Germany leads the pack in the race to centralized authoritarian government

RAIR Foundation has a great writeup on the background of this important story. Below, a video of AfD member, Alice Weidel, putting on public record what Uber Chancelor Merkel has passed into law recently. This is an important story because by now it should be evident to Americans or Canadians who think what happens in Europe doesn’t matter or is of no consequence, that in fact its a dress rehearsal for what the US and Canadian Left is doing right now.

Hessian Finance Minister commits suicide. AfD’s Bjorn Hocke explains why

An original translation by MissPiggy with much thanks 

(The body of the Hessian finance minister was so badly mutilated on the tracks, that there was difficulty identifying the body)

From this post on Facebook

We are currently experiencing what is perhaps the greatest crisis since the foundation of Federal Republic of Germany. The events are coming thick and fast, and emergency laws are being passed to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic for our economy.

Among the many news reports, one particularly shocked me: Yesterday Thomas Schäfer took his own life.

The Hessian Finance Minister was known for being a man of action. He was regarded as level-headed and reliable. He was an experienced politician who took his responsibilities very seriously. Now, in the Corona crisis, Thomas Schäfer played a central role in the state government as a crisis manager.

This man has now taken his own life.

In a farewell letter he explained the reasons for his suicide. He was desperate and saw no way out. He could no longer bear the current situation in Germany. The concern that he would not be able to meet the expectations of the population had crushed him, reported Prime Minister Bouffier. (1)

What’s happening? Never before in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany has a minister ended his life because he cannot bear the responsibility. That shows how dramatic the situation is.

Thomas Schäfer leaves behind a wife and two children who now have to cope with this terrible loss. My deepest sympathy goes to them.

We must look ahead and tackle the problems. That is why I have added a small quote from the “Glass Bead Game” by Hermann Hesse to this funeral announcement. Let us use the crisis to rise above ourselves.

God doesn’t send desperation to kill us. He sends it to bring new life into us.


German hate propaganda disguised as ‘parody’

Yesterday we posted a video of a German public TV video where they celebrate Covid 19 as being a wonderful thing because, in summary, it satisfies a very Marxist view of the depop or ‘de-population’ movement. Especially as it kills middle aged successful free market supporting Americans. Or who Lenin might have called “the bloodsucking Kulaks“.

One of our astute readers sent us more from this group which all appear to be parody. However the central message of this parody remains subtle, but unmistakable communist propaganda, designed to make any non-communist or genuine liberal/libertarians appear to be ‘real’ Nazis.

Below is an excellent example:

(Make sure captions are turned on)

So what we have here is:

The left is instructed make sure they do not disenfranchise other leftists with their imputations of “Nazi”. And the reason is, it dilutes the use of the term against their own targets, which are the AfD. The three people they show as being the ‘real’ Nazis are of course:

Alice Weidel, co-chair of the German AfD

The guy with the green tie and glasses hanging off his nose is supposed to be Alexander Gauland. Another AfD member of the legislature.

The other man is supposed to be Björn Höcke. A brilliant and well spoken AfD MP.

This is all by itself, the explanation for why in real democracies you cannot have a state funded TV channel. When totalitarians or authoritarians get into the drivers seat of the state, or even of the station, you are forced to pay for enemy propaganda.

Both this video and the one MissPiggy translated yesterday, are communist propaganda, inaccurately demonizing the only genuine liberal party, the AfD, as Nazi while making it entertaining and somewhat funny in order to make swallowing it easier. Like taking Cyanide with cherry cola.

Amongst the German population that took the effort to inform themselves, it should be noted that both homosexual and Jewish groups have formed support groups for the AfD. This is because it has become obvious that the Merkel Government and her ideological partners such as Die Linke, a former East German Stasi party, are waging genocide by proxy against these groups using muslim immigration and allowing themselves moral distance from the attacks by these illegal immigrants.

Over the week we will try and restore the videos made on the subject of the AfD. But regular readers of this site will remember (as Youtube keeps taking our channels down) that Merkel has also hired ANTIFA to make phoney videos of German Citizens “hunting” migrants in reaction to multiple rapes and murders of young women in Chemnitz by muslim migrants.

This was revealed to be the case by none other than her own head of intel, or Keeper of the Constitution in Germany, who she fired for exposing this fact.

