Bilyana Martinovski interview on Swedish police harassment

Earlier this week, we posted a news item about the arrest of Dr. Bilyana Martinovski by Swedish police for unknown reasons and that it was not a pleasant or routine arrest for parking tickets or a bureaucratic error, but smacked of Soviet or Stasi style, thought crimes, and ideological persecution.

On October 18th, we did an interview with Prof. Martinovski about what happened to her.

As the interview was longer than usual, and because does not play large or long files well, we decided to edit it in parts.


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This is important. Sweden is becoming an authoritarian communist state, or rather, has become one undeniably. The authorities from this report, and other ideological arrests we know of, such as the jailing of Dan Park for a piece of politically correct art, but directed against state repression of thought a few years ago, show that Sweden is past the point of similes or analogies to totalitarian communist states.

Sweden is there now. It is only a matter of degree, not of structure, that differentiates it from the Soviet Union or Stasi run East Germany.

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At this point we had to stop the interview as there was fear the equipment could crash and we would lose it all. The last 17 minutes of this interview is in a separate clip to be added shortly.

Direct link to part VI the last segment of this interview

Thank you for watching. We feel this is an important interview that reveals the state of a formerly Western democratic nation. Swedes should rise up at this point and fight for their freedoms. Because even Norway at this point, has said it will not take in Swedes once they collapse their nation which they are doing now. And any nation that does bring Swedes in is asking to have this happen to them. Should Swedes desire individual rights and Freedoms, history offers them several blueprints.

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15 Replies to “Bilyana Martinovski interview on Swedish police harassment”

  1. How terrifying for Ms. Martinovski.

    Aggression absent in the police while not defending against external enemies such as violent muslims appears in full force against a domestic teller of simple truth.

    Now I can see it. I can compare the Soviet communism I saw with this Swedish model. I can then extend the Swedish model to visualize the Dystopia model, and every other western country, for that matter.

    The exagerrated police presence, the unnecessary physical molestation, the intimidation, the taking of the passport; all are clearly fear tactics. But why? Because she threatens the State, the system, the status quo. (Same as Trump but différent scale.)

    This woman’s demeanor does not even indicate she is a particularly rebellious person, yet she has been branded a rebel because she acknowledged some state-generated facts. Is this correct?

    Now we can observe how political correctness goes from being a tolerable annoyance, to the actual physical restraint and incarceration of the individual.

    Sweden shows us a distinctly feminist form of tyranny, does it not? Or, as Perfect Child writes, every Marxism is feminine in essence? I guess they come in slightly different flavours, but don’t forget that Tudeau calls himeself a great feminist, too. The Soviet I witnessed years ago was run by very mean male liars. Maybe the gender aspect is too deep for me. I will just observe that the Swedish model seems to be a new twist on an old nightmare.

    When I enjoyed my Franz Kafka reading years ago, a big part of the enjoyment came from the fact I was reading fiction. –My fiction, Kafka’s fact. That this story is not fiction is like one of those survival flares shooting up into the sky. You know, for when you’re lost at sea or in the bush. Sweden’s devolution is only a little ahead of the rest of the west. Our perceptions, reenforced by somewhat delusional normalcy biases, will not necessarily tell us when the prison door of our society has slammed behind us, as it did temporarily for Ms. Martinovski.

    Martinovski is not even a Tommy Robinson. She’s not famous. Therefore the small fry are now fair game, too. Or maybe they always are but we just stumble across the Martinovski’s by chance even though there are many we don’t hear about? No, I think we’re at the beginning. Since they let her go it tells us that they know they still have some limits. There are still enough yapping dogs running loose to tells us of their misdeeds. This represents the beginning of the rounding up of nuisance stray dogs that bark truth.

    Hey, Eeyore and Vlad, I bet when you started this blog you never imagined that you’d become a lifeline, of sorts, for political prisoners and dissidents, did you? Because if I can’t turn on a TV and see Ms. Martinovski’s face on a news report, then this is what you’ve become.

