The demise of London is so fast and effective, it is probably deliberate.

The number of deadly crimes is certainly going up. And to add a layer of what my be concerning to that already concerning statistic, is the reason for deadly force by the criminal population.

This story, from the Daily Mail, shows a group of drug dealers are so brazen in London that they beat a man to death for merely asking them not to sell in front of his home.

Not that long ago, drug dealers would be frightened to be caught in front of a home, if they did it at all somewhere so open, and would flee before the police arrived, possibly thanking the man for not calling them.

But now…

Another victim of Bloodbath Britain: Father-of-two, 46, is beaten to death by ‘drug dealers after telling them to stop selling outside his home’ – as figures reveal UK murder rate is rocketing

A father-of-two was beaten to death after telling drug dealers to stop selling outside his home as statistics today reveal the murder rate has skyrocketed by 14 per cent in Wild West Britain.


Bus driver Ian Tomlin, 46, is the 113th victim of murder in the capital after being brutally battered at the block of flats in Battersea, south London where he lived.

He was pronounced dead at the scene, shortly after his assailants fled following the attack yesterday afternoon.

Shocked witnesses said there was ‘blood everywhere’ and claimed ex-boxer Ian may also have been stabbed in the neck.

It comes as Office for National Statistics report shows the murder rate in the UK has soared by 14 per cent from 630 last year to 719 this year.


And other violent crimes such as those involving a knife have also risen to 39,332 offences, the highest since 2011.

For those who wish to go through the Reader’s Links posts on this site, you will find a story about a Murder in Airstrip One at least one per day. Usually more.

But the above story only indicates the level of increased barbarity and violence by criminals in parts of the UK, as well as what qualifies for that level of barbarity. Which is increasingly lower. The willingness to use lethal force applied in a neolithic fashion for something as trivial as the above example.

But what about this makes me think the deterioration of the nation-state formerly known as England, is deliberate?

Well… there is the fact that the muslim mayor was a guest speaker at the Fabian society. That alone should be enough to a reasonable person assuming his talk was sympathetic.

But then there is this headline in today’s news:

Officers wasting time investigating wolf whistles under drive to target hate crime, police leader warns

The drive to target hate crime is forcing police officers to spend valuable time investigating wolf-whistles, bad manners and impolite comments, a police leader has warned.


Sergeant Richard Cooke, the recently elected chairman of the West Midlands Police Federation, said forces were expected to record and follow up reports of hate crime, even when no criminal offence had taken place.

Writing in the Telegraph, Mr Cooke warns police officers would be dispatched to offer words of advice to people, but this meant they had less time to focus on “genuine crimes” such as burglary and violence.


Mr Cooke said he did not believe this was what the public expected of its police service. While applauding the principle behind protecting those at risk of hurtful abuse, officers have expressed their frustration at being drawn into what they see as social rather than criminal issues.


Mr Cooke, who represents 6,500 rank and file officers in the country’s second largest police force, said: “I fear a dangerous precedent could be set, where our scant resources are skewed further and further away from the genuine crisis in public safety taking place on our urban homes and streets.

Again, for those who follow this site, you have seen multiple instances of various UK police forces applying measurable fractions of their resources and application of their state-monopoly on use of force to absurd and Orwellian purposes.  

I think the best example of the direction of policy so far, is this one:

UK police asks citizens to report ‘non-crime hate incidents’ that ‘feel like crimes’

SOUTH YORKSHIRE, England September 10, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A tweet from the police force of South Yorkshire (SYP) is raising new concerns about the logic of “hate crimes” being used to crack down on free speech.


On September 9, the South Yorkshire Police’s official Twitter account called on residents to “report non-crime hate incidents, which can include things like offensive or insulting comments, online, in person or in writing,” in “addition to” reporting actual crimes. “Hate will not be tolerated in South Yorkshire. Report it and put a stop to it.”

So, a man is beaten to death and another stabbed because he asked criminals to find a new address for their enterprise. But why are they so brazen that they felt they could do this and get away with it?

I guess because they knew they didn’t say anything bad to their victim at the time.

For those unfamiliar with the Fabian Society, now is a good time to become so.

The early Suffragettes where part of the Fabian Society, supporting what Karen Straungh said to me in an interview last winter.




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13 Replies to “The demise of London is so fast and effective, it is probably deliberate.”

  1. Wow! Keira Knightley’s Daughter Banned From Watching ‘Cinderella,’ ‘The Little Mermaid’: They don’t enforce female empowerment

    Actress Keira Knightley has banned her three-year-old daughter from watching two of Disney’s fairy tale classics because they don’t enforce female empowerment.

    • You may be on to something, Eeyore. What self-respecting city mayor would misdirect law enforcement to chase their tales over peoples’ feelings, in the face of a crime wave? None would. That is, none would unless a mayor’s agenda has nothing to do with law and order. If this is the case, the unleashing of violent muslim criminals to propel an anti-infidel agenda sounds pretty reasonable. Of course, we will never know if these murderers were muslim, but given the disproportionate percentage of muslims committing crimes in so many western countries, it is a statistically reasonable assessment.

    • Trump understands the power of money and knows that the Southern Countries need that Foreign Aid to survive. Mexico also knows that if he deploys the US military on our Southern Border and closes the border Mexico will be put on the path to implode. This is what economic and gunboat diplomacy looks like, and why it is so effective.

