Video: News from Islamia – Stoning and Burning in Morocco

This is an original translation by Oz-Rita

From PI News:

Those who live in an islamic country have to submit without any compromise to the “religious” ideology in force, otherwise their life can end very brutally. allegedly in Morocco, a young man has “offended” the “Prophet” Mohammed, this led – already in his (Mohamed’s) times to deadly punishment. 1400 years later, not much has changed: a jeering crowd stones the man, children watch from the first row, some film with their mobiles, some passers-by walk past the scene, seemingly unconcerned, cars drive around the dying man. Videos like this one are contemporary documentation from a “religious culture” which legitimizes brutality through their god, and where human civilisation does no longer exist.

Warning, horrible images:

This document of inhumanity appeared on the page of a certain “Rassd Maroc” Facebook site eines gewissen “Rassd Maroc”. . In the following video the cruelty even increases as the stoned man is burnt alive at the end.

In our schools they are just about to establish the “religious teaching” of this killer-cult , Politicians compete as to who will demonstrate more “respect” towards (islam) and Church leaders are eager to affirm the equality between their faith and this Barbarism. Germany is going down while her political rulers roll out the red carpet for these deadly ennemies of the people.

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9 Replies to “Video: News from Islamia – Stoning and Burning in Morocco”

  1. Doesn’t look like North Africa, but wherever, it seems to be Sharia-ville. How many Muslim refugees in North America today grew up — maybe even participated in this savagery?

    Train them in home healthcare services for the elderly or disabled. You think their tender loving sympathies will kick in when your Mom asks for a drink of water? That make you feel comfortable?

  2. The very idea of allowing any of those people to even as much as visit Canada on a tourist visa, let alone move here, is sheer insanity. Those are scary fanatical savages. This will not end until Islam is either victorious, or eliminated from the face of the Earth entirely. I vote for the latter…

  3. that is not morocco and nothing like this cruel, horrible and inhuman act has ever happened in morocco.the article writer must ahow some professionalism when looking for information.As for this act itslef, it has nothing to do with islam.making sure to get real news and true facts from credible media outlets is the responsability of each one..consuming news just like that and taking for granted everything shown on tv or published online without critical thinking is pure stupidity.

  4. I don’t think that first video was shot in Morocco. What disturbs me most about all this, is the fact that they’re here, with us, at the very heart of our civilization, feeding, leeching off it, and reproducing, reproducing, spreading. Does anyone need any more bad omens?

  5. Looks like black Africa to me. Given that there are black African quarters in most Moroccan cities, it is possible that it happened in Morocco after all. Who said this kind of thing is not happening in Morocco? Bat Yeor has documented such cases in Morocco, in Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.

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