  2. Also important to know:
    When UDSSR died and Millions of Germans gone to Germany many saw also the old COMMUNISTS who opressed them before…

      • Probably, an even larger portion of the blame can be laid at the feet of the Media and Political types who insisted that after the fall of communism that there be no decommunism program. You like the deNazi/defascism programs in Germany and Italy after WWII. Those programs and the subsequent War Crimes Trials were how the vast majority of people learned about the dangers of Fascism.

  3. It is all very intriguing. An unaccountable, secretive and unidentifiable state police organisation enforcing the demographic destruction of Sweden, determining what you are allowed to think and using force to attain it. (I feel this exists to varying degrees in all western countries right now).
    “why don’t you have a phone and computer with you?” .. very 1984, the commies have been very busy weaponizing spy technology, particularly China.
    “why do you need so much jewellery?” .. like from the mouth of a fully indoctrinated marxist activist… off to the Gulags for the like of us.
    Sounds to me that this woman is being persecuted for exposing the State’s Department of Truth and it’s enforcement bureaus.
    Our Western State’s have become so invested in promoting islam and mass migration that they have metamorphosed into using totalitarian tactics to achieve it.
    I see corruption and deceit everywhere I look these days.

  4. I just finished the last interview. Wow. There’s always been a strong element of collectivism in the now impatient Swedes. Because only now do they seem to fullfill the adage that a Socialist is merely a patient Communist (or something to this effect).

  5. “Sunday with Charles – Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Special Guest Dr. Bilyana Martinovski” Jason Goodman – October 19, 2019

    Dr. Bilyana Martinovski @ 1:34:57

  6. For non-Swedish readers, she engaged in deabte and criticism of an organsiation called “Näthatsgranskaren” (approximately: Surveyor of online hate), and was questioned due to a complaint concerning harassment of one of that organisations employees.

    In reality, all she did was criticise said organisation. “Näthatsgranskaren” is headed by a former police (he resigned after years of numerous complaints and has also been tried and found guilty of gross cruelty to animals, gross negligence with farm animals, and possibly other crimes – he let the animals on his farm starve and thirst to death). He has put into practice to trawl the net for elderly swedes expressing exapseriation with the current situation, the elderly being able to compare Sweden before various non-europens were allowed to colonise wtih todays situation. He then files complaints with the police and sues the elderly for damages when/if they respond with references to his crimes (which is not a crime). Many elderly are thus coerced into paying damages to avoid prosecution.

    This is what she critised. This man, Näthatsgranskaren, has explicit, public full support of our party-selected governement (here you vote for a party and they decide who will be boss; trouble is seven of eight parties have the same agenda – ‘seven kinds of vanilla’ so to speak).

    A known, convicted felon, has the full support of the swedish governement to harass elderly dissidents.

    If yu are to compare Sweden to former East-block countries, it is not the USSR but East Germany you should use as comparison.

    As of now, more than 25% of the population are invaders/colonists from Africa and MENA, and the number grows by approximately 100 000 per year, not counitng those born here (as no assimilation or naturalisation takes place, they are not swedes even remotely – indeed, our ‘grundlag’ [foundational law] explicitly demands that any and all immigrants are to live according to their own customs, speak their own language, only adapt as they see fit if and then, and that the swedes accomodate and adapt to this).

    We’re done for, murdered by our governement and France and Britain is soon to follow ous into darkness.

    I have signed this anonymously out of fear of reprisal.

    • There is a Canadian man who is nearly identical in modus operandi as well as motives. People are afraid even to say his name as he is connected to powerful judges and so on, to the point where blind justice means nothing.

      He was at one point, an employee of the Human Rights Commissions star chamber, while at the same time being its chief plaintiff.

      Currently he sits on the board of a group which I believe is in part at least, funded by the SPLC and intends to go after people who oppose the forced shift of our country to a neo-Marxist state even more aggressively.

      People have been successfully sued by this man just for letting people comment about him on their websites.

      He is well detailed in a video called “Killing Canada” by Michael Hansen. A copy of which was mailed to every federal MP and some media last week.

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