Interview with owner operator of very popular restaurant, WOP Pizza in Alberta DESTROYED by vaxx pass ‘laws’

Please read the related story details over at RAIR Foundation at this link.

IMPORTANT: Press conference by Trucker protest, police massing escalation

I think they are setting up false flag events as well if the boxes of rocks that seem to be appearing downtown mean anything. You know the truckers didn’t bring them.

German woman details the state abduction of her children, additional punishment because she tried to sing to them

This is a horrifying story of how a socialist state does justice. She was guilty of a political crime only. A thought-crime, as Orwell might have described it. Watch her description of how the state determined how long to imprison her children. There is not even the pretence of disease control. In fact the children were healthy before their arrest and imprisonment, and caught Covid once inside.

Please read the description over at RAIR Foundation.

Calgary: Police arrest a woman for shopping without supplication to the Gessler hat, and assault her husband for watching

Protests in Australia on November 27, 2021

As always, most if not all of the content will be in the comments. Please check back over the day as they add up. Australia is a nascent authoritarian effectively communist state. It is important to see what they do, as the world is in lockstep in journey. Just not all at exactly the same time.

Australia today

First, an interview with a woman who was near someone who tested positive and how her life went after that. Remember, no one in the story is actually sick. As far as we can tell from this video, not even the person who tested positive which was the excuse for setting off this chain of events…

According to the detainee, people who speak out against these measures are being punished. That is the slam dunk showing this is political and not medical or scientific.

Oz-Rita, who sent ALL this material in, adds the following:

Be aware this was filmed 1 week ago, however, this is now allegedly happening to hundreds of HEALTHY people in Northern Territories.

We must keep a close eye on what’s happening. Keep up to date with what’s going on in NT here –

This next video is Northern Territory’s Chief Minister Michael Gunner, explaining his views on those who oppose mandatory vaccinations. “You are”, he explains, “An antivaxxer if you support, give comfort to anyone who opposes the mandates”. I had to add a comment or two at the start and end. But the video itself is unedited. It is as he said it is.

Link to original video on Youtube

Link to our edit on Bitchute

Link to Reignite Democracy Australia, with a lot of recent news. An MP finally crossed the floor. It’s a start.

Coram Deo in the comments is adding some excellent materials. Please check the comments for a lot more solid material indicating the decrepit state of Australian democracy and liberties. Will add them as able. Below, Craig Kelly objects:

video – 14 mins 56 secs
House of Representatives Debates : Corporations Amendment (Improving Outcomes for Litigation Funding Participants) Bill 2021 This Orwellian named Bill does the exact opposite . It uses Soviet style ‘price controls’ which will only make it more difficult for Australian small business to access justice. Shame on the Liberal Government for pushing such legislation which will only protect the big end of town.

video – 13 mins 3 secs
For those of you saying I’m holding the Parliament to ransom, I say this:
“Parliament should not be holding people to ransom!”
This morning I spoke in support of a bill that would ban governments and businesses from discriminating against Australians who have not received a Covid vaccine.
For months now, I have received letters and messages from Australians and their families who have suffered from adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines, currently being mandated by many employers and governments across the nation. Some of the reactions are serious with victims suffering for months whilst others have sadly died in what appears to be from an adverse reaction to their vaccine.
We must stand up and fight for our rights and civil liberties.


Israel announces shocking class system over vaxx status

And now we suspect we know why Bibi got replaced

Randy Hillier speech and interview from July 1, 2021

For the whole story on the day, Please see RAIR Foundation

First, Randy’s speech to the crowds on Dominion Day on the Supreme Court grounds.

Interview with the man who was the first politician in Ontario, if not Canada, to stand up for our most basic rights and liberties, religious and otherwise, against the grotesque power grab by politicians for what is tantamount to a bad flu season, and a highly treatable disease.

A look at Big Pharma, and how they control the media

The title of this post falls short of the mark actually.

This morning, Oz-rita flagged me down to read a post and watch the videos in it with careful attention. She drew my focus to the following part of the main video in the originating post.

Just after the segment above, he ties in the assassination of John Lennon with this whole mess. To be honest, I don’t know if that hurts Mercola’s case, or if its true. Hell, the assassination of Lennon makes more sense if it was because he was doing media exposing the elites’ plans to screw us all over, than some schizo managed to get his home address and shoot him for love of Yoko. Yoko of all people. The guy was crazy but not blind or deaf.

I dare speculate this way because if we have learned one thing in 2020, and 2021, its that the problem with “conspiracy theories”, a CIA invented term in the 60s to delegitimize anyone questioning an official narrative, its that conspiracy theories never go far enough to get anything truthful. We feel comfortable saying that at this site because we had the Hydroxychloroquine thing nailed right from the start and are now fully vindicated on every level. Not to mention the artificial origins of the Wuhan Flu, the uselessness of masks, and now the mRNA injections which are being yanked from various uses daily now. Canada seems most determined to inject everyone even while the evidence that its very bad for especially young men, becomes harder and harder to hide.

