British expats explain move to Bulgaria (segment)


The wife of the couple in this interview is known for wearing overly revealing clothing, nearly on top of exaggeratedly enhanced mammary glands. This may cause some degree of distress in some viewers (and is likely intended to by the interview subject) and laughter in others.

But the interview is also revealing.

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  1. Perhaps I am a prude or a puritan but walking around or giving an interview in a dress like that with visible areola would be asking for trouble in virtually 90% of the world and not just muslim countries nor western countries drowning in muslims. Even in much of Asia she would be harassed or mocked. At 20 or close she might just escape criticism but not attention but not at her age. No idea if this is really how she dresses normally or even if it was just for the interview but perhaps a hard look at self & taste here is needed. I would not be brave or stupid enough to step out of the house in that vulgar dress even in a western safe zone and if it would fit me (no, it would not without at least 10 tissues). No wonder muslims have absolute contempt for western women! Flak away!!

      • Running from the plague
        Giving up the Land
        An enemy so vague
        It’s “Hate” to understand.
        And now they’re at your door
        For shelter from their Beast
        Pride through these victim-poor
        Will make your child the least.

      • Aqrub.

        1. A garment of important social Influence. A burqa subdues Muslims erections, an aqrub awakes them.

        2. A mask.
        Islamic usage: A nun on the outside, a whore on the inside.
        Socialist usage: A liberated whore on the outside, a critical feminist on the inside.

        • Seriously I have no idea of what you mean exactly as it is lost in the verbiage however relative my point. My response was simply a function of my embarrassed (for her sake) cringe when I saw the dress. I actually still wonder if I am being unfair here as how someone dresses should be none of my business even if it attracts muslim violence.

          • “Seriously I have no idea of what you mean exactly as it is lost in the verbiage…”

            Lol. The humor was missed.

            Burqa spelt backwards is aqrub, (prounced in Weinsteinese as back-rub)
            Islamic vs Socialist dress codes for females.

            A Moderate Muslim fleeing fundamental Islam spreads Islamic intimidation and violence throughout that host country via their disturbed kids and the mosques they demand to be built for them.

            Likewise, the Moderate British Socialists will bankrupt Bulgaria. Their fragile-victim kids will need care support throughout their lives.

            Now the joke is ruined. *sulk*

            • Ahh thank you!! I should be embarrassed but my omniscience has been all too often exposed in the past for what it really is, for that to happen. However your really did overcook it IMVHO.
              BTW the relative plastic surgeon (seriously) agrees that they are natural and unsiliconed FWTIW : )

              • I did over-bake it… to squeeze a point that if we run away from our problems, of battles not met, we repeat them again in another country, saying, “We know the true Islam/Socialism/Identity Politics,” … Which leads me to the Undeserving Victim is a post futher down.

    • I completely agree with Michelle’s comments about the woman’s “dress” and worse, I think that Vlad Tepes Blog lost a lot of credibility by publishing this video!

      Clearly these people are some kind of freaks or pornographers who are getting off by pranking whoever did the video. They are obviously not to be taken seriously given the distraction of the woman’s exposed breasts that are all anyone is looking at. You think anyone is actually listening to what they are saying or are they waiting for a complete wardrobe malfunction.

      As a loyal reader and supporter, this video is an insult to my intelligence and I am very very disappointed that VTB has posted this video that greatly diminishes the important message he has been trying to get out to the world about Islam and migration.

      I hope that good sense will prevail and the video will be removed. It serves no purpose other than to give two exhibitionists/ freaks a platform while greatly diminishing the integrity of the blog.



  2. Vlad, as of late none of your embedded videos will run over here (on my computer anyway, and it’s a very recent and up to date model). Do I need an additional app or something similar/ Rgds, SIII

    • You got that right. What a distraction! I still say it was counter productive to run this video. Takes away from the good name of this blog.

      • I thought the actual interview was pretty good and interesting. In terms of her attire, I guess I see it in part as a symptom of how much Western culture has sunk in the UK, but also as a data point to a theory.

        Perhaps women who get what are essentially fake breasts are much more willing to show them cause it isn’t really them at all.

        Also its a little funny. But the point made about stimulating an unwanted response is for sure true. At some point a victim has some responsibility for what happens to them if they insist it happening. A Toronto police chief was castigated for suggesting that some years ago and an annual movement called, ‘The Slut Walk” was the result. But at this point we all know that is Feminism’s selective enforcement of its demand for total power and no responsibility from Western culture, while fully submitting to Islamic ones.

        Anyway I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone and I will add a warning of sorts to the video. But the actual interview is pretty good.

