Muslim Brotherhood effect on Turkey and Germany

This is part of the Israeli series we have been running now and again about the Brotherhood’s subversive operations across the Western world to bring down democracy, and replace rule of law with sharia.

To be honest, an essay about the unstated implications of this documentary should be written here and now. And when time permits, which may be never at the rate at which events happen which require chronicling, I will try and write one. But I encourage people to think about what they see here and write down their thoughts in the comments.

One thing that does stick in my craw is how real fake passports can be obtained which pass any computer check in the world.

This means that Turkey or Germany or both are actually knowingly creating false documents for money for whatever religious muslim who wants to make Hijra, and putting the necessary codes in the international data bases which confirm a passport is legit.

There are lots of other features that deserve analysis and exposure from this. Like the German civil servant who actually tells an illegal how to sneak in the rest of his family and bypass even the lax regulations that prevent him from just moving his whole tribe in to Germany right then and there with full government support.

Take your blood pressure meds before watching.

To get a glimpse of how serious this is in Germany beyond this video, watch these clips we did a couple of years ago about Turkish mosques in Germany:

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  1. I would like to say that it is Turkey that is faking the passports but given the level of infiltration into the European Governments by the Islamic Invaders it could be any European nation and the way things are going I have to say that if the US and Canada bureaucrats aren’t selling passports in false names it would be long before they start.

  2. Selling passports, like the Saudis did for their pwecious widdle hijackers, needs to merit capital punishment. Especially for the sellers.

  3. From my experiences with false disability pensions for muslims being okayed by muslim doctors embedded in the state and federal government health departments (and hence untouchable unless you are willing to be hung drawn and quartered as a “racist”) as part of a well organized conspiracy, I would not trust ANY muslim (or leftist for that matter) in a position of power in a western bureaucracy.

  4. Extraordinary documentary. Shariacreep cannot happen without help from western leftists. The alliance between Reds (the colour of communism) and Greens (the colour of Islam) compels me to ally the words, also, into Redgreens, because language matters.

    In Ottawa, Canada, the Global Center for Pluralism has a new headquarters. If one reads the description here:

    one is slayed by a symphony of beautiful thoughts and words. It is akin to being handed a lovely bouquet of fragrant flowers with a grenade hidden inside. Words matter so.

    Words are just sounds with meaning. All sounds have meaning. Some, like a bird song or distant car horn require nothing of us. Other sounds move us. The sound of a door bell may get us to act, as will the crack of a gunshot. We may move differently depending on which one we hear. A church bell? Not so much anymore. A mosque call to prayer? Yes, in a neighborhood near you.

    Words are special sounds. While the gunshot has a very specific meaning, it cannot qualify itself without further information. This qualifying means that information can be added for either subtle or direct effect. Information added to the gunshot can be caliber and distance. If the gunshot is directly beside you it may be more compelling than if it is a mile away. Subtlety, however, is not a common characteristic of the gunshot.

    Words, conversely, can explode in our heads without a sound. They can make us run, walk, undress, cry and laugh. Words can take over the world while fooling us into thinking our world and freedoms are still ours, and still free. Words differ from the sound of a gunshot because gunshots are not ideas.

    Some words, by a miracle of the human mind, transform into birds. Specifically canaries. Canary words are words that fail the test of political fashion. Such words fall to the ground because, initially, their wings are clipped. They can later die because they are forbidden to have oxygen. Canary words or expressions are ideas that live or die depending on how much people love them, and by how much they love their children. The children and words don’t have to be your own.

    When no church bell rings at noon, a canary has died. When a 14-year old white boy of English-Italian lineage returns from school in Ottawa, Canada, and tells his father he wants to fast for Ramadan (translated for clarity from the Vladtepesblog native tongue Ramavan) one canary has fallen while another has taken flight. The fallen is yellow, the flying is black.

    I guess it all depends on what the meaning of “is” is, because words truly matter.

  5. Will read and watch
    However, in a middle class / working class neighbourhood in
    Edmonton, I am forced to leave because I choose NOT to live
    In a Cultural Islamic Ghetto, with a mosque taking over one end of a
    Shopping strip malls, and over the two years renting in a lovely
    Condo building, very multi racial and with normally integrated, more and more of the extremist costume wearing moving in…. each day
    Massive more cars and the lunnietunes out in costume filling the
    Sidewalks and streets
    Complaining at an inexpensive hair clip place about this, all four girls
    Commented, good luck findin a place, it is like this Everywhere for

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