British expats explain move to Bulgaria (segment)


The wife of the couple in this interview is known for wearing overly revealing clothing, nearly on top of exaggeratedly enhanced mammary glands. This may cause some degree of distress in some viewers (and is likely intended to by the interview subject) and laughter in others.

But the interview is also revealing.

Bulgarian documentary on border crashing and corruption

In my, rapidly becoming considerable experience, the best, meaning the most honest, TV news left in the world may well be Bulgaria. Tanya T. has translated a lot of really stunning videos for us on the facts of Islamic migration into Europe through Bulgaria, and also on the related politics and attitudes. Essentially the exact opposite of what you would see on Canada’s Liberal Party propaganda organ, the CBC.

In this video, we see the what has happened since the state decided to build a new wall to try and control the massive numbers coming through the woods from Turkey. But local corruption makes it essentially non existent. And where does the money come from?

Back to the Bulgarian migrant center escape

A few days ago we published this video detailing how a thousand migrants or more broke out of a detention center and headed for town.

Today, Tanya T, who translated the video above for us all, sent in this video of the actual event with this description:

This video, according to the description, shows what the police managed to stop a few days ago in Harmanli. The migrants started leaving the “refugee” center and to head towards the town. It is scary:

Thank you Tanya. Please keep us all informed about Bulgaria and the muslim invasion. A country largely overlooked by Western media.

This one below is very interesting. Perhaps Tanya can tell us if the translation is good and if it should re be done with hard coded titles? Make sure you have the CC on for this.

Every 3rd person in Harmanli will be a refugee 
The city near the Bulgarian-Turkish border has a population of only 10,000 people. A recent procurement to expand the refugee center’s capacity to 5,000 refugees means that every 3rd person in Harmanli will be a refugee by the end of the year. However, Harmanli citizens won’t let this slide. They are organizing another protest to demand that authorities immediately start working on turning the refugee center into a closed-type facility, and that they cease its expansion.

Bulgaria: This is what a freedom fighter looks like

This post reproduced from Facebook by request

Edwin and Tatjana FB image

This is how a Freedom Fighter looks!
In Bulgaria, we had the honor to meet Petar Nizamov. He is a leader of the citizen troops patrolling nonviolent, unarmed and legally in the Bulgarian border area with Turkey. They identify illegal invaders and transfer them to the border police, which sends them back to Turkey. Petar is charismatic, clever (law school) and combative – despite to all attempts by the Bulgarian Government to silence him. International politicians, media and conferences should invite him as a speaker, interviewee and eyewitness for unfiltered information!

According to statements of the patrols currently mostly Afghans are flooding into Europe – Syrians don’t come since month, instead there’s increasing numbers of IS-fighters and their sympathizers. Petar and his men were aggressively attacked in the woods by a horde of these Muslim European conquerors. But they hadn’t planned on the guys who are not only prudent, but also well and athletically trained. Although they were outnumbered, they managed to fix the the by the Left, alleged “asylum seekers” with cable ties, to wait for the Border Police.

But… just a moment… Cable ties, cable ties, cable ties … wasn’t there something? Oh yes, Petar and his guys have done what three civil-courageous citizens in Arnsdorf in Saxony did: freaking, aggressive and attacking Muslims holding, fixing with cable ties and waiting for the police. In Germany, this ended in a media battle of annihilation of the three brave men who protected the store cashier. The media as willing accomplices of the European replacement politics also used the attempt to stigmatize the whole of Saxony. Fortunately, in Saxony are living enough self-confident people who give a shit on it, what the lying-press fantasises every day.

For the more than adequate self-defense Petar was grounded under house arrest for the past three months, alleged “false imprisonment”.

Everything which is directed against the dictate of Soros & Co. which is to be seen in the fulfiller-policy of these talking dolls in our national governments is silenced and punished by arbitrary penalties.

And no one asks the question, who endows the invaders on the Turkish side with medication, clothes and food. No, the question is whether these invaders are drug couriers, who bring the fresh, Afghan raw opium to Europe. For the masses who flock through Turkey to Europe, it is likely that a few tons come together … weird, right?

Here you can watch the video of Petar Actions – please give him on that occasion a “Like” or declare your solidarity with him by some encouraging words in English.