        Besides, I think we all need to know where she lives in case there is ever an international transistor shortage.

        • I think anyone that is commenting on this woman’s big tits and low cut top saying she has no class are the ones with no class !! Who are you to decide morality or class ?? Can you smell your own sheet with your head up there ?

          • OMG the tu quoque morality police are here also. Oh mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa!!! : )
            BTW opinion is not fact and class is not taste.

          • Geez I just smell my sheets and surely they smell like ?
            About the class I will still maintain may opinion
            They are low and will remain low no matter in which solar system she moves to?
            It is not about the size at all
            It is about the position he he he
            Have some sense of humor

        • Thanks for your reply. The point is not the size of the woman’s breasts or her sleazy dress- who cares? You can see the same thing every minute of every day on the MSM including the Daily Mail, Fox News, etc. In fact, I think this lady should interview for Fox News as an anchor babe. She has all the qualifications.

          I think that Vlad Tepes Blog is way too classy for this crap is all. VTB is a highly respected source of information for those of us who are serious about fighting the threats to Western Civilization. Numerous other respected blogs link to this one because there is so much good info here.

          In my estimation, this video cheapens the extraordinary work that you are doing to promote the truth about Islam, migration and the rest of the topics you cover.

          I am saying this as someone who understands and appreciates the monumental task it is to put together this stuff on a daily basis. I do not want to see that work marginalized in any way by anyone.

          Many thanks for all that you do.

        • You are right it is a symptom of how much damage has been done to the Western Culture.

          Those who say we have no right ot complain about the womans dress should stop ang think about how they are parroting the attacks the left uses to destroy the Western Cultures. All Cultures have standards of dress and that one goes way to far according to the base cultures in the west. We are simply defending our culture when we complain about the lack of respect for our culture.

        • I entirely agree that she is dressed tastelessly, but knowing the host, I can say with great certainty that she was asked to dress this way.
          Yes, the woman looks kind of funny, it is exactly why the couple were chosen for the interview, as well as because she is famous in Britain, but this doesn’t mean we can dismiss her, or what they are saying.

          And,I’m sorry, Vlad, but the bulshit about “a victim’s responsibility ” belongs in another culture which, I believe, we both want away from ours. Whether somebody dresses tastelessly or(and provocatively), only a garbage with a Middle-Eastern mentality would feel they have a “right” to attack them.

          • Victim’s responsibility has ZERO connection to any “right to attack” which is purely imaginary.

            Victim’s responsibility is to the self. Do not wear a gold Rolex and drive a Ferrari convertible to a very bad crime ridden poor area and park it and walk around at night if you want to keep the watch, car and health. Its simple. There are things you have a legal and theoretical right to do, but which are likely to bring you harm.

            I was referring to that.

            It is unrealistic to assume that a person can behave in all legal ways under any circumstances with no expectation of harm.

            One trivial but not trivial example is why I do not wear my Donald Trump 45th president hat I am very fond of, to restaurants.

            I have a full legal right to wear it wherever I want in Canada for the moment. But I also do not wish to have my food tampered with and I know there is a high probability it will be. This is an indictment on Canada and our culture for sure. But it remains true.

            Some years ago, a Toronto police chief dared say that women under some circumstances may want to improve their chances of not meeting harm by changing their behaviour. It became an international outrage, and the same women who chant “Allaah hu ackbar” and fail to condemn Iran and Saudi Arabia, started an annual ‘tradition’ of “The Slut Walk” to condemn anyone who might dare suggest that a potential victim might want to take some responsibility for prevention.

            A KKK member has a legal right to walk up to a group of black people and call them “ni***rs”. A word I don’t even dare spell here for fear of how the white left will treat me for it, but if he did would you defend him the same way?

            • Walking up to a group of blacks and using the “n” -word is being agressive and is acting offensively. A silly person with revealing clothes, even if they were walking up to a group of horny humanoids , are NOT agressive,are NOT hurting anyone and would still deserve to be defended.
              BTW, this woman did nothing of the kind, she dressed that way in her own home and probably because she was asked to.
              BTW, given that there are, and you know there are, plenty of sick idiots claiming the victims of assaults “got what they deserved”, when the police chief said potential victims should change their behavior because there is garbage around, even with the best of intentions, he should have been aware of both of the possible interpretation by that garbage, i.e. consequences for potential victims, and the cosequences for himself for not taking this into account. In other words,it’s like walking up to a group of blacks and and using the n-word. I’d still defend him as well, but, you know, he had it coming, by your own logic.

