Tatjana Festerling expresses anger and grief as to what has happened to Germany and Europe

Come into action – finally!

No, no, you are not victims! YOU make yourself victims of the politicians and the catastrophic consequences of their irresponsible decisions. You can do something, EVERYONE OF YOU CAN DO SOMETHING!

We are not as powerless as we think! This has been drumed into us for years, but it is not true. It is a thought cage into which we have been manipulated by perpetually reinvented guilt feelings – historical guilt, climate guilt, sexism guilt, alleged oppressor guilt towards former colonies, women, homosexuals, Muslims, the disabled, and so on. A release from this is possible! However, it requires the deep and honest realization that you can still work so hard, no matter how well and obediently you are obeying the rules, norms and new laws of the state – and nothing, NOTHING will change. On the contrary, your habitual, adjusted behavior only makes things worse. You give up your power to the state – a vicious state that does not protect you, but needs YOU as hardworking working bees, as tax slaves. The state behaves like a parasite that needs permanent catering to keep itself alive.

If you get dizzy with the thought of breaking the rules, google the term “co-dependency”. THAT is then your problem! This includes relativizing, trivializing and making sarcastic little jokes about the terrible conditions in Germany – as if talking about things that do not even affect you.

For every father and every mother, it is infinitely distressing that they are struggling so very hard and still have no positive future prospects for their children! Yes, you suffer, you are deeply sad, many are already depressed – finally get to your feelings! They are real – not the babble of ridiculous figures in Berlin and the regional parliaments. They are the narcissists who are completely unable to deal with criticism and admit mistakes.

And another word that I have left Germany and now be so upset: people like me are long burned, outlawed and have no future in this Germany. I will not get a job, order, appartement or office. And if it does, then the Antifa thugs come with crowbars, spray cans and bitumen bottles. I had the feeling of being trapped in a collectivistically disturbed community that’s worshiping consumption, distraction and a state monster – it took my breath away. And yet I love our beautiful country and keep the diligent, ingenious, faithful, romantic Germans to good, that they actually mean well. Unfortunately they are only completely on the wrong path. Please, please decide for life and not for total submission. PLEASE!