Sweden: Construction Workers’ Union buys pussy hats with membership’s money

We firmly believe that we, as is the norm in society, also have the greatest responsibility to fight injustice

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The Construction Workers’ Union really did it today. On International Women’s Day every union member will see their members of the board in “pussy hats”. Pussy hats became a trend during protests against Donald Trump in connection with the Soros-funded “Women’s March”, where known Islamists fooled the participants into taking part of a protest that was more about Islam than women’s rights.

The Construction Workers’ Union is therefore next on the list to make fools of themselves. On their Facebook page all board members will be wearing a pussy hat. Take a close look, dear reader, notice that in the picture of the board, there is not a single woman as far as the eye can see.

As we have a feminist government where there is a decision on quotas for women on boards of government agencies, based on gender and not competence, it seems obvious that the Construction Workers’ Union are wearing pussy hats instead of maintaining the required gender quota of 50% of women in their union.

We have been in contact with the union, but they choose to keep a lid on it concerning the pussy hats. Our questions about how much of the member’s money has gone into the purchasing of the pussy hats and why they completely lack female representation on their board went unanswered

Vigilantism grows in Sweden

Vigilantes go on violent anti-invader attack in Swedish train station.

This story requires prefacing. The media of course is treating this like a man dying of thirst treats a bottle of Gator-aid. At last, some real, ‘extreme right wing Nazis’ etc. etc.

Some vigilantes did indeed clumsily attack migrants in a train station in Stockholm. Men in black with masks used blunt trauma weapons to attack ‘youths’, a euphemism for muslim males in the process of doing criminal activities in their twenties and thirties, in a fashion that appears horrifying as a stand alone event. What most media fails to mention, most notably Scandinavian media, is that this train station and area has become so violent and dangerous that even police have been quoted as saying they would not let their daughters go out to that area after 2:00 in the AFTERNOON and definitely not a night.

This website has been consistent since 2008 that if reasonable people who believe in classical civilization and jeffersonian liberalism are not listened to by our representatives, that real Nazis would step up and do the fight. I would consider this not insightful so much as axiomatic. That is not to say this group are Nazis. Vigilantism is not only inevitable when the government invites in hundreds of thousands of people radically different than the locals but actually hostile to them, but actually desirable if done right and when actually necessary to preserve rule of law. This, in our editorial opinion, was not done right. A group of people who’s faces we can see, in a uniform that is recognizable, escorting children and girls to and from their trains, and in other ways interfering with the criminal activities of the people who have made this area literally uncivilized would be the right way. Think New York City’s Guardian Angels as a good example of proper vigilantism. Governments wont like you anyway because vigilantes are essentially an antibody which indicates a disease in the system. Systems rarely like that. But the public support for it done right will be massively better than what we see in this example.

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Protest against the self destruction of Europe in Sweden last weekend. Article and video

Leader of For Freedom in Denmark speaks at protest in Sweden

Original translation of Danish article on this protest by Liberty Dk.

From AvPixlat

Several hundred marched on Sergelstorg against Government mismanagement and irresponsibility

Around 300 people rallied on Sunday at the public demonstration in Stockholm city center to demonstrate against the government and the irresponsible migration policies that the other parties also supports. The people arranging the People’s demonstration have thus managed to double the number of participants since the last demonstration held this past September.
Among the speakers heard at the demo were Swedish writers Ingrid Carlqvist and Stefan Torsell, but also the Danes Hans Erling Jensen and Tania Groth (who leads the Islam-critical Group of Frihed). The latter gave her speech in English and Avpixlats envoy got a hold of her manuscript from which the following few quotes are taken:

“The EU has failed in their task of safeguarding our national economies and our safety, by failing to protect our outer borders. As Victor Orban, one of the few real leaders in the EU, said in his recent excellent speech – and I quote:

‘Immigrants are now not just pounding on our doors, but are breaking them down on top of us’.

This is the destruction of our countries, our lives and the lives of your children, your grandchildren. It is essentially genocide.
I am asking you to remember what Sweden used to be. How beautiful and how safe and that it was a country to be proud of, a country hailed worldwide as an almost perfect society.

Now Muslims and even returning jihadi warriors are flooding your country, demanding money and preferential treatment, while they are raping the Swedish women. Roma people are literally shitting all over your parks and backyards and robbing you blind.

