Islamic Call to prayer now permitted in Mississauga, Ontario

Check out the reasoning.

People need comfort, but hearing a call across the city in a foreign language that ultimately is a call to dominate the non-muslims, cannot be something familiar which gives comfort.

This is classic neo-Marxist attacks on Classical Civilization using language and cognitive dissonance and of course, anyone who objects is a “racist” so pointing out the absurdity and hypocrisy of the reasoning to allow this, won’t go over well. May even be punished by law. If you can get a $1500.00 fine for taking your dog to your own back yard, then it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to punish people for not supporting the call to prayer, in a time where we are all supposed to be isolating, (another aspect of the cognitive dissonance) might net you a criminal charge of some kind.

Rumour has it that around May 11th or so, this sequestration may begin to end. This likely means that before Ramadan is done, the call to prayer will actually be a call to prayer and not be for “comfort” at all. It will be what it is intended to be.

A triumphalist note for Muslims where their prayers and schedules are supreme over the unbelievers.

I deeply hope that someone will stand across the street from the mosque and practice Bagpipes at the same time. It would be interesting to see how the police handle that one. Should someone decide to do it, make sure it’s filmed.

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  1. May want to host a showing of this fictional film, which shows how forcible Islamic broadcasts lead to madness of a sort.
    May 27, 1994
    “Bab El-Oued City” is to date the most lucid depiction on film of the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Algeria and its perils. … people’s reaction to this broad political change. A chilling, well-made Euro co-production…
    The central character in this scary drama is Boualem, a young baker. Throughout his neighborhood the fundamentalists, locally led by the fanatical Said, have placed loud-speakers upon the rooftops to broadcast their hateful propaganda. Unable to stand the noise any longer, Boualem destroys a speaker and tosses it into the sea.
    english subtitles

  2. TORONTO – FATAH: During COVID-19, the Islamic call to prayer suddenly blares

    Almost two years ago, Toronto’s Danforth Ave. made headlines across the world when one Faisal Hussain killed two people and wounded 13 others before committing suicide.

    Well, Danforth Ave. is back in the news.

    This time it’s the blaring of loudspeakers at the Madinah Mosque at Danforth and Donlands that is making the news. The mosque has obtained permission from the city to bend its noise pollution laws and allow the loudspeakers to make the “Allah O Akbar” call to prayers during the Islamic month of Ramzan (Ramadan).

    This despite the fact the mosque is not hosting congregational prayers to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The news was announced by Coun. Paula Fletcher who tweeted: “Beautiful to hear this [Islamic call to prayer on loudspeakers] in our community.”

    As the former leader of the Communist Party of Manitoba, one would think Coun. Fletcher supposedly does not believe in religion, Allah or Jesus, and would qualify as a “kaafir” (infidel worthy of death) in the eyes of Islamic Sharia law.

    However, Fletcher apparently has no such fear. Across the globe, left-wingers and communists have made common cause with Islamists, those who believe in Islam also as a political cause, and are known popularly as “Sharia-Bolsheviks.”

    This is not the first-time Fletcher has joined hands with Islamic clerics. In 2013, she facilitated obtaining city funds for a mural that shows the Pakistan Army’s battle cry in the heart of Little India, an act that did not go over well with the Indo-Canadian shopkeepers and restaurant owners on Gerrard St.

    If she was expecting praise for permitting loudspeakers to announce sundown in Ramadan, she must have been disappointed by the reaction. “This is horrible!!” said one reply online. “Discordant warbling,” said another. “I wonder if anyone would mind if I played Nickelback really loud?” said a third.

    An Iranian refugee who escaped torture in the Islamic Republic of Iran tweeted: “You and your boss must be extremely pleased for emotionally torturing an Iranian refugee after 30 years in Canada.”

    Muslims in Canada are deeply worried that opposing the use of loudspeakers for a call to prayers will be deemed as apostasy by the Canadian Islamic establishment.

    With the mainstream Canadian media too scared to touch on the issue, lest they are referred to as “Islamophobic,” it was the BBC Urdu Service that revealed the possible real agenda of Mullahs in Toronto’s mosques, some of which are operated by followers of the India-based “Tablighi Jamaat,” which has a muscular presence in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    The BBC reported that the Islamic clerics and the mosque administrators had a larger agenda when they asked for and obtained sundown call to prayers on loudspeakers. A spokesperson of one of the mosques revealed that this was merely a first step.

    If citizens of the neighbourhoods did not raise objections, the mosques would then request that all the five-times-a-day “call to prayer” be on loudspeakers and become a permanent feature of mosques in Canada.

    And if that happens, trust that the once “Greek Town” neighbourhood will become an Islamabad, pushing out the Greek Canadians who made the locality a reality.

    What was once a church on Danforth Ave. until 1974 became a mosque in 1975, where today plans are afoot to make the loudspeaker call to prayer a permanent reality.

    While the rest of us stay at home to defeat the coronavirus, others are busy working with Sharia-Bolsheviks to change our society permanently.

    Why does the fable of the Arab and his camel ring a bell in my ear?
    Madinah Mosque Toronto

    • Global News – Halifax mosques to broadcast Islamic call to prayer as a show of unity, solidarity

      Many Nova Scotians have paid tribute to the 22 people who were killed in the April 18-19 shooting rampage through music or vigils.

      Now, the Muslim community in Halifax is also showing its solidarity by broadcasting the adhan.

      This special Islamic call to prayer is called adhan, which means “to listen,” and it summons Muslims for obligatory prayer, which takes place five times a day and is meant to bring people together.

      The Ummah Masjid and Community Centre obtained an approval from the City of Halifax on Monday to allow all mosques in Halifax to play the adhan through loudspeakers at sunset during the month of Ramadan.

      Ramadan is a time when Muslims spend their time in prayer, self-reflection and fasting from sunrise to sunset.

      “This is a show of unity and solidarity that HRM will overcome these problems and difficult times together,” the mosque said in a statement.

      The mosque is also reminding everyone that this is only a call to prayer and that no congregations that violate coronavirus public health measures can occur.

      “We ask everyone to respect these rules and the UMCC staff will enforce regulations stipulated by public health,” it said.

      The mosque also said it will broadcast the adhan live on their Facebook page, so that people can watch and listen to it from home.

    • Imams, Mazin Abdul-Adhim, leader Hibz-ut-Tahrir:
      “Sovereignty: In a democracy, man is the sovereign legislator, so laws are legislated based exclusively on the will of the people. In Islam, on the other hand, Allah is the sovereign Legislator, so laws are based exclusively on the texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah, the people have NO right or capability to make Halal into Haram, or Haram into Halal, no matter how many people vote in favour of it.
      Therefore Islam and democracy are contradictory and absolutely incompatible”.

      It is time for Canadian politicians to step and address this subject NOW, or step down.

      Next will they demand all women cover up?
      Will they demand they be allowed 4 wives in Canada?
      Marry a nine year old, well maybe just temporarily, beat their wives?

      Read the Canadian Constitution, the Canadian Criminal Code, Imam Mazin is correct, we are not compatible.

  3. So discouraging to see this happening; it’s been clear for quite a long time now where Canada was headed but the pace has really accelerated. And once islam gets a firm grip on a country, history shows us that it very, very rarely releases it (only through force, essentially). Perhaps I can take a time warp a thousand years into the future: maybe by then ….

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