All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for April 22, 2022

1. The Kadyrovski celebrate the fall of mariupol.

(Something so wrong about this whole thing)

Please check back over the course of the day, especially the comments under this post for a wide variety of items on this conflict. Clarity is not guaranteed. But the less clear it is, the closer we likely are to the truth of the matter, since all the disinformation and propaganda most certainly attempts to insert clarity based on fabrications.

All things Russia Vs. Ukraine for March 16, 2022

1. Tucker Carlson shows us that you have liars, damned liars, and liars by hotties on TikTok

2. This is from November 8th, 2021. So a good distance before the current conflict but well into Covid. And, we have posted this before. But seeing as how the Parliament of Canada gave the Ukrainian leader a standing O yesterday in Parliament, it seems worth an honourable mention.

Canadian officials who met with Ukrainian unit linked to neo-Nazis feared exposure by news media: documents

A year before the meeting, Canada’s Joint Task Force Ukraine produced a briefing on the Azov Battalion, acknowledging its links to Nazi ideology.

Canadian officials who met with members of a Ukrainian battalion linked to neo-Nazis didn’t denounce the unit, but were instead concerned the media would expose details of the get-together, according to newly released documents.

So how did it go in Parliament yesterday?

The first 17 minutes is all you need for the content.

3. FLASHBACK: Remember this focus grouped lie?

(Cause we all know, Iraq started the war with Kuwait because they needed incubators for premees. Nothing to do with Kuwait diagnoally drilling under the border and siphoning off their oil. In this case, The Simpsons actually got it more right than the White House.)

4. Lara Logan on Ukraine as a kind of special piggy bank for corrupt US politicians

5. I find this to be a lot more believable than ANYTHING i see on CBC, CTV or Global news. Especially if you think for a minute about how they all sold Global Warming, Covid and the vaccines.

6. Hmm I wonder what Canada would do…

European Regulators Tell Banks To Put Russian Accounts Under Surveillance, Even EU Residents

In the latest alarming story that has that disturbing whiff of WWII-era Japanese internment camps, some European banks are now surveilling all Russia and Belarusian clients to ensure they are not seeking to circumvent Western sanctions on Moscow. 

What’s more is that the order to intensively scrutinize transactions merely based on an ethnicity and nationality is coming down on orders from top EU regulators. According to Reuters, “The instructions from ECB [European Central Bank] supervisors mean tens of thousands of Russians and Belarusians resident in the EU face intense surveillance by their banks, which are on alert for big payments and deposits as well as new credit applications, said sources.”

7. Dunno if this is true or not yet. If it is, it explains everything. Please click through to read the whole thread

Please check back often and in the comments for new material on Russia-Ukraine.

A few items on the Azerbaijan/Turkish war on Armenia

1. Azerbaijan now attacking the capital city of Armenia

2. Azerbaijan using cluster munitions:

3. This video published by Turkey’s Haberturk was reportedly of an Armenian UAV being shot down by Azerbaijani air defenses. Instead, it is clearly an An-2 aircraft, presumably belonging to Azerbaijan. Was this an Azerbaijani friendly fire incident? 472/

4. Turkish marshal propaganda music video

(Lots of invocations of allah. C. explains to us that the Turkish term, “Mehmetçik” in the video is equivalent to the slang term, “Doughboy” or infantryman who fights in tough conditions.)

5. An Azerbaijani music video which seems more Western hard rock than Islamic or Eastern Europe.

(Personally I prefer the Eastern European video, Remove the Kabab. The original version was removed from YT because it was used by the NZ Mosque killer. But YT still has Helter Skelter up which was used by the Manson gang for some pretty vicious and brutal killings. Arguably the song itself was the inspiration for them if Manson is to be believed)

Thank you C., X.

Armenia Vs. Azerbaijan

This is a series of items sent in by X. and Xanthippa and others. I may add a repost to a Brad JOhnson analysis of the situation from a week or so ago. Hopefully we can do an update on this situation today.

Armenia Declares Martial Law and General Mobilization

By the decision of the Armenian government, martial law and general mobilization are declared in the Republic of Armenia. Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“The decision comes into effect upon publication. I call on the personnel attached to the troops to report to their regional military commissariats.

“For the sake of the homeland, for the sake of victory,” Nikol Pashinyan wrote.

Shooting war in Nagorno-Karabakh! Armenia claims it destroyed 2 helicopters, 3 tanks, and 3 drones.

Fighting erupts between Armenia, Azerbaijan over disputed region

Armenia, Azerbaijan in clashes over disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region

Armenia Forces Destroy Convoy of Azerbaijan Forces #NagornoKarabakh #Caucasus #KARABA?

Armenia Army destroys Azerbaijan tank amidst clashes in Artsakh #NagornoKarabakh #Caucasus


Armenia moving tanks after clashes with Azerbaijan

Below is Brad’s discussion of these potentialities from July 21st  2020

Brad Johnson update on Azerbaijani war on Armenia

This conflict is more meaningful than what one may expect of a war between two small nations most people have never heard of. This is a proxy war between Turkish people, who are the population of Azerbaijan, and Armenia, where the survivors of the Armenian Genocide by the Turks live. Russia is backing the Armenian Christians and Turkey is backing the Azerbaijani Muslim Turks. This has potential to spread.

A grotesque yet unreported act of war by muslim invaders to Greece

This is blatant and ancient war making. very similar to the salting of the Earth, common in ancient wars.