We stand here because we now see with open eyes that we cannot wait for our governments to fix the issue because they are not going to. We need to tell people that it is OK to be angry. But use that anger constructively and with precision. No more political correctness nonsense and no more polite talk.
You need to show that Sweden has had enough! The time has come when you must either fight for your country or lose it forever!”

Her speech received much applause and cheers. Carlqvist and Torsell also received wide applause with their grim but entertaining reflections on the clumsy maneuverings among the nation’s elected representatives and opinion persecution from the old media.

A few counter demonstrators tried to disrupt the lawful demonstration with their eternal chant, “No racists in our streets”, but were completely drowned out by the booing of the protesters. Not even when a minute of silence was requested for the memory of the victims at IKEA in Västerås and at the school in Trollhättan could the counter-demonstrators keep their mouths shut. Their lack of respect was striking.

The initiative to these demonstrations comes from the private individuals Johan Widen and Therese Larsson – and friends. Keep an eye out – the next demonstration about the governments abuse of power till be held again in a month’s time.

Jan Sjunnesson



Breaking News: Danish People’s Party now 2nd largest in Denamrk

This just in. The Danish equivalent of Geert Wilders’ party, the People’s Freedom Party in the Netherlands, called the DPP, is now, with 95% of the votes counted, the second largest political party in Denmark.

This is a huge victory and means a lot of important things, not the least of which is that its possible this all can be turned around in the democratic way.

Thank you Henrik and Liberty DK for keeping us informed at VladTepesBlog

Karen Jespersen – Member of the Danish Parliament (Venstre) – Venstre = Left

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From this Danish periodical

(Article from Danish newspaper Berlingske – 2 April, 20150)

Sweden crumbling under immigration policy pressure

Social Democrat Johan Westerholm has spoken out. He ends this article with the disturbing words – words that can be read as a kind of apocalyptic vision of Swedish society, “We have arrived at the station now. Here it comes. Duck your heads. ”
In Denmark, immigration policy has raced to the top of voters’ agenda. In France the party National Front has surged forward in local elections. The same is happening in several other European countries who share the same issues. This reflects a new reality in a Europe that is dealing with very significant immigration. And this reality has hit Sweden – hard.

Sweden has, for a number of years, and under successive governments, had a very lenient immigration policy. If the development continues, the original Swedish people will be a minority as early as the 2040’s. All in just 30 years.

Sweden is already facing enormous difficulties in dealing with the many asylum seekers and refugees that have to be integrated into local communities. Right now a massive housing shortage is emerging. It costs money. Of particular concern is the fact that many immigrants cannot work and cannot support themselves. This goes beyond the capacity of Swedish society to maintain growth and prosperity.

You often hear references to the fact that Sweden is experiencing high growth. It is true that the Swedish economy as a whole is growing. But if you want to measure how much a country’s wealth increases, one must look at growth per capita. And it is low in Sweden. The cake has become bigger, but has to be distributed between far more people. The last four years, per capita growth has been zero. This is described by the Tino Sanandaji . It can be felt on welfare. According to Swedish Television (SVT) there has, since 2005, been a doubling of the number of pensioners living below the EU poverty threshold.

But the great migration and the poor integration can also be seen in something as crucial as school pupils’ grades. Sweden has previously been at the top when their primary schools were compared with primary schools in other countries. But Sweden has now plummeted to number 38 – below the average for all OECD countries. And a fairly new study shows that children in schools with many bilingual pupils generally do far worse than students at other schools. Continue Reading →

Shocking figures: 84 percent of people charged for serious crimes in Copenhagen are immigrants

This is a document translated for us by Liberty Dk

From this Norwegian website

New shock figures from Denmark published in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet showed that a full 84 percent of those remanded into custody for crimes in the Danish capital are immigrants. Ten percent of these have Danish citizenship.

Despite the debate, figures and statistics are open and accessible in Denmark, even though the Danish government tries to hide the chilling cold facts from the population.

Today the Danish newspaper Expressen revealed amongst other things that 84 per cent of those taken into custody in Copenhagen are immigrants.

High numbers

New figures show that only 1 out 10 people who go to court in Copenhagen are ethnically Danish. 9 out of 10 are immigrants and the cost to society runs into the billions.

Lower crime?

According to Danish Minister of Justice Metter Fredriksen, crime statistics are getting lower in our society and people are apparently able to be safer on the streets. But this is a truth with exceptions.

