Some good news from a Muslim country

There was a fairly disgusting case of sexual harassment and assault on a Moroccan bus recently which was filmed and put on youtube.

The video is in the comments but I didn’t want to post it to the main site. Its sad and awful. The story is, the girl was mentally retarded and a group of teens pulled her clothes off and sexually humiliated her.

The bus driver did nothing. not even stop the bus.

But today there was a protest in Morocco against sexual abuse.

Good news from the Islamic world is pretty rare. So its a bit of a treat to post it when it comes in.

Thank you M.


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  1. Permit me to suggest that—in a male-dominated culture like that of Islam—the cowardly sexual gang-assault of a mentally impaired young woman does NOTHING to burnish the reputation (whatever minuscule shreds of it that might remain) of what currently passes for Muslim manhood. No, not Mahmoud, manhood

    Please notice—if anything, by observable hair length—how a YUGE percentage of the protestors were [gasp!] women. Go figure.

    While women traditionally compose more than one-half of this planet’s population—except for gender-based infanticide practitioners like Communist China and India—more than a little of prevailing doctrine (especially Islamic) denies them anything save a fraction of the “worth” accorded to men.

    Ergo, even if that video’s Moroccan demonstrators were twice the number of women compared to men, that would merely create Islamic parity, instead of the slightest perception of gender prevalence that could possibly indicate just how totally upgefucked (Hat Tip: WEB Griffith) all of Islam continues to be on a permanent basis.

    Please let me know when large numbers of Muslimas do the Lorena Bobbitt thang* on their (ostensibly) “male” oppressors. The sooner that more of these pretend-males are singing soprano, the more quickly that this world’s Muslim women will have the slightest glimpse of freedom.

    * The one charge that Lorena Bobbitt should have been convicted on was littering.

    (Let’s see if anyone gets that supremely inside joke about the out-patient surgery that an ambulatory scumbag like John Wayne Bobbitt so richly deserved.)

    • “John Wayne Bobbitt, 46, thought he would never be able to have sex again
      Underwent 10-hour op to re-attach his severed penis which was found thrown in a field
      He has since slept with 70 women, starred in porn films, plans to marry his third wife
      Says his violent days are behind him as he has now found God”

      70 whores on Earth, porn movies, become docile and find True God?

      What is Islam waiting for? How could we have not known?

      • Ozzy Osburne and the entire Kardashian clan (combined) have a far better chance of “finding God” than John Wayne Bobbitt. That he has since “slept with around 70 women – even worked as a porn star – and is now a devout Christian and hoping to marry for the third time”, makes a mockery of Christianity, marriage, and the dedicated efforts of whatever surgical team performed the reattachment of his intellectual apparatus.

        Too bad that Lorena didn’t simply flush his “manhood” (in what has to be one of the most inappropriate labels imaginable) down the toilet. The notion that a bipedal sack-of-shite like John Wayne Bobbitt continues to consume air-time, ink, oxygen, or even just pretend that he and Christianity are on speaking terms makes this Agnostic want to puke in a projectile manner.

        His hideous perversion of Christian values is abominable. I fully well realize than any and all individuals are welcome to seek redemption in Christ’s blood. All the same, attempting to believe that John Wayne Bobbitt has the least shred of genuine sincerity in whatever passes for his “soul” simply defies the farthest reaches of my imagination.

        Call me “Intolerant”: Preferably at 1-800-INTOLERANT during regular business hours (EST). Data charges may apply. Operator assistance is fee-based.

        Remember, tolerating the intolerable is a vice and NOT a virtue.

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