  2. “A father-of-two was beaten to death after telling drug dealers to stop selling outside his home”

    This statement is deceptive. It was an ‘estranged father of two ten-years alone in a council flat, with his ex-parter and children also living in off welfare in a council flat upstairs within that same building, demanding the free-market to cease outside his door.’ (Just like a muslim with two wives on state-handouts, occupy two rent-free properties. The exact same paracitical destruction to the host nation).

    Therefore, What respect or moral authority had he got to stop drug-dealers improving their lives? None. You cannot demand, when you’re a slave to living from hand-out to hand-out. The honest thieves have a moral superiority over dishonest ones everytime.

    All the cowards promised, (for their submission), to be last to be eaten end up being the first in the real world. Putting their foot down, when their Sharia/Marxist/Fabian police-masters are not around, is fatal. Living under artificial light where the worms thrive.

    “The 46-year-old is the son of Cecil Tomlin, who came to the UK by boat from Jamaica in 1958 and is a member of the Windrush generation – the a group of immigrants from Caribbean countries who arrived in the UK between 1948 and 1971 at the invitation of the British government.”

    “The neighbour said Ian lived alone in his flat for at least ten years.
    His partner and two children moved away but are now living in an upstairs flat within the block.”

    No Narrative of a Hero defending his kids to be found. Fake News.

    • He may have been a bum, PC, but he wasn’t a killer, or dealing drugs, or violent, or a Jew hater, or a tool of a maniacal Islamic apologist called Khan who boosts the hijrah.

      No way they are equivalent. Bum, yes. Cut off his welfare and he ceases to be a problem. Cut off Muslim welfare and your problems rise exponentially.

    • Hi Jonnyu,

      “He may have been a bum, PC, but he wasn’t a killer, or dealing drugs, or violent, or a Jew hater, or a tool of a maniacal Islamic apologist called Khan who boosts the hijrah.”

      Blessed are the weak, the pascifists, the ‘he who casts the first stone’. These are far worse that anyone, for all the enemies of the UK are invited in and make their ghetto and you’ll pay for it..

      Where do you think his children will turn to , for a sense of masculinity, that is outside from their hostile mother’s rejected-partner? Answer: Drugs, violence, Jew haters and maniacal Islamic apologists.

      The birth-father having nothing to give because he is under Allah/The State/Black Identity. These! Cut off from Adam, these souls die, a new creature evolves.

      The third generation. That’s all it takes to become foot-soldiers for Islam/Communism/’Sexuals.

      “No way they are equivalent.”
      *You have that damn right*

      The killers defending their turf had something morally superior. Defending what they created, earned and owned. Capitalism.

      “Bum, yes. Cut off his welfare and he ceases to be a problem.”
      He gets off his ass, pays fully for his kids and lives outside of the sink-hole gifted to him. The children will have something to drink.

      “Cut off Muslim welfare and your problems rise exponentially.”
      Cutting off the Jizya? Please explain why this is more dangerous than the country failing completely in the long-term? Every sign and memory of British History totally eradicated, to only be recalled as the Golden Era of Islam?

      • See my argument Jonnyu? I don’t blam Eve, I blame Adam for not tending his garden.

        The drug dealers all came from fatherless homes. Period.

        So when confronting the demon-possessed, what authority did he have? What ability to look in their eyes and call them out by name?

        Men do voluntary work like bike-fixing on the estate or take other children out to the park with their own. Their fatherly instincts shared just naturally with the community. I have two single-parent boys I picked up from my local community and still keep in contact support educationally over a decade later..

        So you see. This is a life and death issue beyond the immediate physical.

  3. Well done Eyor for your interview with Karen Straughan (and her kindness to share her work).

    My interest is the children. That if they see a parent scewing a person not their other parent this has a deep psychological and traumatic impact, a form of rape, that she appears to enjoy. The break-off of men into versions of women. That men can have their equal rights too. Their separation from G_d complete to be joined to the woman.. Mission accomplished. This is the same purpose of a lesbian to make low all around her. Is this her bridge-crossed? The new creation?

    A guy cries in the arms of his lover that he has to pay his ex-wife maintenance while the kids live with him. Can’t the cuck pick up the phone?

    And letting a person swear on your video. Next it is to let them pee? They are testing you. To weaken your values. Don’t let them do it.

  4. PC, I can have no ego in the service of truth. I defer, thank you. Admittedly, I struggle with your subterranean method of connecting the dots we all see. And your great lyrical delivery doesn’t always help. But it is sinking in to my skull slowly. I rely on my own good, extraordinary relationship with my father as a reference to understanding what you have always driven into this blog. You once told me that it was not even necessary for the father to speak–but only to be there. It is here where the abstractions of the mind–your playground of sorts–meet the blood and the bones of our days.

    I’ll give you twenty bucks to let me win one if you’ll give me twenty for providing teaching moments. (No, it’s not a competition but yes, this is our own form of play.)

    • Hi Jonnyu,

      “I rely on my own good, extraordinary relationship with my father as a reference to understanding what you have always driven into this blog.”

      This, is the greatest revelation of all: To bring someone back to G_d, to the Father within them. Repentance and Forgiveness. To take responsibilty of their own lives and not be slaves to the voices of others.

      The devils who gave us Pride, Welfare and Religion will have no more power to ride us.

      Males and females, released from hate to become men and women.

      “I’ll give you twenty bucks to let me win one if you’ll give me twenty for providing teaching moments”

      Eeyor has already got there first and planted the seeds. Donations to him. All we have to do is tend and nurture in good soil – so that they grow.

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