Thank you PC and Miss Piggy for helping resolve understanding on the facts around these ‘parody’ videos.



More accounts contradicting the ‘official’ account of the mass killings at shish bar in Hanau

Below, the complete text and video of our previous post on this issue with another video. Thank you MissPiggy for keeping an eye on this story and translating the mounting evidence of what looks like yet another in the Merkel deceptions and misrepresentations of tragic events to crush all attempts at a counter-revolution against the Menshevik communists now running the West in most ways.

Those of you who follow European politics might have heard about the “far right wing racist” guy who shot up a club killing many Kurdish people for some reason.

While this atrocity remains an atrocity, we did not publish anything about it because we spotted the pattern of Merkel and the leftist government media complex either using or even ORCHESTRATING events in order to demonize, marginalize and now, even an attempt to criminalize the classically liberal, AfD party. It is freakish how these events happen before regional elections and also no surprise at this point how the event is used.

We saw it first in Chemnitz which was busted by Merkel’s own director of Intel, who was then moved to another portfolio right away. He would have been fired if not for the coalition partner who made sure he got an even better job, but outside of Intel.

There have been other instances, but the next one that seems clear was the abuse of an event where a nutty fellow who was not even right wing, went and attempted an attack on a small city Synagogue which failed but he killed two unrelated persons in the process. All information on this attack was banned and controlled just as was this new case. Manifestos and videos taken off line and especially in Germany as the facts and motives were reformatted to fit Merkel’s Neo-Marxist narrative.

We did not want to publish anything while the Neo-Marxist machine had control of the narrative.

Information about the killer of the Kurds is now beginning to seep out here and there and now it has become worth posting about. Here is the first couple of items stitched together into one video:

The woman in the second video is co-chair of Germany’s federal AfD.

Jews for the AfD: An interview with the founders

This is a wonderful piece of counter-narrative journalism where some young Jewish-German people decided to form an official branch of the AfD party. The purpose is to help support the facts of who and what the AfD represent, as well as the deceptions and subterfuge of Merkel’s CDU as well as Greens and other more genuinely antisemitic parties, who are working triple shifts to create a  Genocide by Proxy.

Thank you Miss Piggy for the staggering amount of work that must have gone into this translation. Also if you want to read background and details of all people in this video, please visit RAIR Foundation’s article on this video here.


AfD deputy leader, Beatrix Von Storch on why Jewish people are flocking to the AfD

This is an important short video by AfD co-chair, Beatrix Von Storch.

Leftist parties across Europe are consciously practicing a genocide of the Jewish people by proxy with mass importation of muslims, and then full application of ‘Repressive Tolerance’ so that no laws will be enforced against incitement against Jews no matter what it is, while the rest of us dare not even criticize our various immigration policies, all of which seem to stem from the UN’s migration Pact of earlier this year.

For evidence of this one needs look no further than Jeremy Corbyn or Justin Trudeau. Angela Merkel is too obvious to even mention, although I would say that Obama was racing her for the gold.

The AfD however is the only party which has policies that would protect Jewish people in Germany, along with all other citizens by re-enforcing the more classical immigration practices along with equal application of (non-Hegelian) laws.

The response is predictable. Leftist media, some of whom have a history of being hard core communist activists (we have busted several before on this site) along with the Merkel government (that increasingly becomes indistinguishable from the DDR from whence Merkel hatched), accuse the AfD of being “Nazis” and the usual projections we are getting used to from the left.

They even have pet ‘Jewish’ groups who. come in to the Bundestag now and again and accuse the AfD of setting up a new Holocaust.

This is why leftist Jews must never be confused with Jewish people any more than ANTIFA should be confused with white people, even though ANTIFA seems to be nearly 100% composed of them.

Direct link

For more on this please check out RAIR Foundation’s post which should be published later today. Will update with link as soon as it is.

Leftists make threat at AfD speech

Leftist plants in an AfD audience make decapitate gesture at Alice Weidel as she is speaking about the election victory in Thuringia

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If a conservative had done something like this at a Leftist party event, we know what would happen to them.


How the left uses a crisis to destroy all our rights and freedoms. Now using Halle Germany attack

After the New Zealand attack on a mosque, those of you who followed the issue may remember how quickly all evidence of the video and the manifesto was removed from the internet except for the most protected and adept at finding these sorts of things.

