Germany: Two Officers In Correctional Facility Severely Scalded With Hot Water By Convert

Upon reading this, we were reminded that Tommy Robinson, too, was attacked with boiling water in prison (Tommy Robinson: Assault Case May Be Reopened, Gates of Vienna, May 04, 2016).

An original translation from Focus:

Severe Scalding
Terror Suspect douses two officers of the correctional facility Iserlohn with hot water

Thursday, January 04., 2018, 20:52
It appears a severe incident took place in the correctional facility Iserlohn. Apparently a 17-year-old inmate attacked two officers of the facility with hot water.

The two officers allegedly suffered severe scalding. They were taken to a special hospital via helicopter. They are not in critical condition.

This is reported by „Bild“ newspaper. Accordingly, the attacker is a German who converted to Islam and who is under terror suspicion. According to the report, the young man tried to acquire weapons and explosives. He is accused of having prepared a grave subversive crime. According to „Bild“, he was arrested already in summer 2016. His trial began in December.

Police Started Investigations
The facility’s leader, Joachim Güttler, told the newspaper: „He refused to leave his room. Even his caretaker, with whom he got along very well, could not convince him. Suddenly, the attack happened.“

According to the report, the 17-year-old used a water cooker in his room to boil the water.

A speaker of the Ministry of Justice North Rhine Westphalia condemned the attack. He said to „Bild“ that attacks on officers were based on „an attitude of hostility towards the state“. Police took up investigations for grave battery.

Translator’s note:
According to a report by Die Welt in February 2017, approximately 3,500 (22%) of the 16,000 inmates in prisons in North-Rhine Westphalia were Muslim.

Correctional facility Iserlohn in North-Rhine Westphalia

Germany: Three Assaulted By Moroccan With Hatchet

An original translation from Rheinische Post:

Manhunt In Rees

Man Threatens Several With Hatchet

January 3., 2018 | 18.22 h CET

Rees. A man allegedly assaulted three people in Haldern and Empel and threatened them with a hatchet. Police are hunting for a suspect. By Markus Balser

Three people had a close encounter of the bloodcurling kind, Tuesday evening in Haldern and in Empel: A man threatened them with a hatchet. A 25-year-old from Wesel was lightly wounded. The perpetrator escaped. The suspect is a 29-year-old Moroccan. Police are searching for him.

As the investigators announce, the first assault took place around 9:20 PM on the platform of the Haldern train station. A 50-year-old man from Rees was waiting there, when the Moroccan approached him with a hatchet in the hand and demanded money. The Reesian threw a small sum of cash in his direction. When the perpetrator bent over for it, the victim ran away.

Man Shouts At Armed Perpetrator

Just a short while after this, the second assault took place; this time in Empel. According to police, a 22-year-old woman was driving her Opel Corsa on Halderner Straße around 9:40 PM, heading for Haldern. A 25-year-old man from Wesel was accompanying her in the car. About 150 metres behind the B67 highway, the young woman had to stop, because a bicycle was lying across the street. In this moment, the perpetrator dashed towards the Opel, smashed in the passenger seat window of the car, and prompted the passengers to get out of the car. The front-seat-passenger, who suffered abrasions, indeed got out of the car, according to police, and loudly shouted at the Moroccan, who, at that, escaped in the direction of B67. He left his bike behind.

Despite a large-scale manhunt with two police dogs, in which the Federal Police and forces of the district police offices Wesel and Borken participated, the perpetrator could not yet be apprehended. Possibly, he fled into a close-by forest tuesday night in the protection of darkness.

It is plausible that both assaults were committed by the same person, as the descriptions of both perpetrators are congruent, and the distance between the two crime scenes can be covered in 20 minutes by bike.

The 29-year-old suspect is about 1.80 metres tall, and slim, according to police. He is wearing a red hooded jacket, a black hooded shirt, and a light pair of trousers, a white face mask and grey gloves. The police, who do not have clues pointing to an Islamist background of the man, warn of approaching him. They ask for hints concerning the wanted person at Criminal Police Kalkar under the phone number 02824 880.

Translator’s note: Rees, Heldern and Empel are idyllic smalltowns, but lie in the troubled state of North-Rhine Westphalia, infamous for the Cologne sex attacks, or the district of Duisburg-Marxloh (video).

Rees in North-Rhine Westphalia