One needs to read the article in full to understand that this act is more than cutting down a few trees. This is an act of war no different than bombing factories that a national economy depends on. And one where it takes three to four generations to rebuild. And that some of these trees are hundreds and hundreds of years old.

Thank you Oz-Rita for this article. There is no way to pretend this is an individual act anymore. This is the muslim world waging war on Europe for the purpose of conquest.

An attack on Greek heritage, migrants chop thousands of olive trees on Lesvos

It has been a wild few days on the Greek island of Lesvos. The past few days has seen two gangs of Afghani immigrants battle each other and African immigrants ridicule and cough on police in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, as reported by Greek City Times.


However, if these incidences were not enough, 5,000 olives trees were cut from their roots by illegal immigrants from the infamous Moria migrant camp, to the north of Lesvos’ capital city of Mytilene.


Olive trees take approximately 65-80 years to reach stable yields, meaning that the destroyed trees are a major blow to the local economy. Olive exports amount to about US$700 million every year to the Greek economy.

Please read the rest at Greek City Times.


C. offers this related material

Interesting. That’s straight from the al-Qaeda playbook:

Chopping down trees was also mentioned in muslim scripture. The Meccans chopped down palm trees during the siege in Medina, if I’m not mistaken. It was considered an act of war in Arabian culture, with good reason.

Apart from the historic and theological connotations, it’s of course an act of agroterrorism. The whole refugee push is of course economic warfare as well. Apart from the cost of housing these people, it killed off tourism in Greece. Who wants to go to Lesbos now?

Btw, Erdogan supports the BM. I vaguely recall the BM endorsed attacking trees in the past, but I’m not sure.

ISIS surely has:

Arson / pyro-terrorism is quite commom of course, it’s an accessible, unsophisticated technique, and it’s easy to get away with.

Israel suffered forest fires in ’18, set off by Hamas’ incendiary kites.

Exchange of tank and artillery fire between Lebanon and Israel


Israel retaliated with airstrikes within Lebanon

Video: Hizb’allah targets what it claims is an Israeli military facility

Our reader Yucki tells us that the missile used, a Kornet, is an expensive and effective, laser guided missile with a range of of 5.5 Km (About 3 miles)



Something is going on in the Gulf …

The following tweet is from the state propaganda organ, one which Trudeau’s brother worked for or still works for, Press TV:

CNN: Suspected attack on tankers in the Gulf of Oman

Where all of this is taking place

The two tankers were targeted Thursday morning in the Gulf of Oman, the same waterway where four commercial ships were attacked last month.


The attacks have ratcheted up existing tensions in the region, where Iran has long been at loggerheads with Saudi Arabia and the UAE — most recently over the civil war in Yemen.

(The Yemeni war is a war of manifest destiny by Iran, using their proxy, the Houthis as they would, Hizb’allah in the regions near Israel and abroad.)

Now The Express, which expressly says it was torpedoes:

The US Navy’s Bahrain-based Fifth Fleet assisted after receiving two distress calls.

Responding to the incident, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said Britain is seeking to establish the facts of what happened while the UK Maritime Trade Operations, which is part of the Royal Navy, urged “extreme caution”.

Front Altair, owned by Frontline, was carrying 75,000 tonnes of petroleum product naphtha and was headed to Taiwan.

Click over to the Express article, it’s the most informative so far.

UPDATE: Hannity 


Thank you Johnny U., Wrath off Khan, and all who sent in materials on what could be a flashpoint event.


Panetta: Iranian threat spreads


Published February 02, 2013

The Wall Street Journal

  • panetta_hearing_030712.jpg

    FILE: March 7, 2012: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP)

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is accussing Iran’s paramilitary force of an intensified campaign to destabilize the Middle East by smuggling antiaircraft weapons to its militant allies.

Iran’s export of so-called manpads — antiaircraft missiles that can be carried by a single person — represent what Panetta called a dangerous escalation.

“There is no question when you start passing manpads around, that becomes a threat—not just to military aircraft but to civilian aircraft,” Panetta told The Wall Street Journal in an interview describing shifting threats to the U.S. as he prepares to leave his post. “That is an escalation.”

Click to continue:

REPORT: Iran’s Revolutionary Guards overseeing missile fire

H/T Richard


Aiding jihadist groups as they launch projectiles into Jewish state

author-image by Aaron KleinEmail | Archive

Aaron Klein is WND’s senior staff reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief. He also hosts “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on New York’s WABC Radio. Follow Aaron on Twitter and Facebook.More ?

TEL AVIV – Advisers from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Units are in the Gaza Strip helping to oversee the firing of long-range rockets by jihadist groups there, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials.

The information comes as the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad group today claimed responsibility for what it said was missile fire at Tel Aviv. The organization has claimed it fired Iranian Fajr-5 missiles aimed at Tel Aviv.

Earlier today, one rocket launched from the Gaza Strip landed in Rishon Letzion, some seven miles south of Tel Aviv. About three hours later another explosion was heard in the Tel Aviv area.

No casualties were reported in either Tel Aviv or Rishon Leztion.

Since yesterday, Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system has intercepted 105 rockets, while 274 rockets have struck Israel, mostly in cities near the Gaza Strip.

The escalation began last week, when Hamas fired more than 120 rockets and mortars into Israel in a four-day period.