Sixty Eight year old Dutch woman raped, murdered, mutilated on Easter

Thank you C. for finding and translating this one. This is video 1 of a series.

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Restoring the videos that Youtube took special exception to

In the mid February 2019 onslaught of emails from Youtube objecting to, restricting and ultimately banning videos that led to the closure of our Youtube channel, there was maybe a couple of dozen videos they decided to act on. They sent me an email about each one and what they intended to do about them. I wil, as time permits, restore all of them to and ultimately here, so you can all judge for yourself what the real motives of Youtube, or whatever mass reporting agency decided to invest time and effort going over years worth of videos to take the channel down.

Here is one from December 9, 2016 about the brutal rape and murder of a German girl, Maria Ladenburger, who worked with migrants in Germany.

Police Release CCTV Footage Of Brutal Attack On AfD Politician

Original translation of a police press release:

Place: Bremen
Date: 11.01.19

Public Prosecutor and Police have released a video for the purpose of public search concerning the investigations into the suspicion of inflicting dangerous bodily harm upon the MP Frank Magnitz, Bremen.

A video of the attack is published at

The video shows (partially in slow motion) the raw data of the relevant sequences, recorded by two different cameras in the Sankt-Pauli-Passage at the Theater at Goetheplatz.

Police and Public Prosecutor want to know: Who can give clues leading to the perpetrators? The criminal police can be reached under the 24 hour hotline 0421 362 3888.

The Public Prosecutor Bremen offers a reward of Euro 3,000 for clues that lead to the arrest and the conviction of the perpetrators.

Police Bremen are still providing the opportunity to upload pictures and videos on their portal. You can reach the portal under the following link:

For inquiries please contact:
Pressestelle Polizei Bremen

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New Years Eve in train station outside Koln Germany Part I

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Dr. Bilyana Martinovski on censorship and rape stats in Sweden

I recognize that this is two videos of 30 minutes each. But in this instance I feel those who put in the time will feel it was worth it.

This woman makes powerful points with direct knowledge of the victims. So please do try and watch these, and especially before the election in Sweden on Sunday. Perhaps you may know someone to whom you can send this link?

Here is the FULL interview with a Rotherham rape victim done by Michael Hansen, a short segment of which, appears in his excellent film, Killing Europe. Available to be seen free here:

And titled in Swedish:

And here is a related story:

Swedish Doctor Fired After Posting Anti-Migrant Comments on Social Media

A doctor in the Swedish county of Västernorrland has been fired after being accused of spreading “Nazi” messages on his social media accounts by his employers.

The doctor, who worked as a surgeon and has denied that he is a Nazi, has not been identified but was said to have been terminated from his position after the anti-migrant social media posts came to light, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.


Only two examples of “Nazi” posts were presented by the Swedish state broadcaster including one which refers to a story from the Swedish alternative news website Friatider that reported on a Swedish politician calling for the European Union to “drive over” the objections of countries who refused to take in migrants.

Dutch MP makes suicide video, explains actions

Oz-Rita found and translated the following from a German news site:

Death of an Islam critic rouses the Netherlands

Willie Dille claimed to have been raped and threatened by Muslims. Then she took her own life. However, there is no evidence, nor did she press charges. The case remains a mystery.

From our correspondent HELMUT HETZEL
08/09/2018 at 18:04

The Hague. In the middle of the summer break, a political tragedy is taking place in The Hague. Prominent PVV politician Willie Dille took her own life on Wednesday evening, her family announced on Thursday. The mother of four became 53 years old.

Willie Dille had dominated the headlines in the Netherlands hours before her death after placing a video on her Facebook page. In it she claimed she had been raped by a group of Muslims a year ago. She had been silent for a long time. But now she was being threatened by Moroccans. She was to be gagged. “They came to my car and said we will slit your throat (….) I am now also afraid for my children that something could be done to them. That’s why I’m talking now. They want to muzzle me.”

Her video triggered a heated debate and many reactions in the social and established media. Those who supported Dille had called for an investigation into the allegations of rape and the threat to the politician. Because Willie Dille accused Arnoud van Doorn in particular of having commissioned the rape and the threat from extreme Muslims. The converted Doorn is currently chairman of the Islamic Party in The Hague, but was formerly a PVV member and in this capacity an employee of Dille.

She had fired him, though. “He hates me,” Dille said in her video. Doorn announced in a Twitter message that he might accuse Dille of slander and libel.

Critics claimed Willie Dille invented rape to denigrate Muslims. Dille was a strong critic of Islam, like most politicians and members of the Freedom Party PVV, which was founded by the Islam critic Geert Wilders.

One will probably never know whether Dille was actually raped by Muslims or not. But the Hague police reported after her death that she had not filed a rape charge. This raises questions about the credibility of Dilles’ accounts, critics say.

Geert Wilders himself expressed his condolences to the von Dille family on Thursday and twittered: “She was a fantastic colleague who always watched out for her fellow men, especially for the youth. Her loss cannot be described in words. We will miss her enormously. We wish her partner and her children a lot of strength.”