              • “…the bulshit about “a victim’s responsibility ” belongs in another culture which, I believe, we both want away from ours. ”

                “In other words,it’s like walking up to a group of blacks and and using the n-word. I’d still defend him as well, but, you know, he had it coming, by your own logic.”

                This no-brainers, of not defending those who wave Muslims, Socialists and Sexuals into their homes.

                No pity at all. All Useful Idiots will let the demons in, in return for praise and affection.

                You using “black” as a pejorative, because I know my friends would riddicule and mock anyone who called them nigger, – responding as individuals and not acting-out as a collective – give me an inkling of a Liberal milquetoast mindset of butt hurt looking for offense.

                This is not a church. The Spirit is not dead here.

              • Not that he had it coming. This is a very important distinction. Not that he had it coming, but it was likely to happen, and if he didn’t want it to happen, he should have re thought it.

                A woman dressing in a highly sexually provocative way will, given a large enough sample size and certain situations, get a fully predictable result. That doesn’t mean she had it coming, or that they were right to say or do what they may have said or did, but that it could reasonably be expected. That is all. Do you not see the distinction?

            • To make myself more clear – imagine a lefty said Trump’s supporters shouldn’t wear hats like yours or else they will get beaten, or their food will get tampered with.
              Or, if there are views spread that violence against Trump’s supporters is acceptable, even a Trump supporter saying people have a responsibility not to show their support, and it’s their fault if they do….
              I.e. for the way something gets interpreted, it does matter in what position theperson is, and what is the context…

              • “To make myself more clear – imagine a lefty said…”

                So I got a beating.

                Would you think I needed:
                1. Tea and sympathy?
                2. To be called out as behaving like an idiot?
                3. To be imprisoned under the UK’s Socialism for creating a Public Disturance?

                1 and 3 are the two-handed game of Marxism that tightens and shrinks its strangle hold over its citzens until they are all dead from the neck up.

                Now, going after White Feminists:

                The self-examination for bourgeois thoughts never stops.

                A retribution, deserving under the laws of Communism, LGBTQ+ Identity, and Islam

                Not deserving, but to blame for letting such hypnotized Manchurian Candidates fast-track into the highest seats of power.

                • There are many new offendable identity-groups of entitlement.

                  The Constitution protects the individual, not the group (as in the UK).

                  The right to offend must be absolute if no one person or group gains power over the other.

                  The law must be blind.

                  But we do not need to be so afflicted. We do not need to be Swedes and wonder why those three nice Muslims in their train berth suddenly turned on them.

                  Deserving victims and non-deserving victims can be assertained.

                  To have demanded that zero victims are deserving their treatment – and extracted that – has been laughable.

                  For blame can be far more harmful in the consequences of actions than the personal injury sustained.

                • The Underserving Victim
                  Prowels around your home,
                  Envying the joys you have
                  And won’t let you alone
                  To live your Independence,
                  Taking small offence
                  Strong before the weak
                  To live off your expense.

                  They come to you as victims
                  The bullied-bullies crew,
                  Appealing for stupidity,
                  “What would Jesus do?”
                  And even worse are those
                  Who get you to admit
                  “Zero Responsibility”
                  For all who did submit.

                  Now they are let in
                  Wolves in sheeps clothes
                  Business as usual
                  As Society corrodes.
                  ‘Never accuse the victim’
                  A truth is not a thing
                  Our love’s the only system
                  To prevent all suffering.

                  And in their hearts arise
                  The bitterest distaste
                  You supported their disguise
                  And kept them in disgrace.
                  Now living out the ghoul
                  Demons – they never face
                  Killers of the soul
                  In momma’s warm embrace.

                • So can you see that
                  To spare the rod spoils the child?
                  Those who would not be black
                  In frustration become Wild?

                  While those in Isolation
                  for the smallest misdeed trialed
                  Fear of life’s imprisonment
                  To their Mother reconciled?

                  And now they are the Victims
                  Fathers are reviled
                  Out of wedlock are your neighbors
                  Defend your borders from attack.

  3. Well I did a little digging and it turns out that Bubbles Livschitz (the woman) is one of the quantum physicists working at the Bern particle accelerator. Who would’ve thunk it? Beauty AND brains. Goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover!

    • Her assets are distracting to the men, my personal thoughts were how did they get the flesh and skin to stretch that much without splitting.

    • Pickpockets are Roma, they have as much in common with Bulgarians as Arabs have with Germans.
      What they show in the video is Roma ghettos.

      • Also, the far-right group they are showing are a small number of idiots you can find in any country, and are seen as the insane shit they are by Bulgarians as well.
        Sorry, I cannot watch the entire 1h+ long video…

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