A brave (real) refugee from Turkey is stabbed in Hyde Park for being critical of Islam

A Christian woman from Turkey was brave enough to defend freedom of speech at its most iconic location in the world and was stabbed for it. What a chronic shame to all born to freedom

RAIR Foundation has another video of previous grotesque attacks against her

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  1. And yet for some reason, everybody who places themselves among the “liberals” or “Democrats” or “socialists” of this world always insists on bringing as many Muslims as possible with the least amount of scrutiny or background-checking. I’ve never heard of a religious zealot Christian or Buddhist or Hindu going out and stabbing somebody for disagreeing with them. I only ever see Muslims doing that. A person would have to be out of their mind to want to bring hundreds of thousands of them into a nice Western country. The leftists are such sheep, aren’t they? They’ll back anything as long as it has the word “left” stuck to it…

  2. https://www.foxnews.com/sports/france-team-usa-olympics-mens-basketball-opener

    Read the comments after this article. It’s safe to say that the American People have never been so demoralized and pessimistic about their future as they are right now. It should worry the shit out of everybody, American and otherwise. I’ve never heard of Americans wishing defeat against their own Olympic teams and such unabashed contempt and hatred toward the athletes who used to play for the country, not against it. Anybody who supports Colin Kaepernick is a stupid useless disingenuous racist piece of garbage. “Hands up, don’t shoot…” never happened. It never happened and yet that’s what BLM is based on and so many people are just too stupid to see it. Colin is a lying phony…

    And don’t think the enemy hasn’t noticed. They know that a country that hates itself can have no chance in battle since “love of country” is supposed to be the motivator of heroism. If China invades Taiwan right now the US will burp and fart and then do absolutely nothing because they can’t do otherwise. All their soldiers will be thinking, “Who are we to tell others how to live when our country is such an illegitimate dismal racist shithole…?” If the US went to war right now they’d probably lose spectacularly just like they are at the Olympics…

    And soon the US will start breaking apart as the Democrats continue their suicidal push toward socialist chaos. And don’t forget, the Chinese and who-knows-who-else have the Biden family completely in their pockets and the media seems to care not at all. Strange…

    • I don’t give a burp for “our” pink-haired, multiracial Olympic teams. This hasn’t been my grandchildren’s country since 1964, if not before.

      In less than 20 years we boomers and our silly fantasies will be gone. Our children will inherit “Brazil,” if they are very lucky.

      • I believe you mean the movie Brazil, by some of the Monty Python gang along with George Harrison I think it was.
        And your right. They should be so lucky to inherit something like actual Brazil with Bolsonaro at the helm.

        • Bolsonaro? I suppose it is only natural to lower one’s expectations after 57+ years of blightwing failure.

          It’s your website. Have fun.

            • The apostrophy.

              “I believe you mean the movie Brazil,… “And your right.”
              “They should be so lucky to inherit something like actual Brazil with Bolsonaro at the helm.”

              The gold standard.


              “I believe you mean the movie Brazil,… “And you’re right.”
              “They should be so lucky to inherit something like actual Brazil with Bolsonaro at the helm.”

              The step up.

              Which one did Oldtradesman reply to?

              “It’s your website. Have fun”

              “I don’t give a burp for “our” pink-haired, multiracial Olympic teams”

              The Old Standard.

              • I think he meant the country Brazil. Personally Im afraid we are becoming the movie Brazil. I don’t think he liked my answer.

                But as Bill Cosby once said:

                “I don’t know the key to success. But the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

                Whatever else Cosby did or did not do, he is right about that.

  3. Hatun Tash is one brave woman, at least a hundred times braver than myself, and I am a man.
    This is not covered very well at all, a goolag search gives very little, even a tailored search gave me old stuff like that she knows Tommy Robinson and have insulted islam at Speakers Corner.
    I first found out this when I checked Vlad Tepes, so thank you a whole lot.

  4. Police need to do stop and search at Speakers’ Corner, and we know which ones they need to target.

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