Ekstra Bladet writes the following:

“If the risk of crime has actually fallen, it is due only due to the fact that the number of burglaries has fallen”.

But reality tells us something else – the number of cases of sexual abuse, violence and drug crimes is on the rise across the country. And those behind the violent crimes are often immigrants.

According to the new figures this shows that more than 8 out of 10 who are put in detention are immigrants, out of which 10 percent have Danish citizenship.

To be kept in detention one must have committed a crime that carries a sentence of at least 18 months; in other words, those who are in custody are charged with serious crimes.

Perhaps even more remarkable is the fact that as many as 25 per cent of asylum seekers residing in Denmark have been arrested for a crime. Ekstra Bladet also points out that the number of asylum seekers has quadrupled under the Labour government led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt.

Crime rises sharply among young immigrants

In 2014, it also emerged that crime among immigrant youths has risen sharply. In 2007, 1028 of young immigrants were charged with a crime. In 2012 this figure had risen to 1661. This is partly due to the fact that the number of immigrants entering Denmark has increased. Compared with their ethnic Danish peers the immigrant youth commit twice as many crimes.

Newspaper: Government manipulates

Violent crime has risen simply because more criminal immigrants come to the country. Ekstra Bladet concludes that the government lies to and manipulates their constituents and the Danish people when they claim that the country has become safer.


VICE carries water for Obama and a Swedish video which swings closer to the reasons behind the Paris/Copenhagen/Mumbai/Israel etc. attacks.

1. VICE news on the aftermath of the killings in Copenhagen

(I would like to call this an impartial bit of journalism but the woman at 3:45 sounds a lot like she has rehearsed her interview in order to very clearly manipulate the narrative away from anything that actually took place and make it about what people are not allowed to think of it. Even the tears look fake to me. I should add that in no way should anyone who says: “The prophet mohamed” be taken fully without reservation. Yes, we do slip at times as this meme is so strong, but mohamed is only a prophet to believers. To the rest of us is at best, ‘Islam’s prophet mohamed’ or if you actually study what the SOB did, ‘the pirate mohamed’ would be accurate if understated)

2. Maybe the people VICE ‘found’ to interview in item #1 should watch this video:

18 year old poet creates security crisis in Denmark by reading islam-critical poems.

This must be a tough one for the usual elites. The poet, Yayah Hassan of Palestinian origins, has created not just a security crisis which includes a no-fly-zone over the area where he will be reading, but a media storm in Denmark as well. The translator of this news piece said there is just too much on TV and everywhere to do this story justice.

But why?

My guess is, because the anti-islam poet is both ex muslim and Palestinian, about the top rung of the victim ladder or as Ezra would say, a royal flush in politically correct poker. They can’t accuse him of ‘racism’ for his quite valid views and even personal feelings of contempt for the contemptible religion of Islam. If they did shut him down, then they would have to admit something Denmark just isn’t ready to admit yet. Which is that Islam has destroyed freedom of speech and it can no longer be hidden behind the usual veneer of ‘white racism’. So instead, they moved him from a library in a highly enriched part of town, to a local public school where it will be easier to put into place all the security they feel they need.

Thank you Henrik for this one.

Leftist media destroys a truly decent human being for holding an opinion of the non-leftist kind.

Small consolation I suppose but at least someone bothered to actually expose this horror.

Intro by gates of Vienna:

The philosopher Henrik Gade Jensen is one of the finest debaters in Denmark. He served as a press advisor to the former Minister of Ecclesiastical Affairs in Denmark, serving one year during the Anders Fogh Rasmussen government before his career was ruined.

As is now the case with Lars Hedegaard, Gade was completely destroyed — in public — by false accusations and ‘guilt by association’ tricks designed by left-wing extremists. It has been ten years since it happened, and Gade still suffers from it. He was targeted because he was — and is — on the ‘wrong’ side of the fence: he criticized immigration policy and the EU. In 2003 he was brought down by a deliberate media smear campaign.

The video shows how this man of integrity is destroyed by false ‘Nazi’ allegations from a left wing extremist backed up by the mainstream media. After legal action, he forced the media outlets to apologize, acknowledge that they had no evidence for their slurs, and compensate him.

The video provides some kind of satisfaction for Gade Jensen. Dissidents outside Denmark in similar situations may find encouragement watching it.

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