Josh Alexander on Tucker Carlson

A couple of weeks ago, RAIR Foundation had the opportunity to speak with Josh and get a detailed explanation of what happened to him

Dialectics in an Ottawa Cemetery

There is a very prestigious cemetery in Ottawa called, The Beechwood Cemetery, located on the border of Rockcliffe Park, and Manor Park, Vanier and St’ Laurent Blvd. in Ottawa’s East end.

It has a very large military section, as well as a dedicated RCMP section of the graveyard. Many of the monuments are quite beautiful, and some very old. Recently, but unrelated to this story, the Cemetery has been adopted as a home to a large number of wild turkeys, and a small number of coyotes.

There are two monuments that are an interesting juxtaposition however, and that catch one’s eye as one walks through the winding roads of the cemetery.

One of them is a peculiar reddish stone which stands out from all the grave markers, and is curiously curved instead of a flat shape. More curiously, it has a gold hammer and sickle emblem on its side.

If one looks up this monument on the Marxist Leninist Party of Canada website, you can find several descriptions of what this represents. The most succinct one though, has to be this:

“The Party Memorial represents the red flag of modern communism flying over Canada.”

Looking up the names gives clear results as well.

The monument is of course, beautifully maintained and unmolested, as it should be, despite its odious and anti-liberty intentions.

But walking farther down the same road one comes across another monument that despite having been cleaned up, still shows signs of vandalism, and most likely of a political nature. And most likely hit with red paint.

Nicholas Flood Davin 1839-1901

Why was this act of destruction and contempt perpetrated on this monument for a man dead for over 120 years?

This plaque may explain:

Plaque for Nicholas Davin

Despite the revisionist nature and post-hoc judgmental language used on this plaque, one still can understand that he was for his day, a ‘progressive’. He wanted voting rights for women, and a Western education for Amer-Indians with the hope that it would pull them out of poverty if they had the same basic style of education that European descendants had. Now that is called “Cultural-Genocide”. But giving Western medicine, cars, heated homes and stores with ready to eat foods and ready to cook foods is somehow honouring the culture of non-Western tribal peoples.

Meanwhile, the red flag of modern communism flies on over Canada, as the website says.

Joe Rogan, horrified by CBC agitprop against Freedom

Joe Rogan notices the dialectic tactic of the CBC without naming it specifically. Specifically, what the CBC is doing, is applying Discourse Theory to negate or cancel people who want freedom, by claiming that the word freedom itself, is a dogwhistle for “far right groups. In other words, Freedom is bad, because it is used by racists, or any other negative association the Discourse Theory engineer can cement to the concept being negated. Mr. Rogan refers to this article from the CBC. We must revel in this article. It is another nail in the coffin for the MSM and legacy media in Canada. It is a magnificent piece of agitprop and politburo propaganda with zero news or editorial value whatsoever. Its like opening a bag of your favorite food and finding roasted crickets inside instead of powdered crickets on something that looks like real food. When you see roasted crickets, you have to accept what it is, or truly delude yourself into believing this is actually the food you always thought it was.

There are scheduled protests this weekend on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. This seems like a good time to go join one and chant FREEDOM as loudly as you can for as long as you can. Leave your phones at home though. Canada is not a free or democratic country at this point. So may as well make it more difficult to punish you for not being a good comrade.

Hate speech exposed as dialectics in South Africa

Basically just watch this video. Saying or singing “Kill The White Farmer, Kill the White man” is not hate speech according to a South African court of law. But using the word, “Kaffir” is. I don’t think in South Africa it has the exact meaning it does everywhere else. Normally, Kaffir is an Islamic insult of calling all non-believers, subhuman with no right to life because they don’t believe in Islam. Technically, that is a death penalty offence in places with a strict Islamic government. But in South Africa, Kaffir is a derogatory word for black people, although it comes from the same root. You can be jailed for using the word, “kaffir” for six months in South Africa.

This is a sterling example of how uses of things like “hate-speech” is not hypocrisy, corruption or incompetence but is in fact, dialectics.