Berlin: Moroccan Driver Of Rental Car Speeds Across Sidewalk, Targeting Pedestrians

An original translation from B.Z. Berlin:

Was it an Attack?
Car Dashes Across Sidewalk – State Security Investigating

The driver of the rental car has fled. Police have cordoned off the area. Photo: Spreepicture

10. November 2017, 11:49 PM CET
The driver of a rental car dashed across the sidewalk at Wilhelmsruher Damm in Reinickendorf [Berlin – translator]. He barely missed several pedestrians.

A group of people were standing on the sidewalk of Wilhelmsruher Damm yesterday [Friday] evening around 10 PM. Suddenly, a rental car was speeding directly towards them. People screamed, jumped out of the way and barely escaped uninjured.
The car then rammed a motor scooter. Then the driver stepped on the gas and disappeared. He was not caught at the time of going to press. But the pedestrians quick-witted memorized the license plate. Police is investigating it, according to Bild information, the driver allegedly is a Moroccan.

Was it an attempted attack? It is still unclear. But it is confirmed that State Security has taken over the investigations.

The scooter lies on the sidewalk, demolished. No one was injured. Photo: Spreepicture


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