A brave (real) refugee from Turkey is stabbed in Hyde Park for being critical of Islam

A Christian woman from Turkey was brave enough to defend freedom of speech at its most iconic location in the world and was stabbed for it. What a chronic shame to all born to freedom

RAIR Foundation has another video of previous grotesque attacks against her

Afghans stoning a woman to death [Graphic]

No point in hiding it anymore. Trying to be nice about what Islam is and does has done nothing to slow its advance in terms of perverting and subverting Western Civilization to its will.

Maybe if news reels of Nazi concentration camps were shown on allied TV sets the war could have ended earlier sparing the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocents in the camps and on the battlefields at the expense of the dignity of a few people shown, and the sensitivities of those horrified by the reality.

I don’t even know if that was possible at the time, but the point is valid either way. Pretending Islam is not about this, does nothing to assist us in the understanding of its nature.

And as I have written a number of times, the worst aspect of this is likely not what we see but why it was done. The chances are high that what she is accused of would not even be a crime to us, and worse yet, the method used to establish guilt would be tantamount to casting a bone on the fire and having a shaman interpret the cracks.

In Ventimiglia: stone-throwing between migrants

An original translation by Gary Fouse with much thanks!

From this Italian News source:

Far west in Ventimiglia: stone-throwing between migrants, stones against the inhabitants
Cars and homes damaged by a ferocious stone-throwing that exploded between opposing factions of illegal immigrants

Fabrizio Tenerelli -Mon, 05/03/2018 – 16:52

A real “far west”, (Wild West) with cars and houses damaged by fierce rock-throwing that exploded between opposing factions of illegal immigrants, occurred last night in Via Tenda, in Ventimiglia, in the Gianchette neighborhood, which faces the riverbed of the Roja river, where for years now an unauthorized tent city has been built created by those migrants who do not want to go to the Red Cross reception center, to the Roja Park (where they would have free food and lodging), because they fear to be identified by the police.

“We are held hostage by these people – the inhabitants shout – it is a district under siege, where they are the masters”. In fact, every day is the scene of robberies, fights and other criminal incidents. The explosion of violence began around twelve thirty am. Some migrants confront each other, for reasons still under investigation by the Carabinieri, and soon the stones start flying, damaging four parked cars and the windows of two houses.

“When they saw me leaning out- says Mauro C. – they grabbed a stone and threw it at me, damaging the window”. A situation, therefore, of high tension. Only a few days ago, a group of Libyans had savagely beaten an African, splitting two teeth, to take away his phone and the little money in his pocket. Violence also fueled by alcohol abuse and hunger. Despite the danger to hygiene and public order, no institution has come forward to clear the abusive field inhabited by dozens and dozens of foreigners, including women and children. And it is also in the wake of this situation that the Lega Nord, in Ventimiglia, became the first party, with 29.66 percent of the preferences. Débâcle, however, for the Democratic Party, the party of the mayor of Ventimiglia, Enrico Ioculano, which collapsed at 11.25 percent. The citizens thus wanted to punish the management of the migrant emergency.