IVCRN and Antifa to hold simultaneous rallies in the same city square must truly have had a cunning plan.
I admit that as soon as I got there, I was surprised by the number of ‘man’s men’ in patriotic t-shirts present.  Now, I do not mean football hooligans, but the dads of families, often with moms, who are so fed up by now that they went and bought t-shirts saying ‘Bohemia’ or ‘This land is my land’ and headed to Prague.
Similarly, I was surprised how calmly they bore it when the rebels yelled that they are fascists and they had to pass through that isle of shame.  “Luza [the loosers]” had, considering the level of provocation, behaved in a rather civilized manner.
At first, there were fewer people in the town square than I had expected.  Later, it became clear that this was mostly because the police were doing everything in their power to prevent demonstrators from reaching Hradcany [The Castle] – and that they did not succeed [to keep out] a considerable number of people.
Two of my friends, who came for a look-see, had phoned me saying that Nerudova Street [entrance] is closed off, blocked by a procession of Anarchists who are not marching anywhere but staying put, so that nobody could get through.
Finally, the town square had filled up – by my estimate, at least six thousand people.  According to the police, it was 15,000.  According to TV3, the square has the area of about 200x50m and in the lower half, people were truly packed in tight.  In the upper part, it was a bit less packed but still quite thick, so it is realistic to estimate 1 person per meter [squared], which would give a count of about 10,000.
The makeup of the crowd was varied.  Everyone who had been to any kind of a rally for whatever reason knows that this is a magnet for all kinds of anti-social people, the homeless, jerks and idiots – which can always be used to successfully discredit any demonstration whatsoever.  However, the number of drunk provocateurs here was surprisingly small. Aside from the aforementioned men and often their wives, the older generation was also here, as were some sporting the ‘coffehouse’ look, women, a few families with children.
Definitely, men were in the majority.  Football hooligans and skinheads also formed a non-negligable group.  Indeed, there were quite a few and later, I found out why this might be so.  On the internet, this had been coming to a head for a long time:  Antifa had been calling people up to form blockades so many people really did come out to have a football-style fight.  However, the whole time there, I did not have any feeling of danger by anyone to anyone.
This was only a worry for when the time to leave came and these people would meet up with those who were doing all that shouting on the way here.  Tourists of the most varied skin tones had also happened upon the event, suspecting nothing bad, and to my surprise, I did not hear any racist comments in their direction, much less any aggressive behaviour.
The rally itself lasted for just over an hour.  We saw a variety of the star candidates from Usvit [Dawn of Direct Democracy], who repeated things already spoken a thousand times, and guests.  Konvicka [an entomologist and the chair of the Block Against Islam], had, in my opinion, escalated things unnecessarily when he used words like ‘collaborators’ followed by a list of people whom he considers as such.
The absence of high-mindedness and gentlemanly conduct at these kind of activities really bothers me.  Dientsbier’s miss-steps [Dientsbier is the US-born Czech Minister for Human Rights] can be pointed out politely, even humorously, and not just in a style reminiscent of incitement to a lynching.
The guests from Switzerland and Germany were witty:  their fiery speeches in their native tongues, in conjunction with the many shaved heads in the audience, had a bit of a bizzarre effect, even thought they did not say anything untowards.  Still, nobody decided to ‘heil’, even as a jest, and overall, nothing untowards was happening.  I did not see anyone with a gallows, and nobody was shouting anything that Pelikan [the Czech Minister for Justice] could have them jailed for.
Towards the end of the speeches, a police car had appeared at our backs and a bit of a mele happened, which became apparent by the sudden disappearance of the rougher types.  Apparently, the police had decided to pacify one of the hooligans and his friends chose to help him.  However, it did not turn into much of anything.
The whole time, I was worried about what will happen at the end, when the clusters of anarchists and skinheads will start to head off the streets into Mala Strana [another area of Prague] and the thousands of normal people and the tourists will get mixed into this.
The police had decided to avoid this danger through the most bizzarre means possible and instead of letting people leave by the easiest exits, they forced absolutely everyone to exit through the narrowest alley into ‘Novy Svet’.  Ten thousand people had to pass through a 3m wide bottleneck.
I do not know if the police forced everyone through this narrow spot in order to count and photograph everyone, in any case, this was idiotic and not a hair was harmed on the heads of the group of dusky tourists trying to make their way through.  Even more bizzarre was that from the next intersection on, there was nobody directing the traffic so the whole crowd headed towards the Radnice Stairs, where the Anarchist demo had been.
Along the way, we had encountered a man who had fallen down and hit his head and all the xenophobes passing by were offering to help him.  Then they all went home.
Or so I thought.
In reality, the subway was shut down, the trams [buses] were shut down and all the bridges were closed.  The Anarchists at the Manes bridge attempted to fight it out with the hooligans, and their Twitter account had, for a long time, announced to the world that there still is a group of enemies one can have a ‘peaceful dialog’ with.
I must admit, I had not expected this.
I did not expect that anyone would use this rally as a playground for hooligan fights.
I did not expect that, by the looks of them, well-off intellectuals would, long before the start of the rally, try to limit others in their freedom of movement; that in the name of the fight for peace and justice, people would hurl paving stones at each other on The Castle stairs.
And it makes me quite sad.
And if someone tries to claim that this was provoked by Konvicka’s supporters, they are lying.
Had it not been for the actions of people holding banners against violence and extremism, no extremism would have taken place today, nobody would have thrown paving stones and the hooligans would still be fighting at football matches and not at Mala Strana [area of Prague].
Similarly, their actions did not, in any way, contribute towards calming the situation, did not alter the views of the participants (more like the opposite) nor did it bring closer any sane resolution of this turmoil.
Source:  Daniel Vavra (abridged)
Note:  all emphasis is that of the original author.
Note:  some paragraph breaks were inserted by the translator
[translator’s notes]

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