Macron has made vaxx-pass mandatory for all EXCEPT THE POLICE

At this point I think Macron is now fully out of the totalitarian closet. We will be posting videos on some of his most recent proclamations today. But for the moment, some reactions to them:

Thank you Oz-Rita. We will have more on this as the day regresses.

France on Fire

No comments yet on the specifics. Frankly its likely organized groups of communists doing what they always do, and taking a legitimate concern of a large group of people and turning it into an attack on the state overall.

Some of these videos are HARSH

‘Black Block’ attack police

The flag at 19 seconds in the video above, a white flag with a circle with an hourglass in it, is the extinction rebellion flag. May as well be ANTIFA. Soros groups are more about branding than Benneton.

(I begin to wonder if the problem is they just don’t have any good TV in France)

These videos have a lot of markers indicating that what I suspect was a strike by transit workers has been hijacked by every communist group under every brand they have.



French Interior minister, turns people escaping from police tear gas and baton attacks, into an “Attack on an ICU”

The French interior minister also said that “the police had to intervene to save people in the hospital from an ‘angry mob'” (Yellow Vesters) but the truth is the protestors were escaping chemical and other abuse by police to the public.

The Interior Minister also said: “Yellow Vesters had attacked doctors and nurses in the hospital” but the staff of the hospital testified to the press that at no point had they been attacked by the Yellow Vests.

Below, the video of what actually happened:

Thank you M., and Ava Lon who watched quite a bit of material to help us come to an understanding of this now-standard government false flag against its own people.

(Remember Chemnitz)



French Journalist repeatedly arrested for real reporting on the Yellow Vest Protests

Remember this clip from March 2019?

Te video below is an interview with the journalist who took that footage above, an was jailed for it. He has been jailed repeatedly by the French sate for doing his duty to democracy.

Error: He was jailed as he explained in the interview, for flipping the bird to the police after they shot him with a ‘grenade’.

Gaspard Glanz being arrested on April 20 2019 in Paris

For the 3rd time it seems necessary to post the Lara Logan clip:

Thank you Ava Lon for the work that went into this.

Blackblock/ANTIFA smash up Paris windows

We can say they are black block by definition. The faces are covered, and they are destroying property and giving the police the excuse they need to attack the real Yellow vest protestors, who are not doing anything illegal in any rational sense of illegal.

And the chant you hear is distinctly ANTIFA. I would wager that a significant portion of the YVPs have never heard of ANTIFA and the rest wish they had not.

H/T M.

Many many more videos of today’s chaos in France can be seen here.

(Original video replaced with the two above, as the original one in this post was from Toulouse in February and uploaded by a non-honest actor. The two above are today. But the same chant can be heard and the same events.)


St. Sulpice Church in Paris in flames

RT Has the story

Good find Sassy.