A group of foreigners brutally attacked a waiter in the centre of Prague. Seven of them went after him; he is in a very serious state.

An original translation from Xanthippa, with much thanks!

From this Czech news site:

Author: CTK, LUP
April 22, 2018

Criminal investigators in Prague are looking for a group of seven men, apparently foreigners, who attacked a waiter in the garden of a restaurant in Vladislavova Street on Saturday evening. The man ended up in very serious condition at the Intensive Care Unit and underwent head surgery. The culprits could face up to ten years in jail for grievous bodily harm and disturbing the peace.

On their website, the police have published photos of all the assault suspects as well as video of the attack, which took place at a small square near the Quadrio shopping centre. You can find the shots at the end of this article.

The waiter got into a conflict with the suspects after he brought to their attention that they were not permitted to consume alcohol they had brought with them into the garden [on the patio]. The group of seven men then attacked restaurant personnel and knocked one waiter down, where they beat him with fists and repeatedly kicked him. When the victim was lying on the ground unconscious, they fled from there onto tram number 14 and rode away in the direction of the Charles Square, the police spokesman recounted.

Based on their investigation so far, the investigators surmise that the suspects are foreigners, who may be staying in a hotel, hostel or some other type of accommodation in Prague or in the region. “This is why we are primarily asking hotel service staff and all other witnesses if they saw these men, or if they know where they are staying, to call Emergency Line 158,” said the spokesman.

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16 Replies to “A group of foreigners brutally attacked a waiter in the centre of Prague. Seven of them went after him; he is in a very serious state.”

  1. From a Czech commenter on Gates of Vienna;
    “Over the weekend a group of “Arab-looking” men beat a waiter in a restaurant in Prague because he tried telling them they can’t drink their own alcohol inside the restaurant. He suffered a severe head injury. The police asked the public to help identify them, and today [April 23] the perpetrators were caught at the Václav Havel Airport in Prague thanks to that. Apparently they “were surprised by the act”. Doesn’t surprise me, however, as West of us nobody would dare to criticise, yet alone handcuff them. Apparently they came from Holland and it wasn’t their first time in Prague; also apparently they’re boxers. I always thought anyone performing any kind of martial combat has strict rules of using it, especially against unarmed citizens, but then again it’s really not surprising this scum pees on all the rules.”

    • The missing word: Arab.
      We’re importing a culture that has always been, and always will be, incompatible with Western culture.

    • It would be like Jews asking Nazis to be friends with them. It won’t work. Different mindsets.

      About six years ago, I had a FB conversation with a prominent Jewish mayor of a wealthy Canadian Jewish borough.
      The mayor was set in his own ways and defended his worst enemy against those who were protecting his Jewish flock.
      It was a defining moment for me.

      A few years later, I attended a synagogue presentation and I berated the community. I was very vocal. A ten-minute verbal face-slapping is what I did.
      Surprise! The high majority applauded me. I had given them a voice.
      The Mayor shrunk in his corner.

      So, we’re back to the silent cowardly majority.

      • These men are hooligans, plain and simply, and that is a Western problem, one that has now been exported to many parts of the world. These guys may be Middle Eastern in origin, but what they did I have seen plenty of hooligans do, and the vast majority of those hooligans are white. Type ‘hooligan’ into You Tube and you’ll see it for yourself.

        The authorities arrested these hooligans yesterday, at Prague airport. I hope they are found guilty in court and are sentenced to long prison terms!

      • The silent majority need a leader, the main reason the US didn’t have a revolution during the Obama years was that no one stood up and said follow me. That is what is happening all around the world, no leaders are stepping up.

        Granted some revolutions start without leaders and then find them once the shooting starts (to an extent this happened in the US) but most of them fail in the first 6 months. If you look at Europe you are seeing the young people (and some of the older adults) who are starting to stand up and fight back, this is because they have had some experience that red pilled them and they know we are fighting for the survival of our nations and our freedom.

        As Victor Davis Hanson said, the world is divided into two groups, those who have found dead people on their property and those who haven’t. Some of those who are fighting back consider their entire nation their property while others define this down to counties, towns and individual lots. the smaller your definition of your property the less likely you are to be a member of the counter revolution.

