Brilliant example of Islamic good sportsmanship

And people say that religious Muslims can’t fit in to Western civilization!

Three soccer fans killed in war like fight in Moroccan soccer stadium

Location: Casa Blanca

Two Killed, 54 Injured in Football Fan Scuffle in Morocco

The heated fans of one of the teams first lighted flares and then attacked their opponents, reported citing local media. The fights on the stadium have rapidly developed into street brawls.

Play it again Sam!




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  1. somewhat related:
    Escalating an angry dispute with the leader of the United Nations, Morocco gave the organization a 72-hour deadline on Thursday to evacuate 84 members of its mission in the disputed Western Sahara territory.

    The Moroccan foreign minister, Salaheddine Mezouar, who held a tense meeting with Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Monday at Mr. Ban’s office at the United Nations, said his country’s actions were a response to what he called Mr. Ban’s “unacceptable statements and condemnable actions” in describing Western Sahara as an occupied region.

    Mr. Ban used that terminology during a trip this month to neighboring Algeria, where he visited a camp for Western Sahara refugees.

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