Interesting reviews of Toronto hotel being used for refugees and ‘migrants’

Go here to read them all. Its very interesting to read the reviews of this hotel when it was a regular Canadian hotel as opposed to now where its a sewage treatment plant in Paris.

A couple of sample reviews below:

Check the dates on each one. You can track a bit of ‘hope and change’ that way.

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4 Replies to “Interesting reviews of Toronto hotel being used for refugees and ‘migrants’”

  1. Next thing you know you will be arrested for writing a honest review.

    Judging by the stories I’ve read at Vlad today 24/09/2018 it’s only a matter of time.

  2. Dunno if it’s happening in Canada, but I recall a year or so back, European hotels (forget if it was Britain, Sweden, or some other shithole-in-training, but there was a long video that went into it in detail) were being forced to either house migrants or go out of business. Migrants (or rather, the government) paid more, but the hotels still had no choice in the matter. And the ultimate goal was to get them to sell the hotel at a bargain basement price… to a foreign buyer. And of course after being turned into a 3rd world rooming house, they weren’t salable to a better market.

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