Someone needs to keep an eye on religious muslims in West Midlands for a bit

Thanks to Pym Purnell on Twitter for sending me this story:

Farmer witnesses sheep having throat slit in horror attack

A sheep farmer watched in horror as two men slit the throat of one of his in-lamb ewes in a field in broad daylight.

Adam Neachell and one of his workers were moving an electric fence in a field of turnips when they noticed the flock of Texel cross Mule ewes acting out of character.

“It is a big 120-acre field and the sheep were running towards us, as if there was a dog in with them,” said Mr Neachell, of Shrubbery Farm, Aldridge, West Midlands.

They hopped on a quad bike to investigate and came across two men with one of the ewes, with her throat slit and dying.

“The men were Asian, aged about 25-30 and wearing dark clothing,” Mr Neachell recalled. “As soon as they saw us, they ran off.”

What shocked Mr Neachell was that it was 11.30am and the field has a public footpath running through it, which dozens of walkers use every day.

In the UK, “Asian” usually means muslim. It is highly unlikely these men were Japanese for example. Pym Purnell asked the following:

We of course, have no idea if this action is a prelude to anything. But the video below from 2014 appears to be a prelude to this event in any case:

Cute sheep throat slitting song there.

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7 Replies to “Someone needs to keep an eye on religious muslims in West Midlands for a bit”

  1. They need to diversify for the greater good of their sheep.

    2019 English Open Sporting Clays Championship held at West Midlands Shooting Ground
    Shooting Clays – May 27, 2019

  2. I think most Moslem sheep rustling and impromptu slaughter has nothing to do with terrorism, at least in the narrowly defined sense.

    • Maybe it’s a particular lust for bloodletting. I’ve noticed we rarely see them wearing the color red except for the Saudi checkered headgear. But blood on the street doesn’t seem to bother them.

  3. It was done in full daylight knowing people could show up. Since they ran away, they had no plans to carry the animal for consumption purposes. So yes, practicing.

  4. In early 2000, in France, a bunch of those cultural Enrichers killed my brothers Horses, not slitting their throats like here, they slit their bellies open instead.
    Even with Security Cameras all over the place, they bastards were never caught.
    I always believed that the Police didn’t bother to investigate.

  5. These muslins are probably practicing beheading sheep before they move onto non-muslins… The police should keep an eye on them

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