Fox News has the story here as well

C has provided us with details and corrections on this important and WAY under-reported story.

Small correction, she was an ex-MP. Left parliament in 2012, was active in the Hague’s city council after that.
Police says she didn’t file charges, but she did talk to them about the alleged rape. There wasn’t enoug to start a case, according to the DA.
The man she claims was behind it, Arnoud van Doorn, is indeed a nasty piece of work. Did time for selling drugs to minors and possession of a firearm. Converted in the As Soennah mosque (the Hague), a salafist hotbed. Suddenly drove around in expensive cars.. Has ties with Qatar and Kuwait, and the Saudi royal house. Mediator between mosques and donors worldwide, a kind of glorified money mule. Says he wants less transparency when it comes to funding: “we want to be more shady”. A short expose (in dutch):


Thank you C.

Kassel, Germany: Syrian “Refugee” Throws Boiling Oil Into Janitor’s Face

An original translation from the Hessian news portal Extratipp:

Incident in Kassel, Hesse
Horror! 30-Year Old Asylum Seeker from Syria Throws Boiling Oil Into Janitor’s Face
June 25., 2018

Kassel – A 30-year old asylum seeker from Syria threw boiling oil into his janitor’s face on Friday around 3PM (CET) in Erzberger Straße. The janitor suffered severe burns on his face, his upper body and arms. The 30-year-old immediately had to be taken to a special clinic in Hannover. Police Spokesman Torsten Werner confirmed this to on Monday before noon.

The incident happened in the Kassel district Nordstadt in an apartment building. Upon request of the Kassel District Attorney, the 30-year-old was taken to the committing magistrate at the district court Kassel, who ordered custody, on Saturday.

Background: The two officers, who were lightly wounded, were investigating arson in the apartment building. There had been problems in the previous week: an unknown person had set a newspaper on fire in the building’s hallway, and later, a paper notice. When, on Friday, another paper notice was burning, the officers of office 11 for arson investigated in the apartment building.

The 30-year-old Syrian stated to have only limited command of the German language. Therefore, the officers asked him to come along with them to the precinct. There, an interpreter would have translated his statements. The asylum seeker turned around, took a pot filled with oil from the stove, and threw it onto the officers and the janitor. While the janitor was hit by the largest part of the hot oil, the officers overpowered and arrested the 30-year-old.

The arrested asylum seeker will have to answer for the suspicion of severe arson and severe assault.

The assault took place in this apartment building in Erzberger Straße in Kassel. A man poured boiling oil into the face of the janitor who is responsible for the building. The man was wounded gravely. Photo: Schachtschneider


Munich: “Underage Refugees” Attack Emergency Doctor On Call, Smash Her Teeth Out

Munich: Friday evening, two “underage refugees” attack emergency vehicle, badly wounding doctor on call. (Photo credit: Thomas Gaulke)

An original translation from Abendzeitung, Munich:

Drunk rioters injure emergency doctor
June 23., 2018 – 09:21 AM CET

According to first information by police at the scene, two unaccompanied underage refugees riot in Ottobrunn (suburb of Munich – translator). With a full Whiskey bottle, one of the two smashes in the side window of an emergency doctor’s car and wounds the emergency doctor.

Ottobrunn- Friday evening around 8:30PM, two underaged unaccompanied refugees attacked an emergency vehicle of the hospital Neuperlach.

According to first information by the police, one of the two smashed in the side window of the car with a full Whiskey bottle and struck the emergency doctor right in the face. The woman lost consciousness and lost several teeth. Then, the youth threw the bottle at the doctor’s driver who suffered injuries, too.

The emergency vehicle had pulled over at the old people’s home in Ottostraße, to assist the emergency brigade and responders of the Ottobrunn fire brigade, who were treating a person with a life-threatening condition in the old people’s home. The incident occurred while the fire brigade were already seeing the patient.

The obviously drunk duo – who had apparently been rioting moments before – fled, but was apprehended and overpowered by police a few hundred meters away. Allegedly, during this measure, several residents of Ottobrunn attacked the officers to help the alleged perpetrators, who were then taken in preliminary detention.

Merkur, Munich, provide a bit more context, 23.06.18 11:13AM CET (original translation):
Two youths (17 and 20), who are unaccompanied refugees, wanted to enter the Ottobrunn youth club with a trolley filled with alcoholic drinks after 8 PM. When one of the caretakers pointed out the alcohol prohibition, and called a colleague for help, the two drunk teenagers attacked the women, and then left the building.
At the same time, the Ottobrunn fire brigade had arrived at the nearby Hanns-Seidel-Haus, the old people’s home, to help a person with a life threatening condition. While the fire brigade had already entered the building, the emergency vehicle from the Neuperlach hospital arrived. In this moment, the 20-year-old attacked the car, and, from a distance of about 1.5 meters, threw a full Whiskey bottle into the side window of the passenger seat. It smashed the window, hit the emergency doctor who was sitting in the car in the face, and smashed out several of her teeth. She suffered a fractured jaw, a concussion, and cutting wounds in her face. The paramedic who was driving the car just suffered cut wounds from the window splinters.