    • I always thought anyone performing any kind of martial combat has strict rules of using it, especially against unarmed citizens,

      This depends on the martial arts style which often means national origin, the rules laid down by the teachers and the personality of the practitioner. This means that if you are a Westerner/European or an East Asian (Oriental) you have either cultural or religious teaching that says don’t use the skill against people who aren’t attacking you. If you are from the Middle Eastern/Arabic culture anyone who isn’t Moslem is sub human so there is no restriction.

      Given the deliberate destruction of the moral code in the west our cultural restrictions are disappearing as the culture breaks down.

  2. In Germany, the phenomenon of stepping on the head again and again, even taking a run-up and kicking an unconscious person who is already on the ground with momentum on the head is known as Kopftreter (“head kicker”). Comparable to “knockout games” in America.

    Even a high level of punishment should be introduced, similar to that of murder and treachery, which, however, has not happened to this day (as always). Because the head is the most sensitive, irreversible part of the body.

    This shows that 1. Muslims consider non-Muslims worthless, and 2. they consider life as such worthless, because they consider themselves worthless. And because they “replace” one dead person with 10 others.

    After “head kickers” have done their irresponsible work, often life-long damage, brain trauma, coma, sudden bleedings etc. consequences are to be expected, in short: a shorter life expectancy.


    • Newest “headkicker” victim:

      “What happened on Monday afternoon at Willi-Graf-Ufer in Saarbrücken? After several testimonies, an 18-year-old is under urgent suspicion of manslaughter. The public prosecutor’s office in Saarbrücken has requested a warrant for his arrest. He allegedly hit a 16-year-old man from Saarbrücken several times in the head and then threw him into the Saar. According to the public prosecutor’s office, he accepted that the 16-year-old drowned.

      What had happened on the banks of the Saar? The 16-year-old was on the Leinpfad on the side of the Staatstheater accompanied by another person when he came across a group of five to which the suspect belonged. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the two groups had negotiated a deal with hashish. Disputes arose from which a brawl developed. In the further course, the suspect then struck the victim and threw him into the Saar.

      According to the police, passers-by had made an emergency call. But why didn’t any of the witnesses provide first aid and try to pull the young man out of the Saar? Neither the police nor the fire brigade were able to answer this question on Tuesday. Only after about 30 minutes did divers from the fire brigade save the lifeless body. Four minutes after the emergency call was received by the fire brigade, the rescue forces reached Willi-Graf-Ufer, reports Stefan König, who controlled the operation from the fire brigade’s main operations centre. The young man was no longer visible in the water when he arrived. “He must have sunk to the ground immediately,” says König. A boat of the fire brigade had already been on the Saar anyway, because a diving course had just taken place. Two firefighters had searched the Saar area for the young man. This had been very difficult. After a little depth you can no longer see your hand in front of your eyes, says König. The divers had to rely on their sense of touch. In addition, one of the divers reported that there are many arm- and legsized wooden parts at the bottom, which would have made the search even more difficult. So it took almost 30 minutes until the diver had found the lifeless body at the bottom of the Saar. The emergency doctor had tried to reanimate the teenager on the shore. Finally he died at about 11 pm in the Winterbergklinikum.”


      The identity of the “18-year-old” is deliberately concealed. How can you tell? The fact that in the case of domestic perpetrators “a German citizen” is written immediately. As in all other dictatorships, in parliamentary sham democracy with its dummy politicians one learns to read “between the lines”.

  3. The Kuffar stepped out of his place and presumed to tell the Ubermenschen what they may not do. He was thereupon punished for his uppity, disrespectful demeanour.

  4. Where (oh, where) are the fellow well-armed diners bearing forth already-sharpened cutlery and other easily breakable glassware or crockery-like objects?!?

    • The left has worked hard to destroy the warrior mentality in the Europeans, they have been taught to wait for the police, this attitude is changing but things are going to get a lot worse before the Europeans start reacting like their ancestors would have.

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