Oz-Rita feels this article is important as is the entire video from which we took that excerpt above. The author of this site has not seen it all or read it yet. But Oz-Rita is a pretty solid judge of what matters, so its worth posting for those that want to persue this. To those that do, please offer your opinions, pro or con, in the comments. The overall thesis is a very large and very disturbing one. But one which we already know that one of the premises is factually correct. Big Pharma has people on the board of all big media. The narrative on the mRNA shots is controlled and not in the interests of the general public.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog


Corbett Report: Science Says …

The Corbett Report is often very good. Here he is talking about how people pronounce edicts but pretending that it is science, much like the game, Simon Says, except Science Says.

The original link sent in by EB is here, and offers a Youtube link which leads to a notice that the channel has been deleted for blah de blah blah. This adds a lot of credibility to Mr. Corbett in our view, since Alphabet/Google/Youtube has taken down many channels we started because the materials we posted were true and a threat to the narrative. Meanwhile, Youtube hosts every kind of unscientific Healy feely gobbledygook people can think up. Which as a stand alone is fine. But its the deletion of peer reviewed science that can save lives and does when the odd doctor is willing to use it, that is why Youtube’s principles need to be on trial at the next round of Nuremberg trials.

Hungary has gone Vaxx-mad

Following is a series of stories sent in by Kalloi on Hungary’s surprisingly un-libertarian policies on Covid and mRNA injections.

From TELEX.Hu:

“Restaurant criticized for giving different coloured trays to non-immunized guests
Several commenters were upset by the measure of a restaurant in Veszprém, which was introduced after the reopening: the immunity card goes with a brown tray and you can eat inside, while those without a card get a white tray and can only eat on the terrace – writes Blikk.
This is explained in a photo on the restaurant’s Facebook page, modelled on government advertisements. According to Blikk, a riot broke out in the comments section under the photo, accusing the restaurant of tray racism and of participating in dividing the “Hungarians”.
Meanwhile, the restaurant has published a new post on Facebook, responding to the almost two thousand comments on their previous post, which contained a brown tray and a white tray. They write that the fines for violating the health restrictions are very expensive, but their restaurant is self-service, so they cannot afford to keep only their terrace open. And they don’t want their customers to be checked while they are eating, they don’t have the resources. (…)”
“Forging an immunity certificate can get you up to five years
Anyone who forges or uses an immunity certificate or modifies or deletes any data from the information system could face up to five years in prison, according to a Hungarian Official Gazette published on Saturday.
The government decree on “combating the misuse of immunity certificates” stipulates that anyone shall be punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of up to five years who forges a false public or private document; falsifies the contents of a public or private document; uses a false, forged or genuine public or private document in the name of another person; enters, alters, deletes or makes inaccessible data in the information system without authorisation or in violation of the limits of his or her authorisation.
It is also a criminal offence to circulate or trade a public or private document, or create, issue on the market or trade in a password or computer program which is necessary or facilitates the creation of a criminal offence.
The government decree, signed by Viktor Orbán, penalising the misuse of the immunity certificate, will enter into force on Sunday 2 May.
Gergely Gulyás, the minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, announced at the government briefing on Thursday that the Criminal Code will be amended and that forgery of immunity certificates will become a qualified offence. He also stressed that businesses that fail to check the existence of plastic cards could be fined from 100,000 to 1 million forints or even imprisoned for a year.”
“György G?dény may soon be charged with spreading rumours
The police have completed their investigation into a case of spreading rumours, and the files of the investigation have been sent to the prosecutor’s office with a recommendation for indictment, Kristóf Gál, spokesman of the National Police Headquarters, said at the Operational Committee’s press conference on Wednesday. Although the virus-sceptic pharmacist was not named at the briefing, our site understands that it is clearly György G?dény.
Kristóf Gál said at the press conference that the National Bureau of Investigation’s (NNI)’s cybercrime unit has launched investigations against virus-sceptics for spreading rumours. According to one of the investigations against György G?dény, the police found that the suspect had published an article in which he made allegations against mask wearing and the danger of the coronavirus epidemic.
The statements, which were widely circulated, were, in the view of the police, likely to hinder or even thwart the epidemic control
– Kristóf Gál said.
The police have recently completed their investigation and forwarded the case file to the prosecutor’s office with a recommendation for indictment. Investigations into the other rumours are still ongoing. György G?dény and his family organised several illegal demonstrations in Heroes’ Square during the winter to protest against the strict measures caused by the epidemic. Among other things, the speakers made such witty statements like a gigantic human experiment was taking place, and he trivialised the threat of the coronavirus, and most of the demonstrators were not even wearing masks. G?dény, by the way, has racked up millions in fines over the past few months, as he has organised several demonstrations with his virus denier friends to show their disagreement with the strict security measures to protect people’s lives, and they have instead taken to protesting in Budapest in their hundreds.”
Thank you Kalloi for this effort.