“I am dying, I am dying” – Another girl stabbed to death in Germany.

An original translation from Bild:

Iulia (15) stabbed to death in the park
++ Suspect turns himself in to police ++ Mother collapses at crime scene

Iuliana R., called Julia by her friends, only lived to be 15 years. Photo source: Facebook

(This is a breaking story, the following translation is of the most updated article. To read the previous version, please scroll down. – translator)

By J. Löbker and G. Altenhofen, published 11.06.2018 – 23:18h CET

Viersen (NRW) – The young girl is smiling into the camera friendly. Dark hair, brown eyes. She is Iuliana Elena R. (15), nicknamed Julia. Her life ended brutally on Monday. On this sunny spring day, the girl was stabbed to death in the park called “Casinogarten” in Viersen.

Shortly afterwards, between shrubs and flowers, there are investigators in forensics overalls, investigating the crime scene. The homicide commission’s investigators are trying to reconstruct what had happened on the lawn.

Gravely injured, the victim staggered towards two homeless people, said: “I am dying, I am dying”. Then, she collapsed.

As the girl did not have any papers with her, her identity was initially unclear. In the evening, it turned out: it is Iulia R. (15).

The girl is from Bucharest (Romania), and living with her parents in a suburb of Viersen in a three-storey building. She had a boyfriend and went to school in Viersen. Police officers escorted her parents from the precinct to the crime scene, where blood stains were still to be seen in the evening.

The mother kept crying “Iuliana” and collapsed crying at the crime scene. When they came home, the parents were still crying. They allowed Bild to show a photo of their murdered daughter.

“Casinogarten” in downtown Viersen (North Rhine Westphalia) is a meeting point for drinkers. The homeless Ilja Hansen (47) and his girlfriend come here often, yesterday, too. Ilja Hansen tells Bild: “We were sitting in the park, having a beer. Then we heard loud screams.“

Moments later, the victim approached them. Hansen: “My girlfriend and me ran to her. She fell on her knees, into our arms. She was covered in blood and covered in slash wounds. We immediately called police and fire department.“

The homicide commission was searching for a perpetrator, who, according to police, was of “northern African appearance” and had “black, oily hair“. A helicopter and a large police force were deployed, searching for the perpetrator. Specialized “mantrailer“ dogs were to take on his trace.
When the officers wanted to check a suspicious Turk (25), he fled. Later, the man, who has got a previous police record, turned himself in at a precinct. A police spokesman: “His possible involvement in the deed is currently investigated.“

A mother who was visiting the park with her child and allegedly witnessed the deed might be able to identify the perpetrator.

The background of the deed is still completely unclear.


Previous article from earlier tonight:

Woman stabbed to death in park in North Rhine Westphalia
Eye Witness: “She was covered in slash wounds”
+++ Perpetrator on the run ++ Victim cried “I’m dying. I’m dying” ++ Homeless man called ambulance +++

By Jörg Löbker and Gerhard Altenhofen, published on 11.06.2018, 17:12h
Bloody deed in Viersen (NRW): According to Bild information, a young woman was stabbed to death on Monday in Casinogarten!

Police are hunting for the perpetrator on the run!

According to police, the man is wearing dark clothes and is of “northern African appearance, has got black, greasy hair”.

According to investigators, the victim is around 20 years old. Her nationality is uncertain, but she allegedly said in German „I am dying, I am dying“, when she approached homeless persons in the park, gravely wounded. Then she collapsed unconscious.

One of the homeless people made an emergency phone call at 12.22, the woman was taken to hospital immediately, where she then died.

Ilja Hansen (47) is the homeless man into whose arms the woman fell. He tells Bild: “We were sitting in the park, having a beer. Then we heard loud screams.“
Moments later, the victim approached them. Hansen: “My girlfriend and me ran to her. She already fell on her knees, into our arms. She was dowsed in blood and covered in slash wounds. We immediately called police and fire department.“

The homeless man describes the victim as: “black hair, mediterranean type. Between 18 and 20 years old. Black shirt, white-and-red trousers.“

A helicopter and a large police deployment of officers and cars is searching for the suspect. Specialized “mantrailer“ dogs are to catch the perpetrator’s trace. Police began an murder investigation, led by the experienced investigator Ingo Thiel.

“Casinogarten“ is a posh park. It contains statues by the Beuys-scholar “Anatol“. In its centre is a modern, popular playground. A mother wrote in a Facebook group in the afternoon that she and her little son witnessed the deed, and described the perpetrator to the police.

The crime scene is alleged to be a meeting place of drinkers and homeless people. According to eye witnesses though, the young woman was well-kempt. She had a bicycle with her. It remains unclear whether she belonged to the homeless and drinkers.
As the witness did not have a passport on her, identifying her was difficult, according to Bild information.

Herbert Reul (CDU), interior minister of North Rhine Westphalia, comments on the crime: “The deed that happened this noon in Viersen is shocking. It saddens me that a young woman was lethally wounded in a public park. Police of NRW are investigating with consequence, and searching for the alleged perpetrator with great force. The ministry is costantly informed about the current state of investigations.“