The next thing that happened, was the socialist (read communist) PM of New Zealand  used that attack, while ignoring the thousands of islamic attacks of manifest destiny, even the one that came soon after, killing hundreds of Christians in Sri Lanka, to advance her program of increased power to the state, and the right to send police out to every New Zealander that ever objected to mass immigration policies or Islam in general. (This could be an example of Marcuse’s ‘Repressive tolerance’.)

The tragedy of that attack, was rapidly turned into an opportunity by the state, to dramatically increase its power beyond what democracy allows for, at the expense of the individual, or any dissenting opinion. The state did so by inventing the narrative and opinions of the attacker in a way that was convenient to the state’s agenda, and by doing its best to bury any actual evidence of the real reasons the attacker did what he did.

For example they claimed he was a Trump supporter, even though his manifesto was clearly contemptuous of President Trump.

They made him a “Far right wing extremist” even though he called himself, a “National Bolshevik” in his manifesto. Which is a real thing. A merger of Nazi socialism with Soviet Socialism as far as I understand it. He also had all his weapons and materials covered in names of famous Balkan war heroes who had died fighting against Islamic manifest destiny in Central Europe and played a famous song to the cause of liberation of the Balkans from Islamic oppression.

All of that was well chronicled on this blog as it happened. The videos of the police going to people’s doors in New Zealand was especially interesting from this point of view.

So when a lone, antisemitic nut in Germany went to attack a Synagogue in Halle, we expected something similar from the Merkel government. In this case, predictably that the far right is “Very very very very dangerous, at least as dangerous as Islamic terror.” Try to remember that when you watch the actual attack by this guy, linked at the bottom. A Jihadi could have stabbed 50 people by the time his psycho gave up his general failure.

Direct link:

The next thing we expected was that the Merkel government and her puppet groups, in this case a “Jewish” group that is a beard for communists to attack the AfD, and has been used before by leftist groups in Germany, would blame this dangerous “very very very very far right” extremist on the AfD, as somehow responsible.

Direct link:

At this point we invite you to see the actual attack video the killer made when he did his little mission. In order to see it, we recommend that you are running a VPN, and have a torrent client installed like u Torrent or BitTorrent. If you have a torrent client and are protected by a VPN, then click this link and it should start the download of the file to your local machine. You may have to find the .torrent file on your machine and click that to start the download of the video. Once you have it, please keep your torrent client open a day or so to help other people see what really happened, and what the German government is saying is at least equal to Islamic terror in Europe.

(Below is the description of the video. It should also be noted that he does shoot two people in this video. The faces were blurred of his victims, and what appears to be his home made black powder produces so much smoke that you do not see much of the aftermath of his shooting. So on the one hand it is graphic, but on the other hand not compared to the average TV show.)

This is the archive of the live stream by the Halle Germany attacker of a Synagogue and Kebab shop.

We are providing this video not in support of his actions. But because modern leftist governments hide evidence of political crimes in order to reinvent the motives, remove the rights of citizens based on narratives, and increase the power of the state.


One cannot have a democracy by any definition without free access to information.


We do not know what inspired this guy to attack. Our concern is that the attack will be turned into a weapon against all freedom loving people, as an excuse to censor the internet and restrict even more of our basic and natural rights.


The good news is, his incompetence prevented much real damage from being done, but he did murder two innocent people.


What is true is that at no point did he appear to endorse any political leader or ideology, other than classical antisemitism. And any attempt to make it look like he did should be met with this video.


One may remember how the video of the mosque attacker of New Zealand was erased from the internet and a replaced false narrative was invented in order to advance socialist control of as many areas of the world geographically, as well as in terms of the intellectual and legal space as possible.


We must all work to prevent tyrannical governments from allowing that to happen.


These two quotes serve as explanation:


“The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth becomes the greatest enemy of the State.” —-Josph Goebbels, Nazi propaganda minister


And equally importantly from the side of light:


“…I have sworn upon the altar of God Eternal Hostility Against Every Form of Tyranny Over The Mind Of Man.”

– Thomas Jefferson 1800 AD

The Jefferson quote is our motive for making this post.

Eeyore for VladTepesBlog.

Deep and profound Condolences for the two victims of this attack, and all who knew them.